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1253 Coronation

 Butcher Bar gritted his teeth and said, "Eccentric, what do you want? You have to think it through. If you kill me, my men will not let you off! After all, the ones here are a minority!"

Eccentric said, "I don't want to do anything. Hand over your military power. From today onwards, all your armed forces will be loyal to the Red Fiends organization. If you can do it, I will let you and the Nine Shirts live. Otherwise, don't blame me for being nasty."

Butcher Bar asked, "How can I trust you?"

Eccentric said, "Lord Red Fiend is here. I swear to Lord Red Fiend that I will never lie! If not, I will be sent to hell by Lord Red Fiend and never be reborn."

Butcher Bar fell silent. If someone lied to him like that, he would shoot them! Who the hell would believe such words! But the Red Fiend's appearance and the usage of divine powers forced him to believe it!

"Alright, I believe you."

Eccentric laughed out loud. "Smart! Men, inform everyone to gather in the square!"

"Yes!" Someone immediately obeyed the order.

At this moment, Red Fiend said, "Eccentric has made contributions. Seeing his firm faith, he shall be conferred the title of Red Fiend's Holy Fiend! He will be in charge of communicating with me so as to pass my divine will! All of you shall help him with everything you have!"

"Yes!" everyone shouted in unison!

Red Fiend nodded slightly and looked at Eccentric.

Eccentric kowtowed. Red Fiend opened his mouth and a blood-red crown flew out, landing on Eccentric's head before disappearing.

Red Fiend said, "The coronation is over. It's time for me to depart!"

With that said, Red Fiend vanished.

When the believers saw this, they were somewhat disappointed. However, they quickly turned to Eccentric and knelt down to kowtow, "Greetings Holy Fiend!"

When Eccentric saw this, he smiled happily.

Butcher Bar looked at the Eccentric in front of him and alarm flashed across his eyes. He asked seriously, "Who... are you?"

Eccentric lowered his body and looked into Butcher Bar's eyes. "Guess."

With that said, Eccentric stood up and waved his hand. "Take out the Nine Shirts. Keep an eye on them and await my orders!"

"Yes! Lord Holy Fiend!" the Red Fiend believers roared. Red Fiend had appeared, and they had personally witnessed Red Fiend crowning Eccentric as Holy Fiend! They were in a frenzy, with nothing but zeal and ardor! Now, even if they were to die, they would not hesitate to do so, much less capture the Nine Shirts and the other traitors.

As the Nine Shirts men were escorted out, the door closed. Only Eccentric, Butcher Bar, and Fangzheng were left in the hall.

Butcher Bar stared at Eccentric and said, "You... are definitely not Holy Fiend!"

Eccentric smiled. "Why do you say that?"

Butcher Bar said, "The Red Fiend is a god that I fabricated personally. There is no such existence in this world. I am the first Holy Fiend, and I know more about the Red Fiend organization than you do. The Red Fiend does not exist, nor does the Holy Fiend. Everything is just a scam! But I don't understand how you managed to complete the miracle and usurp power..."

Eccentric laughed out loud. "Butcher Bar, you are too naive. Do you think you can create a non-existent god? You're too naive. I don't know if you're the first Holy Fiend, but I know that Red Fiend has chosen me! And you're a traitor in the eyes of Red Fiend! Red Fiend is supreme and almighty; yet, here you are saying you created Red Fiend. How sacrilegious!

"To think that you would say something like that! You are definitely not Holy Fiend! It seems like you are really the bastard who killed Holy Fiend and usurped his spot!"

Butcher Bar looked at Eccentric in surprise. He did not expect Eccentric would say something like that.

Butcher Bar did not know that the live-stream hadn't stopped because of Eccentric's arrival. On the contrary, the live-stream was still being live-streamed. Butcher Bar's soldiers and the Red Fiends believers, who were gathered in the square, were stunned when they saw this.

Butcher Bar directly admitted that he wasn't Holy Fiend but that he had pretended to be Holy Fiend!

The Red Fiend believers trusted Eccentric even more. They began to treat him as a Holy Fiend, a hero! They idolized him like crazy!

On the other hand, Butcher Bar's soldiers wore blank expressions. They did not understand what had happened.

At that moment, the video suddenly stopped. The signal was cut off, and everything that had happened earlier began to replay. Everyone witnessed the miracle again... A new round of brainwashing began.

In the meeting room, Eccentric suddenly lowered his body and tore off Butcher Bar's clothes. He pulled out a hidden recorder and smashed his cell phone. He smiled and said, "Butcher Bar, I know you better than you do. You want to trick me into saying what you want to hear, then announce it publicly to turn the tables around? Stop dreaming!"

When Butcher Bar heard this, he had a look of disbelief on his face. Although his impression of Eccentric was a smart man, he was crazy when carrying out matters. He was so crazy that he would not care about friend or foe. However, missions were always completed.

It was precisely because of this that no one was willing to work with Eccentric. Gradually, this fellow was isolated, becoming a useful lunatic that no one dared to use.

No one suspected his identity. Even Butcher Bar didn't suspect anything, but now... he suddenly realized that he had read him wrongly! Eccentric was definitely not a lunatic, but a monster with intelligence!

Why would such a smart person take the role of a lonely lunatic?

Butcher Bar suddenly thought of a possibility. He stared at Eccentric and said, "You... you are not from the Golden Triangle! Are you a police officer?"

Eccentric smiled and said, "Butcher Bar, does it matter who I am now? Hand over your military power and let those still loyal to you to submit to me. I promise I won't kill you. But if you continue to try your tricks with me, I don't mind killing more people to have them accompany you in death. You know I'm not a good person!"

Butcher Bar fell silent.

After a long while, Butcher Bar said, "I can hand over my military power to you, but I want to know how I lost. My plan was flawless. Because of my meticulousness, even though Commander Đỗ had planted a lot of spies by my side, they didn't realize that Holy Fiend and me are one and the same!

"He always imagined that I wasn't on good terms with Holy Fiend and that we were plotting against each other...

"I can't figure out how Red Fiend appeared. I don't believe there's something like Red Fiend in this world..."

At the mention of this, Butcher Bar immediately shut up. Then, his eyes widened as if he thought of something. He cursed loudly, "White Shirt, you're screwed up my plans!"

"Butcher Bar, you're indeed very smart. You've figured everything out so quickly." Eccentric sighed. "Fortunately, I'm quick to cut the Gordian knot. I didn't give you much time."

Butcher Bar looked up and looked around. He shouted, "Abbot Fangzheng, it has to be you, right? For White Shirt to give birth to bombs, I knew that the situation was bad. However, I wasn't able to determine your life or death, so I got someone to test you. I never expected that you survived. Such a huge explosion not only failed to kill you, but it also made White Shirt fall into such a tragic state. I would rather die than believe that you don't have divine powers!

"In this world, the only person who has divine powers and a grudge with me is you!"