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1256 Great Unity

 Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Since you know that you are wrong, you should know how to repent. Otherwise, if you really enter hell, everything you experienced in the past will repeat itself."

Fangzheng's words were pushing the envelope. He had prefaced his statement about going to hell with an if. In the ears of the System, it was a supposition, not a lie. But in Nachai's ears, it was a threat!

Upon hearing that he would experience it all over again, Nachai was so frightened that he pissed himself. He kowtowed and wailed, snot and tears streaming down his face, "Master, I really know my mistakes. I'll definitely repent in the future. I'll remember to do good. I'm willing to donate all my assets. I'm willing to bear any legal punishment!"

When Eccentric heard what Nachai said, he caught a whiff of something vile. He immediately covered his nose and stepped away.

At the same time, Eccentric asked curiously, "Master, what exactly happened to him?"

Fangzheng said, "Patron, do you wish to try?"

Eccentric quickly shook his head. What a joke. What kind of person was Nachai? Even if he wasn't a formidable man, he was a ruthless person; otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to establish himself in the Golden Triangle. Yet, such a person could be frightened to such a state. Eccentric refused to give it a try.

Fangzheng ignored him and said to Nachai, "If that's the case, send your troops to Eccentric's troops. Any objections?"

Nachai hurriedly shouted, "No objections. I'll kill anyone who has any objections!"

When he said this, Nachai became extremely fierce. His crazy gaze was like a devil that had returned from hell! It left Eccentric's heart trembling. The woman was so frightened that she huddled in a corner, not daring to make a sound.

They didn't know that Nachai had experienced thousands of years of hell in hell and had seen countless bizarre ways of death and torture. When he came out, he didn't have his memories wiped out by Granny Meng's soup. He had the intact memories of the horror.

That horror was ingrained deep in his soul. It was impossible for a normal person to stop him when this horror surfaced.

When Fangzheng saw this, he frowned slightly. However, Fangzheng wasn't worried. He knew very well that Nachai's horror was a reflection of the horror in his heart. This was why he looked terrifying. However, if he really wanted him to commit evil, he would probably be the first one to back off.

Fangzheng nodded in satisfaction. "Very good. In that case, listen to Eccentric's orders. As for now, treat it as though nothing has happened. Sleep in peace and wait for the summoning."

The moment Nachai heard "sleep in peace," he felt like he had won a grand prize worth a billion dollars. He had not slept for thousands of years and was covered in blood and death. What he desired the most now was to have a good sleep!

After sending Fangzheng and company off, the woman obediently asked, "General Nachai, what would you like to eat?"

As soon as he heard the word "eat," Nachai started vomiting... He quickly waved his hand and said, "Go get money from Baldy and go back home. Don't come here again in the future. Tell them that they don't need to pay taxes to me anymore. Live your lives in peace."

The woman was taken aback. She never expected to see such a huge change in Nachai in minutes. She looked suspiciously at Nachai, but when she thought of Fangzheng's words, the woman nodded and said, "Yes, General Nachai."

The woman also left...

That night, Fangzheng ran with Eccentric, knocking on each general's door. In the beginning, Fangzheng would greet them and say "Amitabha."

However, towards the end, he realized how big 190,000 square kilometers of land was. As he traversed the land, even he felt exhausted.

As for Eccentric? In the beginning, he was insisting on running by himself. However, after eating the monk's dust several times, he closed his eyes and allowed Fangzheng to carry him as he ran. He was only responsible for directing him the entire time. Even so, the monk, who did not have any safety belts or any suspension, was like a roller coaster. He vomited.

Towards the end, neither one of them had the mood or energy to greet the other party. It was totally...


The door was pushed open?

"Who is it?" An exclamation was heard.

Creak... The sound of chains could be heard as a door opened...

A few minutes later, the door opened again.

Then, there was wailing that begged for mercy...

Then, the dumbfounded Eccentric was carried away by Fangzheng.

At dawn, Fangzheng had paid a visit to all the generals of the Golden Triangle or the leaders of any armed forces.

Unbeknownst to the world, the originally ownerless Golden Triangle had a new owner!

The first thing Eccentric did when he returned home was to report the matter to the Chinese government.

The Chinese government also encountered trouble...

At a certain negotiation table.

"I'm sorry. The Golden Triangle is a problem that history left behind. It can't be resolved immediately. Thank you for your nation's concern. We will pay close attention to the developments in the Golden Triangle. If we have the chance, our country will do our best to annihilate them!" the Thai government's representative said.

"Our country shares the same thoughts," the Burmese government representative said.

"Us too," said the Laotian government.


Just as the Chinese diplomat was about to say something, someone suddenly sent a document over. After looking at it, his eyes remained calm as he said, "In that case, our country will respect the opinions of the various countries. At the same time, our country hopes that we can have more intimate collaborations on the path of destroying drugs in the future."

The representative of the three countries smiled in agreement and began to talk about other things.

However, at the periphery of the Golden Triangle, the three countries' troops silently entered the Golden Triangle.

The moment Eccentric heard the news, he snuffed out the cigarette in his hand and said with a smile, "These fellows imagine that they have a chance once they catch wind of an internal conflict. It seems like the three countries have carried out a joint operation with full confidence! It's no wonder they rejected China's help... However, they want to eat us? Dream on!"

Fangzheng did not stir when he heard that.

Eccentric was puzzled as he asked, "Master, we are about to go to war. People are about to die. Aren't you going to do anything?"

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, there's no killing intent in your eyes. What war?"

Eccentric laughed. "Indeed, I can't lie to you... But surrendering is impossible. The Golden Triangle is no different from any of the other three countries.

"If we win, there will just be a few people dying on the battlefield. If we lose, we would be split by the three countries. War will definitely burn to every corner of the Golden Triangle. Everyone, regardless of whether they are good or bad, would be engulfed by the flames of war.

"War is never reasonable. In war, there is only killing."

Fangzheng said, "This is also the reason why This Penniless Monk wants you to not fight. No one can truly determine the overall situation of a war. There will always be a bad apple in an army of 100,000 good people. If there's one bad apple, it will spoil a whole barrel. So, what do you plan on doing?"