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1236 Thats Right, Its Him

 Fangzheng was taken aback. Someone or something that he could not afford to offend? From Fangzheng's impression, there were only people he did not wish to offend; there was no one he couldn't afford to offend.

Before Fangzheng could say a word, the man had already beautifully turned around and got into a taxi. He said, "I've said what I must have to say. The path is clear. If you don't know how to choose and if you continue to tread on muddy water, you will bear the consequences!"

After the taxi left, Fangzheng and Zhu Lin stood there.

"Master, is there something wrong with this fellow's head?" Zhu Lin knew Fangzheng's abilities. That was definitely not something a mortal could resist. However, such a person had been looked down upon by a fellow who took a taxi...

Squirrel also said, "Master, you are being threatened. This is the best joke I've heard this year. Is he a clown you found to amuse us?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "I don't know. Forget it. Don't bother about him. The world is so huge. Just because he can't afford to buy a screw, there's no reason not to let him have a screw loose."

Zhu Lin rolled her eyes at Fangzheng and thought, This fellow is really... indecent!

At that moment, a red light flashed and Red Boy arrived.

Red Boy asked, "Master, what is it?"

Red Boy's sudden appearance gave Zhu Lin a fright. However, this lass had always been a brave girl, and she was tough. She immediately regained her composure.

Fangzheng said, "Bring the fireflies inside out. Don't let them die. Send them home."

Red Boy said in surprise, "Master, I don't know where their home is."

"Someone knows. There."

Fangzheng gestured at the security team captain in the distance. The captain of the security team really did not dare provoke Fangzheng, but since Fangzheng hadn't left, he didn't dare let his guard down. From time to time, he would glance at Fangzheng. When he saw Fangzheng pout at him, he immediately had a bad feeling. He subconsciously clenched his legs and thought to himself, "Could this master be desperate from not having women? Is he interested in me? If he comes over to confess, what should I say? Should I submit to violence, or stand my ground?"

Just as he was letting his imagination run wild, his vision blurred. Then, he felt himself being suspended in the air. He exclaimed, "Aiya, I'm flying!"

An unfamiliar voice sounded beside his ear. "That's right. You can even fall. Do you want to give it a try?"

The captain of the security team turned his head and saw Red Boy running behind him. He recognized the disciple beside Fangzheng and felt bitter. Who did he offend? All he wanted was to work in peace!

Before long, Red Boy returned.

Fangzheng asked, "It's done?"

Red Boy said, "That fellow is quite big, but he's very timid. He spilled everything with a threat. I know where it is. Master, can I send them back now?"

"Go ahead. Return once you are done. The monastery needs you to watch over it."

Red Boy shot a resentful glance at Fangzheng before transforming into a red beam that charged into the Hall of Illusions. Soon, he flew up into the sky with countless fireflies and headed south.

"Master, your disciple is so powerful. Of course, you must be even more powerful, right?" Zhu Lin asked, her eyes filled with stars.

Fangzheng scratched his nose and said, "It's alright. I'm quite capable when dealing with him."

Zhu Lin did not understand what Fangzheng meant. She only imagined that Fangzheng was even more powerful. She came over and sneakily said, "Master, do you know how to fly? Can you take me flying? I haven't flown before."

Fangzheng thought about it and shook his head. "No."

Zhu Lin asked perplexed, "Why?"

Fangzheng said, "There's a restriction on flying today."

Zhu Lin said, "Then how can Jingxin fly?"

Fangzheng said in all seriousness, "I'm odd, he's even[1]. I can't say further or I'll leak the secrets of heaven."

"What do you mean?"


A bolt of lightning struck in front of him.

Zhu Lin immediately shut up and dragged Fangzheng away. "These gods... are so scary."

Fangzheng nodded as well...

Squirrel stood on Fangzheng's shoulder and was rendered speechless. He realized that when his master lied, he was absolutely shameless!

Zhu Lin paid for him to stay in a pretty good hotel. Fangzheng threw Squirrel onto the bed and sat by the side to look at the scenery outside.

Not long after, Zhu Lin came. The two of them sat by the bed in boredom as they chatted. Fangzheng was stunned when he took out his cell phone to take a look. He saw a person by the name of "Please Call Me God," requesting him to add him as a friend! From the profile picture, he was a very cool fellow but he couldn't see his face clearly.

Fangzheng felt that it might be someone a friend shared his contact with, so he added him.

However, the other party sent a message: "Very good. You still have the guts to face me. You're considered a man."

Fangzheng was dumbfounded. What did he mean?

Zhu Lin said in surprise, "Master, I didn't expect that you would have a dissolute debt at such a young age... Impressive, impressive, a model of our generation."

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at her and said, "What dissolute debt are you talking about? This Penniless Monk has never been close to women before."

Zhu Lin exclaimed in surprise, "Master, are you still a virgin?"

A dark cloud hung over Fangzheng's head as his face blushed red. This was the first time he was asked such a question by a beautiful girl.

However, Fangzheng immediately thought of something. What's wrong with being a virgin?

A virgin meant that he was pure and innocent!

He should be proud!

The ones who should be ashamed should be those creatures who messed up their lower bodies!

Hence, Fangzheng looked up and said, "This Penniless Monk has been a monk since he was young. How could he touch women?"

Zhu Lin said excitedly, "Hehe, I didn't expect to meet such an old virgin. That's not easy. Come, let's shake hands. It's a pleasure."

Fangzheng was rendered completely speechless. Why did he feel that Zhu Lin had instantly become a little devil when she heard that he was a virgin?

It was like an old pervert meeting a virgin.

Just as Fangzheng was about to say something, another message appeared on WeChat. "Why? You dare add me, but you don't dare speak to me? Are you afraid? Since you know fear, why are you still causing trouble?"

Fangzheng was dumbfounded. What did he do? He hadn't done anything!

Zhu Lin leaned over and Fangzheng immediately pulled her away.

This woman was too kinky. Furthermore, Fangzheng was no match for her even if he had ten of himself. Therefore, it was best to not be tainted by her.

However, Zhu Lin's eyes were sharp. After taking a look, she chuckled and said, "It's definitely a dissolute debt."

Fangzheng couldn't be bothered with her. Instead, he replied with a few question marks before asking, "Patron, who are you?"

The other party replied immediately, "You don't recognize him after our recent meeting? Let me remind you, you can't afford to offend some people!"

"It's that idiot!" Zhu Lin immediately shouted when she saw that.

This time, Fangzheng did not shove her away. Instead, he nodded in agreement as though he was saying: "That's right. It's that idiot!"

[1] In China cities, there are restrictions on driving based on their car plate number to ease congestion