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1225 The Train in the Mountains

 Therefore, even if they wanted to rescue the victims, they could only grit their teeth and pull up the helicopter into the distance and leave quickly. They would get more dry ice or water before coming over again...

"The rescue team is here. Everyone follow me!" Fangzheng knew that it was an opportunity, so he shouted.

When the people who were originally in despair saw this, they all stood up and ran towards the entrance of the col.

When Fangzheng saw the lumbering crowd, he ran over and pushed a large horse-cart out. He shouted, "Put all the disabled elderly and children on it."

Liu Clan Village wasn't big with only about 50 families. In fact, excluding the people who had left, there were only 20 to 30 elderly remaining, and there were only 3 to 5 people who couldn't move. In addition, there were some children. A horse-cart fit them perfectly.

"I'll help you!" Wei Xiaolin was the first to run over and help push the cart.

Wei Shengli also said, "Me too."

Fangzheng smiled. "Alright, together!"

In fact, there was no need for Wei Shengli. If not for them, Fangzheng would have been able to push the cart like it was a car. However, Fangzheng knew very well that if he were to run off without the rest, the elderly would lose their pillar of support and would probably not be able to reach the entrance of the col.

The flames around them grew in intensity, and the air became thinner. These elderly people lacked the necessary vitality. They needed hope; they needed someone to guide them!

Therefore, Fangzheng pushed the cart ahead but did not run too far.

From afar, Fangzheng also saw figures walking against the fire. When he saw them, Fangzheng nearly cried.

Fangzheng always knew how dangerous it was to be a firefighter. He knew they were a group of respectable people. However, Fangzheng had never looked at them as though he were looking at gods! They were indeed gods, a group of guardians! No matter how dangerous or impossible it was, as long as someone needed them, they would definitely appear.

"This is a true divine power... The brave are fearless, and their love is boundless." Fangzheng was filled with emotions.

However, by the time the firefighter rushed over, the fire began to flare up once again with the help of the strong winds. The areas that had been extinguished by the dry ice began to ignite again. The fiery vortex was once again formed, and people were trapped again.

"Captain, there's no way out. What should we do?" someone asked.

"Give the fire-resistant clothes to the villagers and find something that's fire-proof in the houses to stall for time. Once the helicopter is done replenishing the dry ice, they will come back to help us open up a path. We need to stall for time," said the captain.

Everyone quickly took off their clothes.

When the elders saw this, they pulled at the young lads and shouted, "There's no need. There's no need! Children, wear them. Your chances of survival are greater. We are already so old. We don't have long to live."

"That's right, young man. You're the same age as my grandson. You have to live well," an elder shouted, his heart aching.

"Child, don't give it to me. If you give it to me, I'll rush and die in the sea of fire!" shouted an old lady.

"Grandpa, Grandma, listen to us. We are firefighters. Our mission is to bring you out safely," said the captain.

One of the elderly men shouted angrily, "Nonsense! You are firefighters and our children! How can we let children take the risk?"

An old woman said, "That's right. My grandson is about the same age as all of you. If he were to treat others like this outside, I would be touched. But if god forbid anything should happen to him, how will his parents live? We're old, so it's fine even if we're gone. You're still young. You have to live for yourself and your family."

"Grandpa, Grandma, it's different. We've been trained and know how to protect ourselves in a fire. Besides, we run fast. As long as we cooperate well, we'll be fine," the captain persuaded.

The other firefighters also began to speak up. Some showed off their muscles while others said that they ran fast. In the end, they used a series of means to convince the elderly to put on their firefighting clothes.

Upon seeing this scene, Wei Xiaolin whispered, "I never expected to cry from seeing others lie..."

Wei Shengli said, "Eh? Where's Captain Cheng?"

Wei Xiaolin said, "Just now, I saw him take off his clothes and stuff them over, then he disappeared."

Just as Wei Shengli was feeling puzzled, he saw Fangzheng run over from afar. This time, he brought a few carts and had connected them together like a tiny train.

Wei Shengli said, "Captain Cheng, are you making a train?"

Captain Wu also looked over curiously.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "The elderly are old, and the children can't run fast. Everyone has seen what happened just now. Although the helicopter can temporarily suppress the fire, the fire will be reignited in the blink of an eye. We have to make haste and rush out as quickly as possible or it will be dangerous..."

With that said, Fangzheng took a look. Due to the burning of oxygen, the dust in the sky, carbon dioxide, and other elements, the elderly began to weaken. He reeled in anxiety for them.

This time, Fangzheng truly regretted not bringing Red Boy out. He regretted activating Red Boy's and Salted Fish's powers when he left One Finger Monastery because he was afraid that One Finger Monastery would end up in trouble. Otherwise, if it were in the past, they would know that Fangzheng was calling out to them the moment he activated their divine powers.

As for now...

Fangzheng also attempted to shut down Red Boy's divine powers and activate it again. Unfortunately, despite doing so repeatedly, he didn't see Red Boy and Salted Fish coming. Clearly, this stupid disciple of his didn't figure out what he was getting at.

Meanwhile, on Mt. One Finger.

Red Boy yawned and mumbled, "Has Master lost his mind? It's like he has nothing better to do. He keeps activating and sealing my divine powers... Forget it. I'll just sleep in peace. This great weather... yawn!"

On Fangzheng's side, Captain Wu frowned when he heard Fangzheng's words. "But with so many carts connected together, it will already be very heavy. With so many people on it, I'm afraid we won't be able to push it without any vehicles around."

"Don't worry. I'll push."

In order for everyone to be confident, Fangzheng pushed the train of carts and really moved.

The firefighters' eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Was he still human?

Fangzheng had no choice but to do so. He wanted to act more ordinary, but right now, he could not be ordinary!

Just as everyone was waiting anxiously, the helicopter team arrived.

Fangzheng hurriedly said, "Everyone, get on!"

Time was tight. No one had the time to figure out why Fangzheng was so strong. The firefighters helped the elderly into the carts and poured water on the blankets. They then covered it with a layer of soil, then covered it with a blanket and splashed water. Thick wet blankets covered them like layers of fire protection.

When Fangzheng got them to jump into the cart as well, everyone was stunned.

Fangzheng said, "Come on up if you want to live! Time waits for no one! The fire is getting bigger!"

"You..." Captain Wu wanted to ask something.

They saw that Fangzheng had already started pushing the carts forward. They hurriedly followed him and realized that the cart was getting faster and faster. They couldn't even help him push the cart because it was moving faster than them. Therefore, all of them hurriedly jumped onto the cart. Suddenly, they felt like they were traveling at lightning speed. The cart felt like a train!