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1244 This Clown Is an Ally?

 After Eccentric issued the request, he knew that he had messed things up. He had no hope of the friend request being accepted.

And the outcome was that the request was accepted...

Fangzheng was boiling with anger. He had nowhere to vent his anger when someone came to him picking a fight. Having found a punching bag to vent his anger, Fangzheng accepted the request without another word!

After adding, Fangzheng regretted it. He couldn't curse! By adding him, he was only bringing abuse onto himself...

Eccentric had already given up hope when he saw the request accepted!

Eccentric immediately laughed maniacally. "Wow! F**k! This stupid monk actually has such tastes! He's sadistic to himself. He needs to be cursed!"

Hence, Eccentric immediately typed: "Fangzheng, you darn bald monk. How dare you provoke us Red Fiends? Are you not dead yet?"

When Fangzheng saw that it was Red Fiend, he pricked up his brows and said, "You are from Red Fiend?"

Eccentric said, "In the flesh! I'm White Shirt!"

Eccentric read out whatever he typed.

White Shirt's eyes nearly popped out from his sockets when he heard that. He glared at Eccentric angrily. This bastard was going to kill him!

Eccentric chuckled at him. "Don't be agitated. Since you've already been exposed, it's fine if I use your name, right?"

Fangzheng looked at the text and felt that something was amiss.

He hadn't interacted much with White Shirt, but Fangzheng had experienced White Shirt's scheming mind. He was scheming and he laid plenty of traps. If not for Fangzheng's divine powers, he probably wouldn't have been able to beat White Shirt when it came to scheming.

When White Shirt pretended to represent the United Nations, he acted like a fool perfectly.

However, in the chat later, White Shirt displayed a calm, quick-witted and vicious character. How could a person like him be so silly to curse?

Moreover, he already had White Shirt as a friend on WeChat, so there was no need for him to go through the effort to add him again.

However, Fangzheng immediately shook his head and mumbled, "Who cares who he is. Since he's from Red Fiend, there's nothing wrong to pin all the faults on White Shirt. From the looks of it, he hasn't had enough births. Time to give him a nice gift!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, White Shirt, who was initially angry, suddenly felt his stomach ache again. He could not help but curse, "Eccentric, f*ck your grandma!"

Eccentric looked at White Shirt's bulging stomach and quickly stood up. "Heavens, what a fast reaction. You have such a high birth rate. What do you eat? Don't be agitated. Don't use too much strength. Take it slow. I'll help you tell Fangzheng that you're going to f**k his grandma."

With that said, Eccentric said, "I, White Shirt, am going to f**k your grandma!"

When Fangzheng saw this, he realized that there was really someone who wasn't afraid of death! Therefore Fangzheng grunted coldly. "I'll let you have a good time!"

Then, Fangzheng asked: "Child, have you played with balloons before?"

Eccentric was stunned. He asked White Shirt, "Have you played with balloons before?"

White Shirt looked at his belly getting bigger and bigger as he shouted, "To hell with your mother's balloon! Doctor, doctor! I'm going to give birth!"

The doctor outside was already on tenterhooks. He was afraid of being blown up, so when he heard White Shirt call out again, he immediately put on his gas mask and rushed in.

The doctor glanced at the ultrasound scan and was stunned. "It's not a bomb this time!"

Eccentric subconsciously asked, "Could it be a balloon?"

White Shirt angrily said, "Get lost!"

The doctor said in surprise, "How did you know that it was a balloon?"

White Shirt: "It's really a balloon? How... how is that possible?"

The doctor held the gas mask and said, "Although I can't believe it, the thing inside really looks like a balloon."

Eccentric immediately came over. Looking at the blank expression in White Shirt's eyes, he said, "I have to remind you that if you use too much force, a balloon will explode."

White Shirt glared angrily at Eccentric and roared, "You, get lost!"

Eccentric smacked his lips and said, "Look, I was kind enough to remind you, but you neglected my well intentions. Sigh, it's so hard to be a good person... Remember, keep your asshole tight. Don't squeeze it. Otherwise, when it explodes, you'll be in for a swell time. Also, who knows what's inside? What if it's also a chili pepper?"

After saying that, Eccentric left.

Although White Shirt really wanted to curse, he still forcefully clenched his asshole, lest the balloon really burst.

The doctor was also put in a difficult position. He said, "White Shirt, although I've been working here for more than thirty years, delivering a balloon is really a challenge to be honest. If it explodes, can you promise that you won't be angry?"

White Shirt stared angrily at him as he enunciated one word after another. "If it explodes, I'll kill you."

The doctor shrugged and said, "Then hold it in. I'll go out and take a breather."

White Shirt: "You..."

At this moment, Eccentric returned again. He waved a water balloon and a needle right in front of White Shirt.

White Shirt asked in panic, "What are you doing?"

Eccentric said, "White Shirt, after so many years as friends, I can't let you be so muddle-headed to have someone blast open your asshole."

White Shirt asked, "What are you trying to do?"

Eccentric said, "I've already said that after so many years as friends, I can't let you be so muddle-headed to have someone blast open your asshole. That's why I'm going to let you understand what it's like to have your asshole blast open. Look, this is a balloon. If you give birth, the consequences will be like this..."

With that said, Eccentric stabbed with a needle, causing the water balloon to explode with a loud bang. A large blob of water splashed into White Shirt's face. White Shirt felt his face chill before his body trembled. He loosened the clenching of his asshole and the balloon slid down. With a crisp sound, a ball of red gas spurted out from his ass...

Eccentric turned around and ran. Behind him, White Shirt felt his abdomen burn with pain as he cried out, "Eccentric, I'll f**k your grandma! When I recover, I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

The doctor was smoking at the door. When he saw Eccentric walk out, he asked, "How's the situation inside?"

Eccentric spread out his hands and said, "He's gone mad. Completely mad. This child is hopeless. Let's go in again after the smell disperses."

The doctor nodded. "Alright."

At that moment, Cyan Shirt came over. Seeing Eccentric and the doctor smoking outside, he asked, "Eccentric, why aren't you looking for Fangzheng? What are you doing here?"

The doctor nodded as a greeting. A doctor's status here wasn't low. This was because this hospital was not owned by the Red Fiends, but belonged to the real owner of this place, the General.

The doctor had a very high status here, so they didn't need to be subservient in any way.

Although Eccentric's rank was lower than White Shirt and Cyan Shirt, he did not seem to realize it at all. He took a deep puff and said, "It's nothing. I needed to understand that monk before heading over, so I had a chat with him."

"How is he now?" Cyan Shirt asked.

Just as the doctor was about to speak, Eccentric immediately said, "It's pretty good. Go in and take a look. There's something growing from his butt. It's quite disgusting."

Cyan Shirt frowned. He opened the door and took a look inside. The chili pepper powder inside had already landed on the ground. Although it was a little pungent, it wasn't as bad as before.