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1223 Shocking Change

 Fangzheng's heart palpitated. He had met someone he knew. However, it was good that it was someone he knew. Fangzheng hurriedly said, "Do you have a cell phone? Lend it to me. I need to make a phone call."

The firefighters were stunned. Why did the captain want to borrow a cell phone the moment he saw them? Did he forget that they were not allowed to bring cell phones with them while on missions? It was easy for a cell phone to explode due to the high temperatures.

Fangzheng shook his head when he saw the few people in a daze.

Fangzheng ignored them and ran down the mountain.

The firefighters were completely confused by Fangzheng, but they still followed him down.

At the foot of the mountain, Fangzheng finally saw a large group of people. Many firefighters stopped at the foot of the mountain, and countless firefighters jumped down from their vehicles before rushing up the mountain. There were police, armed police, villagers, and people using loudspeakers to direct the fire fighting. There were people giving out equipment to fight the fire.

In fact, the equipment was limited. It was just a set of shiny clothes and a hat. The only other thing was an axe.

Those people didn't mind either. They took the equipment and left. It was as if they weren't facing a fire field but a treasure trove.

There were also children who were crying behind them, refusing to let their parents leave, but their parents still left...

The scene was a little chaotic; it made one's heart ache.

Fangzheng took a deep breath and went down the mountain. He found someone who looked like a commander and asked, "Do you have a cell phone? Can I use it?"

"The signal tower has been burnt down. There's no signal here. What's the use of getting a phone?" shouted the person.

At this moment, someone ran over and shouted, "Commander Lin, bad news! We've received news that Liu Clan Village is on Horseshow Col. According to the current situation, if we can't control the fire, the fire will spread in that direction. Right now, the people from Liu Clan Village have gone to the other side of the road to help put out the fire, leaving the village with only the elderly and children. If no one goes to inform them and help them evacuate, I'm afraid something might happen!"

Commander Lin panicked. "What? There are still people on the col? Once the mountain fire reaches the col, the mountain winds will swirl into a spiral, and cause a fiery tornado! This won't do. Send someone over immediately and inform the Liu Clan Village to evacuate!"

"That's right. According to our analysis, the wind is blowing backwards. They aren't in danger yet. But once dawn comes, the wind will change direction. That will be bad! Besides, we can't rule out whether the wind will change directions the next moment," said the person.

Commander Lin jumped down and said, "This won't do. Send someone over immediately to inform them to evacuate!"

"Who's going?" The person asked.

Fangzheng immediately said, "I'll go!"

Lin Wisdom said, "Do you know where it is?"

Fangzheng was rendered speechless. He had no idea.

"I know!" At that moment, someone in the crowd shouted. Fangzheng looked over and saw that it was Wei Shengli.

Wei Shengli had been carried back by a bear. This matter had already caused quite a stir among the crowd.

After the bear put down Wei Shengli, it left. However, everyone's eyes looked at him like he was a legend.

"I'm a forest ranger, Wei Shengli. I'm very familiar with all the nearby mountains. I know where the col is," Wei Shengli said.

"Alright, go with Cheng Hua. Be quick. When the reinforcements arrive, we will handle the situation there," ordered Commander Lin.

Only then did Fangzheng realize that the person he had changed into was called Cheng Hua.

Once he nodded, Wei Shengli pointed in a direction and said, "Captain Cheng, walk over there. There's a small path that can bypass the fire and quickly reach the opposite side."

Fangzheng nodded and was about to run when a female voice sounded. "Dad, I'll go with you."

"What are you doing? Stay here!" Wei Shengli shouted.

Wei Xiaolin said, "No, I'm worried if you go. Even if you don't bring me along, I'll follow you. You can do whatever you want!"

Fangzheng was anxious and didn't have the time to watch the father and daughter argue. Since he was around, there was definitely no danger. At most, he would just put the Protective Lotus Flower on all of them and let them sleep en masse.

Hence, Fangzheng said, "Then let's go together. Make haste."

Seeing this, Wei Shengli had no choice but to agree.

With the three of them on the road, Fangzheng moved as fast as he could. Although Wei Shengli had been crawling through the ravines all year round, he had expended too much energy and was unable to speed up.

As for Wei Xiaolin, although she shouted loudly, her running speed was no different from walking.

At that moment, a breeze blew past. Fangzheng did not react, but Wei Shengli exclaimed, "Oh no, something bad is about to happen!"

Fangzheng asked, "What's going to happen?"

Wei Shengli said, "A breeze, the strong winds have turned into a breeze. It means the wind is turning directions!"

Fangzheng immediately turned anxious when he heard that. He lifted Wei Shengli up and said, "You point, I'll run! You're too slow!"

Wei Shengli said, "West, run west!"

Wei Xiaolin said, "What about me?"

Fangzheng didn't have the time to argue with her as he lifted her as well. Then, he charged out as fast as he could. He ran so fast that Wei Shengli and Wei Xiaolin were dumbfounded.

Wei Shengli could not help but say, "Captain Cheng, no wonder you could bring me out and run out on your own. Your stamina is frightening."

Fangzheng chuckled and did not say anything. He had no idea what to say.

All his attention was on the villagers opposite the mountain. He didn't care about anything. He just wanted to run! Others slowed down as they ran, but he sped up as he ran. As his strength erupted, he leaped across the mountain like a cannonball.

Wei Xiaolin screamed at the beginning, but she got used to it. With one hand on her cheek, she asked, "Are you a locust spirit?"

Wei Shengli rapped her on the head...

At the same time, Liu Clan Village.

The distant mountain fire emitted thick smoke, making the elders in the village feel unease. The dogs in the village were barking, while the chickens were jumping.

The elders cupped their eyes to look at the distant fire. Here, they could see the smoke getting blown far away as the flames leaped up into the sky.

"Grandpa, this fire is really scary. Do you think Dad and the rest can put the fire out?" a little boy asked.

The elder shook his head and said, "I don't know... Man always says that they are powerful, but when facing nature, we are too puny."

With that said, the elderly man brought the child to check on the chickens and ducks at home, in case they couldn't lay eggs due to the fright.

At this moment, some black dust drifted down from the sky. Following that, a half-burned leaf fell to the ground.

The elder looked down. A look of panic flashed in his eyes as he said, "Oh no, the winds have changed direction. Quickly inform everyone in the village. Don't take anything. Leave immediately! Leave this place!"

With that said, the old man had no idea where he got the strength. He picked up his grandson and opened the cages. Then, he ran out. "Run, the fire is coming for us!"

There were others in the village who saw this situation and joined in the shouting. However, although the village wasn't big, there were quite a number of elderly. All the adults had gone into the mountain to help put out the fire. Now, the youngest adult in the village was already in his sixties!