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5 Do you dare to pour it?

 The female colleague was so frightened she kept screaming, tears streaming down her face. "Save me! Save me! I don't want to get disfigured. Barrister Mo..."

The colleagues around her could not believe such a scene would happen. Even the other family members standing behind the huge, rotund man stared at him in shock. They had no idea how he had acquired the sulfuric acid. Everyone looked at the man nervously, frightened beyond comprehension.

When he removed the cap from the bottle, everyone held their breath. Many timid female colleagues were so frightened they cried. He muttered to himself and cackled like a maniac. "Where should I pour this? The eyes? The mouth? What do you say, Barrister Mo? Aren't you someone awesome?"

The girl in his grasp let out a wail when she heard him. She struggled and whimpered, "No... Please save me... Barrister Mo!"

The fat man firmly gripped her by the neck and let out a maniacal laugh. "Don't move, you little beauty! I won't care if your face gets disfigured!"

Mo Han tried to control his emotions. He stood there squarely and started conversing with the deranged man. "Aren't you here to seek revenge for your brother's incident? Okay, let's sit down and have a one-to-one conversation. I agree to help you find the murderer, but please, this has nothing to do with my employee. Please release her."

After another thought, he added, "If you're still worried, you can take me in exchange for her. I'll be your hostage instead."

The fat man laughed crazily and fixed his gaze on Mo Han, with a perverse facial expression. "Barrister Mo! Aren't you very capable? Now you're being humble and bowing down to me?! You were nothing like that in the courts this morning!"

Just as the tense atmosphere continued, with everyone was staring at the barrister and the fat man, afraid that the acid would spill onto the girl accidentally, a faint female's voice suddenly emerged from the back.

"Sir, what you're holding in your hands is not sulfuric acid." A voice said gently with a smiling tone.

Heads turned simultaneously to that pale, sickly girl in the hospital gown. Just as she had been in the reception room, she did not wear much of an expression on her face. She seemed to be stating a fact. Her voice was strangely firm and clear.

Manic, lust-filled laughter erupted from the fat man. "Young lady, did your teacher not teach you about sulfuric acid? If you don't know anything, then keep your mouth shut!"

She walked towards him and gave him a condescending look. Then she cast a sideways glance to the girl who had tears streaming down her face and asked the man, "Do you dare to pour it?"

Everyone was appalled by what she said. An evil man like him was capable of anything. Over the past month, the firm had been fighting against him in court. They knew he was involved with gangs. They had long heard of the tricks up his sleeve. But now, this young lady was questioning his words. If the bottle contained sulfuric acid, what would happen if he poured it all over her?

Mo Han was equally shocked and stood rooted to the spot.

The fat man laughed and said, "You probably don't know who I am, right!? If you do know, quickly scram! Don't get in my way! I might spill the acid on you. Then you'll really be wailing in shock."

"But this is not even sulfuric acid." The girl had no intention of backing off. Instead, she was eager to lunge forward and grab the bottle in his hand.

The man was enraged. Nobody has dared to go against him like this before. He released the woman he was holding and, in an instant, pushed the audacious girl to the ground. "F**k you! Are you courting death!? I'll fulfill your death wish!"

The liquid inside the bottle poured down onto her. Everyone in the firm started screaming; some of the more timid even fainted. The male staff immediately tried to pull her away, but it was too late. They watched as the acid splashed all over her. The moment Mo Han saw the acid spill onto her, his heart skipped as he held his breath.

He had not felt this way in a long time.