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1239 Multiple-Choice Question

 The police chief said helplessly, "This... It's not like we have any say in this."

Black Mountain City's mayor scratched his head. "I refuse to believe that justice can't prevail over evil. In my territory, let's see who dares to make such fireflies exhibitions!"

Meanwhile, Fangzheng spoke on WeChat.

"Mayor, there's no need to be angry. This Penniless Monk wishes to ask Commander Wu to be nasty and see how nasty he can be. By the way, didn't the Commander say that he wanted to ban This Penniless Monk? This Penniless Monk also wants to know how the Commander plans to ban This Penniless Monk."

Wu Zhennan: "Don't force me."

Fangzheng could not be bothered to argue with the mental patient. "It's best you do it. This Penniless Monk is waiting."

Wu Zhennan fell silent.

Fangzheng believed that the other party had retreated knowing that he was on the brink of defeat, but a few minutes later, Wu Zhennan spoke again. He posted a picture which was an arrest warrant!

The content of the arrest warrant was that One Finger Monastery's Abbot Fangzheng was suspected of participating in terrorism. He was wanted across the entire world.

Fangzheng was rendered completely speechless when he saw this.

Zhu Lin took a closer look and laughed out loud. She laughed and said, "This document... does look quite like the real thing. Look at this page. Tsk, tsk, there are still water stains on it. Don't tell me he carved it from radish? This fellow is so funny."

Fangzheng did not laugh out loud. He had previously felt that this person was crazy and funny, but the more he chatted, the more he realized that this matter was not simple.

Not anyone dared to pretend to be the United Nations.

Even normal people would shiver as they pretended to be policemen. What's more, the United Nations?

Coupled with the fake ministers around him, this was obviously an organization of cheats.

Now that he looked at the warrant, it was clear that there was a template. Otherwise, it would not have been released so quickly.

At that moment, Wu Zhennan spoke again: "You will be wanted by the entire world. This is my ban! Are you afraid?"

Fangzheng was rendered speechless as he thought, Is this fellow crazy?

Just as Fangzheng was about to reply, he realized that someone had added him as a friend. It was Black Mountain City's mayor, Li Zeming.

He accepted the request.

Li Zeming immediately said: "Be careful, this guy looks silly, but he's actually smart. Our men traced their IP addresses and found that they are all fake! Only one person was captured-the person who pretended to be me, but he's just part of the outer circle and doesn't know much about this organization.

"They are definitely not ordinary cheats, nor are they ordinary idiots! They must have their motives doing this!"

Fangzheng was taken aback. He looked at the arrest warrant and then thought of the person opposite him on the computer. He had an ominous feeling.

At that moment, Wu Zhennan said: "It looks like I've underestimated your power. However, the game needs to end. I'm grateful to the Chinese for being smart. If not, I really wouldn't have thought of such a brainless method to act as a part of the United Nations. Haha... how interesting."

Fangzheng was taken aback as he asked: "Who exactly are you?"

Wu Zhennan said: "Who am I? You will know when you go to hell Abbot Fangzheng, I know you are capable. During this period of time, I've been thinking about it. Are you good with math considering how capable you are?"

The ominous feeling in Fangzheng's heart intensified as he asked: "What are you doing?"

As he asked, Fangzheng activated Red Boy's divine powers again.

Before Red Boy could even sit down, he was summoned again. He yelled, "Why is my life so difficult!?" Then, he flew up and went to find Fangzheng.

Wu Zhennan said: "It's very simple. I'll give you a multiple-choice question, choose one of the two. I've placed the two bombs in Black Mountain City. These bombs can destroy a building."

It wasn't only Fangzheng. Even Li Zeming jumped in fright as he hurriedly asked: "Did you plant a bomb in Abbot Fangzheng's hotel?"

Wu Zhennan said: "Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn't have the time to chat with you all for so long."

Li Zeming continued: "You were trying to distract Abbot Fangzheng and prevent him from discovering your shady dealings?"

Wu Zhennan said: "How clever. But what should a smart person choose?"

Fangzheng: "What do you want to do?"

Wu Zhennan said: "It's very simple. Either you stay in the building and let me blow it up. Or, you defuse the bomb in that building while I blow up another building so that those people can die on your behalf. It's two-choose-one; isn't it very simple?"

Zhu Lin said, "Master, you can't promise him. He's a lunatic! It's very possible that he might detonate both buildings!"

Li Zeming also said the same thing.

Wu Zhennan laughed loudly when he heard that. "I'm indeed a lunatic, and I'm famous for not keeping my word. Therefore, whether you trust me or not, it remains a multiple-choice question. Master, I know your capabilities, so I've already started the countdown from the moment I posed the question to you. Fifteen minutes. You only have fifteen minutes! Oh, no, there's only thirteen minutes left now. Once the time is over, if you don't give me an answer, I'll have to say sorry. Two fireworks will bloom together. Let me see how many people you can save!"

Li Zeming chatted with Fangzheng in private: "I just received news that the explosives at Wooden Fish Mine were stolen. It might very well have fallen into their hands. These explosives are enough to blow up a few buildings..."

Fangzheng's heart turned heavy when he heard that.

At that moment, Red Boy arrived.

The moment Red Boy landed, he wanted to grumble, but when he saw Fangzheng's solemn expression, his complaints immediately vanished. He asked, "Master, what happened?"

"There's not much time left. Take a look for yourself."

Explaining it to him wasn't as fast as reading the information. Red Boy took a glance at the chat content on the phone and immediately understood the seriousness of the matter.

Red Boy said, "Master, this matter is very tricky. Even if I were to take action, I wouldn't be able to search the entirety of Black Mountain City in time. Besides, I have to find a bomb in a complicated city. This... Most importantly, although my divine perception can find things very quickly, the prerequisite is that I have to know what that thing looks like! I don't even know what the bomb looks like, so how am I to find it?"

This was also what Fangzheng was most worried about, but it happened.

Since Red Boy was helpless, Fangzheng had to do something.

Rubbing the Buddha Beads in his hand, Fangzheng sighed. "I didn't plan on using it, but now, I can only rely on you."

With that said, Fangzheng smacked the Buddha Beads and the next moment, a golden Buddhistic glow emitted from his body. Following that, like a shockwave, it spread out in all directions with Fangzheng as the core. Wherever the shock waves passed, everything appeared in Fangzheng's mind.

This was a divine power-Buddhistic Glow Illumination. Under the Buddhistic glow, nothing could hide in the darkness. All dangers would be discovered, dug out, and then be labeled with a red mark. The more dangerous it was, the redder it became, until it turned black!