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1222 Master Is Here

 At that moment, Wei Shengli hurriedly supported Wei Xiaolin and ran outwards.

The firefighters came over to help. The firefighters carried Wei Xiaolin and ran quickly, while Wei Shengli followed closely behind.

As the group was running, Wei Shengli suddenly heard a low roar. Wei Shengli turned his head to look, but he saw a huge tree collapse and block a cave. A giant black bear was howling inside.

"Old Black?" Wei Shengli ran over to help, but his shout was drowned by the howling wind and fire.

The firefighters saw that the fire was chasing after them and had run off with another ranger. They didn't pay attention to where Wei Shengli was going. By the time they turned around, Wei Shengli was gone!

"Where's Wei Shengli?" the captain asked.

"He was just behind me a moment ago! In the blink of an eye, he disappeared!" someone said.

"Something must have happened. You guys leave first, I'll go take a look," the captain shouted as he ran back. The other team members wanted to go over but were forced to leave by the captain.

Wei Shengli ran to the entrance of the cave. Old Black was trying his best to push the tree, but the tree was too heavy and he could not move it away.

"Old Black, wait a moment. I'll help you!" Wei Shengli knew that the tree was too heavy. It was impossible for a single person to move it away. As for the cave's exterior, it was frozen soil that was as hard as steel. He wouldn't even be able to budge it.

Wei Shengli looked around for a long time and didn't know what to do.

Old Black yelled anxiously inside.

"Wei Shengli, hurry up and leave! The fire is coming!" The captain found Wei Shengli.

Wei Shengli said, "Old Black is trapped. I have to save him."

The captain saw that there was still a black bear trapped in the cave. Seeing the mountain fire approach, he clenched his teeth and said, "I'll help you. Let's work together to cut a hole in the tree. Then, he can come out."

Wei Sheng's eyes lit up when he heard that. "Alright, let's do it together!"

The two raised their axes and started to chop wildly. Soon, a gap appeared.

The giant black bear squeezed out and gratefully nudged Wei Cheng.

At this moment, a wave of heat inundated them. Wei Shengli looked up and saw that the canopy above his head had already been covered by a sea of fire! The fire was reaching them!

"Run!" Wei Shengli shouted.

He and the captain, as well as the bear fled, but how could they outrun a fire at a time like this? Above them was an inferno, and the burning branches constantly fell to the ground. Under the high temperature, the two of them rapidly dehydrated.

Wei Shengli had given his water bottle to Wei Xiaolin. The captain wanted to give his to Wei Shengli, but the latter refused. In the end, the two of them shared it equally, but it was still not enough.

Gradually, the two of them slowed down. The captain saw Wei Shengli's confused expression and took out a small water bottle that he kept close to his chest. He made Wei Shengli take a big gulp. Then, he placed Wei Shengli on the bear's back. The bear looked at the captain who waved his hand. "Run! Whether he can live or not depends on you! Run!"

The bear seemed to understand as it turned and fled.

Without the human being a burden, the bear's speed of running was much faster than that of humans.

The captain ran along for a while, his legs giving out and he fell to the ground. Looking at the fire above him he thought to himself, "It's over... the fire is about to lose control. Everything's over. I can't accept it, I really don't want to die."

At this moment, footsteps suddenly sounded from the side...

"Who is it?" The captain tried his best to open his eyes, but all he saw was white clothing fluttering in the wind. He couldn't see anything clearly before he fainted.

"Amitabha. What a huge fire."

The person was none other than Fangzheng, who had just come out of the Formless Door. Fangzheng never expected that he would step into an inferno! He had never seen such a scene before! Following that, he saw the captain lying on the ground. Fangzheng checked his nose and frowned slightly. "Dehydrated, heat stroke."

However, Fangzheng didn't have any water on him. Helpless, he could only bend down and carry the captain before running into the distance. At the same time, he constantly used the Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi in his body to stimulate the Captain's acupuncture points to nourish his body. This prevented him from asphyxiating.

As he ran, Fangzheng realized that his clothes had changed. Eventually, it changed into a firefighter's uniform. He subconsciously touched his face and there was a mole on the corner of his mouth! Fangzheng hurriedly lifted the captain up. Indeed, there was a mole on the corner of his mouth.

Fangzheng was so frightened that he quickly checked the captain's breathing. He was still breathing; he wasn't dead.

Only then did Fangzheng heave a sigh of relief. He asked the System, "System, could I also accept a living person's mission?"

The System said, "Could it be that you can only accept a dead person's mission?"

Fangzheng fell silent. It seemed like the System had never said that he could only accept a dead person's mission.

As long as the other party didn't die, everything was fine. Fangzheng's speed was very fast and he quickly rushed out of the fire. At the same time, Fangzheng also used all his strength to circulate his divine power-Divine State.

However, the divine powers that appeared in his mind were completely useless against the situation before him. Seeing that it was the tenth time, Fangzheng thought, "Old Dad One Finger, please bless me and let me draw something useful!"

The next moment, four words flashed in Fangzheng's mind: "Protective Lotus Flower!"

Protective Lotus Flower: One-time divine power. After using it, you can protect one person. Provides invulnerability. Negative effect: If the divine power isn't terminated, one will remain unconscious forever.

Fangzheng wanted to laugh out loud three times when he saw that. With this divine power, wouldn't there be no more casualties if he gave everyone one? But when he saw the negative effect, Fangzheng nearly cursed. Although Fangzheng was powerful, how could he reverse the situation in the face of such a huge mountain fire? Besides, everyone in the world was watching. If he ran over and resolved it with his divine powers, wouldn't that be stealing all the credit of the firefighters who nearly sacrificed their lives to extinguish the fire?

Fangzheng wasn't that kind of person. He couldn't do something that would steal the thunder of others so as to put himself in the limelight.

Furthermore, he was just an ordinary firefighter in appearance. If he were to use a divine power, the world would probably begin doubting life.

Fangzheng had thought of getting Red Boy to come over, but he had frustratedly left in a rush-he had forgotten to bring his cell phone.

Even the Buddha Beads had been left hanging on the head of the bed. There was really not much he could use now.

As the fire continued to spread, Fangzheng's heart sank when he saw sparrow corpses. If the fire could not be put out as soon as possible, the consequences would be dire.

"Forget it. I'll take less credit. I need to quickly think of a way to contact Jingxin and the rest to come over and extinguish the fire as quickly as possible." Fangzheng mumbled inwardly. At the same time, he augmented the Captain with the Protective Lotus Flower divine power. Then, he found a spot where no one was around and hid the captain.

As for Fangzheng himself, he found a direction and ran down the mountain with his axe.

"This matter will be resolved once I borrow a phone and give the monastery a call!" Fangzheng thought.

As Fangzheng ran, he saw a few firefighters rushing towards him. Fangzheng did not know them, but they seemed to know him. The moment they met, they shouted, "Captain, you're back!"