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2 Barrister Mo

 At the entrance to the law courts, a swarm of reporters ran towards Mo Han when they saw him come out. They kept hounding him with questions. "Barrister Mo, do you have anything to say after winning this case?"

"Barrister Mo, the opposing counsel said you had insufficient evidence, any comments?"

"Barrister Mo, everyone else seems to think that the litigant is guilty. With regards to the judge's acquittal of all charges for your client, do you think that there were any under-the-table arrangements? How much did you pay the judge to win the case?"

Mo Han continually took firm steps forward without emotion. After hearing this last sentence, his expression finally changed. Standing in front of the aggressive reporters, he said, "Just because you think somebody is guilty does not automatically mean he is guilty. In court, we have already presented the clear truth in its entirety. If the media still decides to remain suspicious, I would suggest that you replay the video of the court proceedings. I believe you will find your answers in there. If you're unable to..."

The cameras kept flashing. Mo Han laughed lightly and continued, "Then, I can only say that you are stupid."

Subsequently, he continued to move forward, leaving behind a group of wide-eyed people. Mo Han sat inside the car, tugged at his tie, and heaved a sigh of relief.

In front of them, Liu Zhiyuan clapped his hands excitedly and said, "Barrister Mo, what a well-fought battle! It's already been a month, we finally have the results that we want. Did you see the furious looks of the opposing counsel? That's more than they can bear."

"That's true! Our Barrister Mo, the "Imperial Venomous Tongue" who has been said to maintain a straight record over the past five years, not losing a single case at all!" Little Zhang, who was in the passenger seat, chimed in.

The exhausted Mo Han sat in the back, rubbed his eyebrows, and said, "Back to the office."

"You're still going back!? Barrister Mo, you have not slept in two days! Anyway, since the case has been won, you should go home and get some rest. Save your energy, there's still us at the firm."

"Yes, the ladies at the firm are still waiting for your energetic rebukes!" Little Zhang joked sarcastically. Everyone in the circle knew that he was a legend in the legal industry. Starting his own law firm, he had become a leader in his field in just three years. Without mentioning the fact that he had never lost a case and just going by his looks, the thirty-year old had a mature face with a lean build. Just one look from him would leave an entire bevy of ladies smitten.

This remained the reason why Mo's firm currently retained so many single females.

"There's still some work at the firm. You wouldn't understand. My car is over there too, so I'll still have to get it before I can head back home." Mo Han's body leaned against the backseat. He had won the case, but had spent too much energy on it.

Liu Zhiyuan helplessly started up the car. He wanted to persuade the barrister to go back home to rest, but from the rearview mirror, he spotted his tired face and he knew it was futile to persuade the workaholic. It was better to let him use this period of time to rest in the car, so he abided by his employer's wish to send him back to the law firm.

When he arrived, Mo Han fixed his tie, clothes, and clutched his briefcase. He was back to how he was earlier outside; energetic and moving forward in brisk strides. Behind him, Liu Zhiyuan and Little Zhang tagged along.

However, Mo Han sensed a strange atmosphere when he walked into the room.

The further he walked in, the more he noticed that many of the people were glancing in the direction of the reception room.

"Barrister Mo... you're finally here." Anna, his secretary, anxiously rushed towards him.

"What is it?" Puzzled, Mo Han asked in a low and raspy voice.

"Somebody is looking for you. The person has been waiting since the time you went to court this morning."

Mo Han gave a nonchalant look inside and replied, "But there's no one scheduled for an appointment at the office today."