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1226 The Terror of Nature

 As the dry ice fell, the fire was suppressed, but it quickly reignited.

The temperature was so high that even the people could feel the discomfort of the heat while under the blankets. How kind of feeling would it be for those who were directly exposed to the flames?

Many people secretly looked at Fangzheng, only to see him sweating profusely. His face was flushed red from the heat, but he still gritted his teeth and pushed the carts as he ran.

Captain Wu and the others wanted to rush out a few times to help, but when they saw the movement speed of the surrounding scenery, they knew that it was useless even if they went down. They could not keep up with the speed of the carts. So they could only stay on board obediently.

As for the elders, they deeply imprinted Fangzheng's face in their memories. Some of them covered their faces as they cried...

At this moment, Wei Xiaolin exclaimed, "Oh no, the fire is flaring up!"

Wei Shengli saw it as well. The flames behind Fangzheng suddenly shot up as flames soared into the sky! Unlike in movies where the flames would only chase after the main character, the flames directly engulfed Fangzheng!

"Child!" Many of the elderly screamed hysterically.

However, the carts did not slow down. Instead, they became faster!

Following that, they heard a roar. "Charge!"

The carts sped up again!

Captain Wu said in disbelief, "Is he still human?"

Fangzheng was really going all out. He had cultivated in a body tempering technique, and his body had been tempered day and night by the Buddhistic aura, making him long surpass the realm of a mortal. However, it remained exhausting to push nine carts loaded with dozens of people while he ran at top speed.

However, as the flames burned, he saw the water on the blankets instantly evaporate and catch on fire. He knew that if he didn't hurry up, the people inside might not be able to withstand it. Hence, he ran desperately...

In the end, trouble came in pairs. One of the wheels of the cart he was holding onto suddenly flew out!

Fangzheng cursed as he gritted his teeth and exerted more strength. His arms suddenly turned thick, as he used the Great Strength Vajra Palm to forcefully lift up the cart! He prevented the cart from toppling!

Continue running!

At the same time, another team of firefighters rushed over from outside the fire. When they saw the fire reignite and the cart convoy being swallowed by the flames, many of their eyes turned red. However, no one could charge into such a fire... They could only try their best to aim their hoses and spray water in, even though they didn't believe that it would work.

"We're late. Sorry." A firefighter took off his hat and cried...

The others also cried.

At this moment, there was a rumbling sound. Everyone subconsciously looked up and thought to themselves, "No way!"

Following that, a flaming ball rushed out of the fire followed by a trail of flames!

Then, someone shouted, "Throw away the blankets! spray water!"

The flames on the fiery trail were lifted, revealing the people inside. Some of them were on the brink of death while others were on fire.

"Fire extinguisher! Hose them!" a quick-to-react firefighter shouted immediately.

The water from the water hose was too powerful, so they could only spray upwards and let the water fall after the air dissipated the forces.

The other firefighters charged forward with an extinguisher to help extinguish the fire.

As for Fangzheng, he quickly ran over and saved the few elders who were on the verge of asphyxiating. Although his Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi was unable to revive the dead, it could quickly nourish the body, allowing them to live. With his medical skills, the few elders quickly had their breathing restored.

He was busy, but so were the others. People helped save the victims while others extinguished the fire. The scene was in chaos, but there was also the laughter of surviving a disaster.

When Fangzheng saw this, he took the opportunity to take two fireman axes and entered the woods before running off.

There was nothing he could do. What he had just done was already beyond common sense.

The cart had already been burned to such a state. Yet, he ran in the sea of fire for so long without any damage. If anyone were to ask him about it, there was no way to explain it. It would be better to leave as soon as possible.

Fangzheng did not know that although he ran fast, someone kept staring at him. It was Wei Xiaolin.

Wei Xiaolin's had a different way of thinking compared to others. Furthermore, with her lack of technical skills, she was in no position to do anything. Everyone else had people to take care of, but she was free. Her curiosity got the better of her as she looked at the "driver" who had driven the train. She ended up seeing him run away...

Wei Xiaolin wanted to chase after him, but she saw snow fly up high into the sky and he was gone.

She had no choice but to give up...

After Fangzheng left Liu Clan Village, his goal was very clear-to restrain the fire!

Fangzheng did not know how to fight the fire, but he knew one thing. Once the fire had nothing to burn, it would naturally be extinguished! Therefore, Fangzheng used his axe to charge in the direction of the sea of fire.

Along the way, he saw many firefighters working together to chop down the trees. There were also many villagers helping out. However, lumbering sounded simple, but when it came to it, it was definitely not something that could be done in a few strokes. Furthermore, there were too many trees, and the area was extensive. Although they had quite a number of people, they didn't outnumber the trees or outpace the fire.

They could only try their best to distance themselves from the range of the flames and chop the trees to create a safe isolation barrier.

Fangzheng couldn't work with the crowd. All he could do was find a spot where no one was around. He raised his axe and chopped. One chop and he was halfway through the trunk. With another chop, he fell the tree! Then, Fangzheng lifted up the tree and threw it far away before continuing on to the next one...

Even with Fangzheng's odd strength, he didn't appear as strong in this fire-fighting battle.

In front of nature, he appeared so small and helpless.

Fangzheng didn't remember how many times the helicopter had flown over. He couldn't remember how many trees he had hacked and how many times he had run back to replenish his water. All he knew was that this job couldn't be done by human hands! Even he couldn't take it.

Just as Fangzheng was wondering if he should rest, he saw a few elders dragging a tree that wasn't too thick a distance away.

The few elders were also villagers nearby. Fangzheng had some impression of them. If he didn't remember wrongly, the elders had been helping since he arrived. Fangzheng was already so tired, but the elders continued to persist. Although their legs were trembling, none of them spoke about resting...

Upon seeing this scene, Fangzheng gritted his teeth and continued!

This wasn't because Fangzheng's stamina was inferior to the elders'. As the saying goes, the greater one's strength, the greater the amount of effort one puts in. Fangzheng had been using all his strength. He ran back and forth over several places. He pushed the cart train, and chopped down trees. Anyone else would not be able to take it...

The fire burned the entire night, and the sky turned red. However, after daybreak, the fire did not show signs of abating. Instead, as the winds changed direction, the fire became even more intense!

The crowd hurriedly set up a first firebreak, but they were unable to stop the fire. Helpless, they could only continue to retreat and expand the second firebreak, hoping to block the fire.

However, the fire spanned a wide area. Although there were many people, their numbers were few when placed in the backdrop of a mountain...