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1249 A Little Dumbfounded

 Eccentric had seen Fangzheng's capabilities and naturally wouldn't stop him. He happily followed.

There were two places the Nine Shirts had meetings-one was hidden underground, and the other was a three-story tower on the surface. It was said to be three stories because it looked so on the outside. When one was inside, one would realize that there were only two stories. Each level was very high, and there was only one special elevator that went between the two stories. There were constantly people guarding the elevator, and it was unknown what they were guarding.

There were also six guards at the entrance. They rotated daily. If one wasn't at the level of the Nine Shirts, they were prohibited from entry. Even Eccentric had never entered.

Now, he was following Fangzheng, it felt like he was touring his own backyard. He walked straight in as though they hadn't seen a thing.

Eccentric grinned. "Abbot Fangzheng, your divine power is too amazing. If you give me this divine power, I can guarantee that I can report all the colors of the drug trafficker's underwear to my superiors. We can wipe out all the drug traffickers in China."

Fangzheng said, "The cultivation requirements for divine powers are very stringent. This Penniless Monk is probably the only one in the world who can possess them. However, although divine powers are powerful, they are ultimately limited. The improvement and safety of the world depends more on heroes like yourself, and not people like This Penniless Monk."

Fangzheng did not lie. One had to first possess a special kind of energy to cultivate in divine powers. However, Earth had little of it, making it impossible to cultivate. Therefore, it wasn't wrong to say that it was stringent. As for the fact that only he could have it, that was not wrong. After all, there was only one System.

When Eccentric heard that, he chuckled and said, "I like what you said."

Upon entering the door, he saw a long table with a huge crystal chandelier hanging above. It looked very simple.

However, the back half of the room, which was three meters behind the table and chairs, had a completely different renovation style. It was magnificent, and decorations made it look like a palace!

There were three white jade stairs leading to the top. As for what was inside, it was covered by a curtain that blocked their view. They could only vaguely see shadows.

Eccentric and Fangzheng exchanged looks and saw the curiosity in each other's eyes. They walked over and pulled open the curtains. The two frowned at the same time. Behind the curtains and above the jade staircase was a dragon throne!

"Nice, Red Fiends claim to be a terrorist organization, but from the looks of it... this is an organization that wants to restore imperialism." Eccentric frowned.

Fangzheng nodded slightly and sighed. "It took thousands of years for the world to be free from the shackles of imperialism. I never expected that there would be someone driving history in reverse in a bid to reestablish the throne."

Eccentric said, "It's just a fool's talk. Now that everyone has awakened, whoever wants to be the emperor is going against everyone."

Fangzheng nodded slightly and walked over. He touched the chair and was really curious. What kind of person sat here?

At this moment, the door opened once more. Eccentric's heart tightened.

Fangzheng indicated for him not to panic. All he needed to do was stand there and not move.

Fangzheng looked up and saw a few people in orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black clothes walk in.

Eccentric said, "It's the Nine Shirts, but Red Shirt has been captured. White Shirt is giving birth to chili powder, and Cyan Shirt has been knocked out and trapped in the forest. Now, only the few of them are left."

Fangzheng nodded without a word.

The six of them did not immediately sit down. Instead, they stood in six different positions, their hands clasped together in front of their chests. They chanted indecipherable scriptures in unison before bowing sincerely to the sky. "Welcome Holy Fiend!"

A ray of light shot down from the second floor. The long table split open and a black cave opened under the ground. A person slowly rose up from the light. One could vaguely see a figure appear in the intense light but no one could see the person's appearance clearly.

Fangzheng subconsciously glanced at the other elevator by the side. He could not help but feel a chill in his heart.

If the Holy Fiend had come up from the hidden elevator from below, what was the other obvious elevator for?

Fangzheng had a bold idea. It was probably not a good place to go!

Eccentric said in a low voice, "No wonder. No wonder people come every year to assassinate and find out Holy Fiend's identity, but all of them die upon entry. Clearly, they were tricked to go to the second floor that they shouldn't go!"

Fangzheng nodded slightly... It was a trap.

The bright light followed the figure into the curtain. The rest of the Nine Shirts bowed their heads the entire time, not daring to look up.

After the figure entered the curtains, the curtains closed, and the lights went out.

That person's figure finally became clear. He was dressed in a black dragon robe. The dragon was embroidered with golden silk, but this dragon was different from an ordinary emperor's gold dragon. Usually, the gold dragons were majestic and sacred, but this gold dragon looked extremely ferocious, like a devil.

The man had a square face, and although his eyes weren't big, they were extremely fierce. He looked like an alpha wolf looking down upon the world, the ability to decide life or death with a thought.

His lips were very thin, as thin as a knife, as if he was about to kill someone the moment he opened his mouth!

Eccentric looked at the person in front of him with widened eyes. He nearly shouted! Although he was protected by Fangzheng's A Golden Millet Dream, the two of them would be ignored as long as they didn't move anything in front of these people. Mere talking or walking about would be ignored by others.

However, Eccentric subconsciously held back. He believed that Fangzheng was using invisibility and not using a dream, so he didn't dare make a commotion. He whispered into Fangzheng's ear, "That's Butcher Bar!"

Fangzheng was also taken aback. Butcher Bar was a Holy Fiend? What was going on?

Eccentric had a greater understanding of the Red Fiends. Upon seeing this scene, he seemed to have guessed something and whispered, "There must be something wrong here!

"According to what the Red Fiends said, they are cooperating with Butcher Bar. Neither one of them are under each other's command. Now, it seems like this matter has become very complicated. Either Butcher Bar killed the Holy Fiend and secretly disguised himself as the Holy Fiend to take over the Red Fiends, or it's the case where Butcher bar has been expanding this strength from the beginning. It's a trick to fool others!"

Fangzheng asked in puzzlement, "Is there a need for Butcher Bar to do this to expand his strength?"

Eccentric shook his head and said, "I told you, Butcher Bar is not a major power in the Golden Triangle. He also relies on others for his livelihood. Who wouldn't be afraid of raising a wolf cub that might one day be strong enough to eat them? Although Butcher Bar is fierce, his men are not enough to threaten the ones above him.

"However, he's too demanding and fierce. He has long caused some displeasure with the big shots. Later on, the Red Fiends appeared. Red Fiends create trouble everywhere and it's treated as a terrorist organization. Their arrival forcefully occupied a little of Butcher Bar's territory. The two had fought before.

"Later on, a big shot came forward to mediate. There was a reconciliation on both sides and they shared the territory. Of course, Butcher Bar is the leader while the Red Fiends are only borrowing it temporarily."

Fangzheng came to a realization. The mediator was probably up to no good.