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1254 Fair? Master Indecent: No Such Thing

 "You must be behind all of this, right?

"It's a pity that I came to this conclusion too late. If I had thought things through earlier and didn't provoke you, I wouldn't have been in this much trouble today!"

"Amitabha. Patron, what you said is wrong." Fangzheng finally showed his face.

"If I didn't provoke you, would you come looking for me?" Butcher Bar asked in disbelief. "Aren't monks always pure-hearted and otherworldly?

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Some people are like that, but This Penniless Monk is considered an exception. If you do evil, there will be a day when we will bump into each other. It's just a matter of time."

Fangzheng did not lie. His Formless Door had mostly given him missions to save people, but Butcher Bar had been harming others all his life. Furthermore, his negative karma was getting stronger. Sooner or later, it would attract the attention of the Formless Door.

Butcher Bar did not know about the existence of the Formless Door, but he said indignantly, "I can't accept it. I've spent my whole life, risking everything only to lose to divine powers! This is unfair!"

"Fair? What kind of fairness do you want?" Fangzheng asked with a smile.

Butcher Bar said, "A battle of real strength. A battle without divine powers is what I call fair! The outcome only depends on one's ability!"

Fangzheng smiled. "Well said!"

Eccentric turned anxious when he heard that. "Master, don't listen to him! Don't play fair with him! This f**ker doesn't believe in fairness at all! He used to be an underground Muay Thai champion!"

Butcher Bar said, "Is it important whether I believe it or not? What's important is that as China's number one master, Abbot Fangzheng, you should believe in fairness, right?"

After Butcher Bar finished speaking, he stood up slowly and shook his arms and legs. "Master, how about a fair duel between men?"

Fangzheng extended his hand and said, "Bring it on!"

Butcher Bar was elated!

Butcher Bar felt that Fangzheng was like a mage in games. Although his divine powers were powerful, his body was definitely weak. No matter how powerful his divine powers were, he would die if he had his neck snapped!

As long as Fangzheng was dead, Butcher Bar believed that with his means and abilities, he had a chance of turning the tables!

Hence, without a word, Butcher Bar charged forward with a roar. His punch was like a bolt lightning. He wanted to finish him off with one strike!

However, just as the light of victory appeared on Butcher Bar's face, a palm landed on his face. It was not fast, just slightly faster than Butcher Bar's fist! It landed on his face first!

With a loud slap, Butcher Bar was sent flying as if he had been hit by a train! He watched helplessly as the fist moved further and further away from the face in front of him. Then, he slammed onto the wall like a pile of mud. After hanging for a while, he slid down...

Butcher Bar sat on the ground and endured the pain. He said angrily, "This is not the strength of a human. You... you used your divine power to bully me! You won't honest!"

Fangzheng said helplessly, "Patron, This Penniless Monk never promised you a mortal-level battle. You were the one who charged over. This Penniless Monk was only retaliating."

When Butcher Bar heard that, he thought carefully and realized that Fangzheng had really not promised him. It was just his wishful thinking.

Butcher Bar was about to say something when the monk said with a sinister smile, "Besides, what can you do about it even if This Penniless Monk bullies you?"

Butcher Bar, who originally thought that Fangzheng would give him a fair chance to fight, was instantly dumbfounded... He looked at the monk in front of him and suddenly realized that the monk in front of him did not give off a holy feeling. Instead, it was one of despicableness?

When Eccentric heard this, he burst into laughter. "Haha... Master Indecent lives up to his reputation! Haha..."

Butcher Bar said angrily, "You are... shameless!"

Fangzheng said, "This Penniless Monk is outside of the secular world. What's the point of being shameful?"

Butcher Bar: "..."

"Butcher Bar, you should consider my suggestion. There's not much time left," Eccentric said.

Butcher Bar glanced at Eccentric and sneered. "You want to kill me in front of a monk?"

Just as he said that, Fangzheng turned his head. "This Penniless Monk won't see a thing."

Butcher Bar: "..."

However, Butcher Bar still did not fall for it. He stiffened his neck and said, "Eccentric, you want my military power? It's useless to just rely on these kinds of harmless threats. Didn't you want to kill someone? Come on, kill me. I want to see if the blood of my family and I can prove to the people that this so-called master is just a liar!"

Butcher Bar stared intently at Fangzheng, wishing he could kill the darn baldy!

Fangzheng wore a look of helplessness when he heard that. Clearly, it was Eccentric who wanted to kill him. Why did it involve him? Amita-god damn it!

Butcher Bar was betting that Fangzheng would give him a way out for his own reputation.

In fact, Eccentric was indeed in a dilemma. Butcher Bar deserved to die, but Butcher Bar's wife was only an ordinary woman. Did such people deserve to die? Even Eccentric himself could not do it, much less Fangzheng.

Just as Eccentric was in a dilemma, Fangzheng said lightly, "Patron, since This Penniless Monk can get Red Fiend to show himself, This Penniless Monk can also make you show yourself. Actually, whether you agree doesn't matter. What you need to choose is not about handing over your military power, but whether you want to live or die."

After Fangzheng said that, he waved his hand and used A Golden Millet Dream. A person who looked exactly like Butcher Bar smiled at him. "Tell me. Is there a huge difference having any of us give the speech?"

When Butcher Bar saw the fake Butcher Bar, his face turned ashen. He sighed and said, "Forget it... Eccentric, I can hand over the military power, but you have to ensure that my family and I will remain safe here!"

Eccentric said, "I promise, but I won't guarantee that you will survive until the end."

Butcher Bar said, "When I took this path, I was prepared to die at any moment."

After that, Butcher Bar stood up and walked to the main door. The moment he opened the door, Butcher Bar straightened his back again. No matter what, he was a formidable man. Even now, he still tried hard to maintain his last dignity.


In the end, Butcher Bar handed over his military power. Due to Butcher Bar's interference, no chaos ensued and no one died because of this incident. Eccentric successfully took over everything and became the new ruler.

At the same time, Eccentric quickly detained the spies sent by Commander Đỗ. Then, he openly used the cell phone here to call the Chinese government.

The Chinese government immediately cooperated and sent people to the Golden Triangle overnight.

At the same time, the reliable, iron-fisted characters from the three countries neighboring the Golden Triangle were contacted. The three countries' armies also began to silently mobilize...

Late into the night, Eccentric wanted to follow the Nine Shirts' plan and sneak an attack on Nachai's headquarters. However, Fangzheng vetoed Eccentric's sneak attack.

"Er, Master, why don't you agree with my method? I think the way we dealt with Butcher Bar was pretty good." That's right, Eccentric's plan was still to perpetuate a fraud.

Fangzheng shook his head. "It's indeed good, but This Penniless Monk has a better solution. This time, This Penniless Monk will go on his own. All you need to do is send men to take receipt."