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1238 United Nations

 Black Mountain City Mayor: "Of course. In the flesh. If you don't believe me, try calling my office number."

After saying that, the other party sent a number over.

Squirrel said, "It can't be real, right? That guy has such a powerful background? Even the mayor of Black Mountain City is afraid of him?"

Fangzheng chuckled as he cracked his neck and knuckles. He typed: "Since you wish to give This Penniless Monk a try, This Penniless Monk will give it a try. Hehe... Mayor? This Penniless Monk knows him too!"

Black Mountain City Mayor said, "Heh heh, knowing and being familiar isn't the same."

Fangzheng thought for a moment before giving County Head Qi a call. He requested for Black Mountain City's mayor's WeChat account and added it. He then pulled County Head Qi into the chat.

Upon seeing Fangzheng pull the two in, Please Call Me God was unhappy. "What's wrong? Are you trying to pit numbers against me? Who are these two? Why are they here to cause trouble?"

The mayor of Black Mountain City said, "No, I'm here to see who is pretending to be me. Let me introduce myself. I'm the mayor of Black Mountain City, Li Zeming."

Black Mountain City Mayor said, "You are the mayor? Then who am I? Who gave you the guts to pretend to be me? From the looks of it, the cyber police haven't been doing much work recently. It's time for them to work overtime."

Li Zeming said, "There's no need, they're already working overtime. You're at Pengyu Hotel, right? They're going."

At the next moment, Black Mountain City Mayor left the chat group. At the same time, in Pengyu Hotel, a man quickly went downstairs and ran off.

"Captain, are we going to catch him?" A plainclothes policeman outside asked.

"There's no hurry. Let's use him as bait and follow him. Let's see where he goes. These cheats are quite good at scamming. Let's wipe them all out at once!" said the captain.

Meanwhile, on the Internet...

Please Call Me God: "So this is the mayor of Black Mountain City."

Fangzheng was puzzled. "Is there another Black Mountain City?"

Please Call Me God: "Of course, you are too ignorant. I invited another mayor of Black Mountain City."

Fangzheng and Zhu Lin were rendered completely speechless. This person really treated everyone in the world as fools!

At this moment, Please Call Me God added a few more people into the group. Their names were extremely frightening. They were the ministers of the various departments of the Central Committee.

Please Call Me God also changed his name. When the name appeared, Fangzheng and Zhu Lin were given a fright! The name was none other than: "Commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force[1], Wu Zhennan!"

Zhu Lin said in surprise, "Wow, is there something wrong with this guy's brain or is his IQ not high? The Commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force? Why doesn't he call himself the American president?"

County Head Qi also asked the same question. "I'm Songwu County's county head, Qi Dongsheng. May I know when the Commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force came to China? Why don't I know?"

Wu Zhennan didn't say a word. Instead, a person named the Minister of Culture replied: "What kind of manners are you using to talk to the Commander? Does a mere county head need to be informed when it comes to international matters?"

County Head Qi chuckled. "I'm just curious. Besides, if you don't explain, no one will believe you."

Minister of National Defense: "The United Nations has moved to China half a year ago. Fangzheng, you caused Commander Wu to suffer heavy losses. You have to give him an explanation. Before the compensation, immediately stop your slandering. Immediately post an apology on Weibo about the fireflies incident. Quickly end this farce!"

When Fangzheng saw that, he recalled that all of this had something to do with fireflies. But what did fireflies have to do with this posturing criminal?

Fangzheng asked: "Do you own the Hall of Illusions?"

Wu Zhennan said: "How would I manage such a low-grade thing? However, my friend is managing it. The fireflies that they have painstakingly captured have been harmed by all of you, so there needs some explaining, don't you think so?"

When Zhu Lin heard that, she exclaimed, "Capture? They aren't reared?"

At this moment, the Minister of Culture immediately said: "Our friends have the best experts in the world. They can artificially rear fireflies, but the cost isn't low. You affected the market and caused him a huge financial loss. This is unforgivable!"

The mayor of Black Mountain City also asked: "Oh? Artificial rearing of fireflies? According to what I know, no one in the country has artificially reared fireflies. Firstly, the technology is immature, making it impossible to raise them indoors. If a housing is built to enclose a mountain and forest, making it the fireflies' habit, it's possible."

Wu Zhennan immediately said: "That's how they raised them. They then go up the mountain to capture them. That's why I mentioned capture."

Black Mountain City's mayor sneered. "Ignorant! Fireflies are ecological indicators. They have very high requirements for their environments. Although they are beneficial insects, they are ultimately insects. Once there are too many of them, they will destroy their ecological environment and cause a large number of deaths! Therefore, rearing in the wild is just a saying. It's impossible to do it perfectly! Please learn some general knowledge before you lie, alright?"

Minister of Culture: "How dare you! Is this how you talk to the Commander? The Commander manages the entire world's United Nations army and spends a lot of time on it. What's so strange about not knowing these things?".

Wu Zhennan: "The ignorant are truly fearless. Fangzheng, I'll give you one final minute to consider. Immediately compensate and apologize! Otherwise, don't blame me for being nasty!"

The mayor of Black Mountain City laughed. "I want to see how you are going to be nasty to Abbot Fangzheng in my territory."

At the same time, inside Black Mountain City's mayor's office, Mayor Li Zeming said, "Don't be in a rush to arrest him. Bait him a little longer. I want to see who's behind him."

Black Mountain City's police chief nodded and said, "I think it's not that simple. They aren't ordinary cheats. Their fake United Nations organization has tricked many people and cheated them of a lot of money. Not only do they have offices, but they also have all kinds of uniforms and identification documents. According to our investigations, they arrived in our city last month. And before that, they have already committed crimes in many cities. It's just that the crimes that they committed all this while didn't attract too much attention. This time, for them to still dare to stand up against you, I'm afraid someone has offered a high price to threaten Abbot Fangzheng so as to tide through the firefly storm."

The mayor of Black Mountain City nodded. "Human beings die in the pursuit of wealth and birds die in the pursuit of food. From the looks of it, the other party has invested quite a bit. Have you contacted Yunan? There has to be an explanation for the illegal poaching capturing endangered species."

The police chief smiled bitterly and said, "This... it's not easy to resolve. Fireflies are ecological indicators. Due to environmental pollution and the reckless poaching, as well as how people believe that fireflies are pests, this has resulted in fireflies being endangered in our country. However, there are still a lot of them overseas... so they aren't listed as an endangered species. There's no law that prevents their capturing either..."

Black Mountain City's mayor said angrily, "Does it have to be wiped out to extinction before we can protect it?"

Author Notes: I did some research on the fake United Nations scam, and even when I wrote this chapter, I found it unbelievable. How did these cheats end up drinking their own Kool-Aid? Could they really be mad? They are true actors?

[1] This was a real-life scam in China circa 2009.