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4 I Have Concentrated Sulphuric Acid In My Hand

 The girl sitting beside them kept quiet. She listened to their entire conversation in silence.

Mo Han looked at this pale girl, still clothed in her hospital gown. Clearly, she had just escaped from the hospital. In a diplomatic fashion, he smiled at her. "Miss, you now know the truth. Even though you could say it comes down to our staff's oversight, but really, I'm sorry. I honestly do not know you."

"Where's your family? You can give them a call, or, if you know their address, I can get him to send you there." Mo Han looked at her pale face and her skinny body. He felt sympathy for her; she was likely still a student.

The girl replied, "I've lost my memory. When I woke up in the hospital, I didn't know anything. I've asked the nurses, but they said that you were the only person who I've been in contact with at the hospital."

Her voice was raspy and low. When she said that, her face appeared calm and expressionless.

Maybe it was the fact she remembered him, and knew nothing else, that resulted in such a silence.

Mo Han felt somewhat moved. He could not help but be curious about her. He pointed to Liu Zhiyuan who was standing, dazed, in the doorway. "In a little while, let him send you to the police station. The police should be able to help you find your family.

"You seem quite young so I figure you must be a student. We'll check with the different high schools and universities in the city. I believe we should be able to figure out who you are."

Mo Han's sentence was abruptly interrupted. "I don't want to go to the police station. Can you temporarily... take me in?"

He froze, along with Liu Zhiyuan, who was feebly attempting to hide his presence. They both stared at the girl in shock.

Had he heard things correctly? She was actually going to ask the venomous-tongued Barrister Mo to take her in? When had his boss ever been so kind!?

As he had expected, Mo Yan laughed and told her, "Sorry, young lady. I don't have any special desire to take in a stranger who has nothing to do with me."

He turned his back coldly, and directed his attention to Liu Zhiyuan, who was still daydreaming. "Liu, please send her off. We still need to get back to work."

As Liu Zhiyuan was about to lead the young lady of unknown origin out, there was a sudden commotion outside the door. It sounded like many people shrieking in a noisy commotion. Mo Han heard Anna's anxious voice.

"Sir! You can't do this. This is where we work. Please calm down and let's talk it out!"

"Tell that bastard Mo Han to come out now!" A man's angry voice bellowed.

"Ahhhhh!" Anna's shrill voice accompanied the sound of tables and chairs falling over.

As Mo Han walked out of the room, he saw that Anna had fallen onto the floor. Many people went over to help her up. On the floor were documents which were scattered in a mess. The tables and chairs were in disarray.

Mo Han recognized that he had met them at the courts earlier. They were the family members of the victim. Leading them was a half-naked brute, who wore a tattoo on his left shoulder and had a fierce look. This was the victim's elder brother, who must have come here because he was upset over the loss of the case.

Mo Han went forward. He stared coldly at the man. There was something in his voice which could not be ignored. "Sir, please take note. This is a work environment. Not only will your presence be a nuisance to my staff, it will also disturb our work."

The chubby man declared, "Mo Han! Don't pretend to be so righteous please. Did you pay off that old prosecutor? If not, why would your client be declared innocent? He even said there was insufficient evidence! What nonsense!"

"Please don't judge an individual with your ignorance." Mo Han laughed lightly and locked eyes with him. "The truth has been revealed. Your brother's death has nothing to do with my client. The murderer is someone else. You should be asking the police about this and not disrupting our work!"

Mo Han continued in a firm tone. He glared at the chubby man with fierce eyes. "Security! What are you waiting for? Somebody, please get the security officer and tell him to escort this man out. Don't let him cause such an embarrassing scene!"

The man was enraged and raised his voice. "My brother's dead! We've found the murderer, but all because of a bribe, you've let him loose. All you people should go to hell along with the killer!"

All of a sudden, he took out a vial of liquid which hospitals would use for injections and let out a fierce, harsh laugh. He shook the bottle agitatedly as he shouted, "You assholes! Do you know what this is?!"

While everyone was frozen in shock, he grabbed the lady closest to him. Taking hold of her by her neck, he said, "This is concentrated sulfuric acid. Just one drop... Haha... get ready for your face to be disfigured. What a pity! Such a beautiful face. She might even lose her life."