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1215 Branch School

 Li Xueying looked at Chief Feng and said, "Chief Feng, this isn't something we are in charge of. We are only reporting it. That's fine, right?"

Chief Feng nodded and said, "We'll take care of this matter. However, there are still other administrative matters to attend to in the middle. We also need the cooperation of other departments. Later on, you'll have to make a few more trips."

Li Xueying said, "No problem."

When Jiang Zaisheng heard this, his heart turned cold. He was going to jail!

Jiang Zaisheng yelled, "Li Xueying, you can't do this to me. Be careful that I chose an outcome that won't be pretty for any of us!"

Li Xueying shook her head. "Do you still not understand? What I gave you is my kindness. Since you don't want my kindness, accept my anger! Do you think you have what it takes? You will die, not me!"

"I'll fight it out with you!" Jiang Zaisheng suddenly leaped up from the ground and threw a rock at Li Xueying.

Li Xueying didn't even dodge. Glasses suddenly took a step forward and kicked. Bam! Jiang Zaisheng fell to the ground.

Chief Feng frowned and said, "To carry out an assault on the spot. Arrest him!"

Two policemen immediately stepped forward and pressed Jiang Zaisheng to the ground and cuffed him.

Li Xueying continued, "Jiang Zaisheng, committing a crime in front of the police. This is much more severe than tax evasion. Glasses..."

Glasses continued to act like a robot. "According to China's laws, if a tax evader chooses to cooperate and pay up the outstanding taxes and any overdue fines, no criminal responsibility would be pursued. In other words, as long as you worked with the tax bureau, you wouldn't have to be imprisoned. But now, your actions only mean imprisonment."

When Jiang Zaisheng heard that, he spat out a mouthful of blood and shouted, "You... tricked me!"

Jiang Zaisheng fainted.

Upon seeing this scene, a look of pity flashed across Li Xueying's eyes. However, when she saw how Chen Dapeng immediately shrank into the crowd after seeing Jiang Zaisheng's tragic outcome, she knew that she couldn't be weak. If she didn't use the law against these scoundrels, she would no longer have the chance to establish her authority in the future. The villagers would not be frightened by her anymore...

Hence, Li Xueying said, "Who else wants to repudiate the debt?"

Instantly, all the villagers fell silent.

Chen Dapeng wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn't dare to say a word. The others were just following the flow. If there were advantages to be taken, they would take it. But now that there was none, none of them said a word.

At that moment, someone said, "Xueying, well done! Jiang Zaisheng, this bastard, is the scourge of the village! Also, the Chen family, don't let him off. They are all bad sheep!"

The person who said this was an old lady with a head full of white hair. The old lady paused and said, "I told you before, don't take advantage of others. Now that you're in trouble, you deserve it!"

When Li Xueying saw the old lady, a warm smile appeared on her cold face.

Li Haisheng said, "Auntie Sun has never borrowed money from us. She even gave us quite a lot of green vegetables. Xueying, the real villains in the village are only that few. However, they unite together and are able to stir up trouble behind the scenes..."

Li Xueying nodded slightly. "Dad, I understand. Leave this matter to me. Trust me, I will handle it well."

Li Haisheng nodded and led Lu Yongping into the house. Clearly, he didn't care about the matter here. He left it to Li Xueying.

As Li Xueying dealt with Jiang Zaisheng and Chen Dapeng swiftly, the others didn't dare to face Li Xueying. Some of them secretly ran off thanks to their guilt.

However, Li Xueying had no intention of letting them off. She said, "What I gave is yours. I, Li Xueying, will not be taking it back. However, what I lend to you, all of you have to return it within three months. Otherwise, I will return. In addition, does anyone still have any objections to me moving my family?"

No one stood up to protest anymore. As the movers began to move the belongings, the crowd around the entrance also dispersed.

Li Xueying thanked Chief Feng. Chief Feng shook his head with a bitter smile and said, "This place stinks. If you hadn't called me here, I wouldn't have known. Chen San, do as you deem fit. I don't wish for such a thing to happen again."

After Chen San repeatedly promised, the two left.

Only then did Fangzheng slowly walk over. Li Xueying said, "Thank you, Fangzheng."

Fangzheng shook his head. "You don't have to. Are you planning on leaving just like that?"

Li Xueying shook her head and said, "Many things went through my mind just now. It's only natural that I take revenge on evil people. However, there are still people like Auntie Sun in the village. They are nice and have never bullied us before. Their lives are bitter. Furthermore, letting good people lead a good life and letting bad people lead unhappy lives is the greatest punishment for them!"

"Patron, what do you mean?"

Li Xueying said, "I plan on learning from you. It's better to teach a man to fish instead of giving a fish. I plan on setting up a technical school. I'll admit those who treated me and my family well. At the very least, those who have never bullied them will be admitted into the school. There's no need for them to pay any school fees. There will purely be teaching."

Fangzheng said in surprise, "Technology school? What will it teach?"

Li Xueying pursed her lips and said with a smile, "Teach carving. Don't you have a school at your place? Can we open a branch school here? I'll pay the fee for joining you."

Fangzheng was immediately amused when he heard that. He said with a smile, "Welcome on joining me. However, you need to get some students there to learn from it. Otherwise, you won't even have a teacher."

Li Xueying said, "We don't have Frost Bamboo here. Can we sell things made from other materials for money?"

Fangzheng said, "We don't only carve bamboo. Our wood carvings are equally exquisite. If you help them as a platform and still can't sell them, This Penniless Monk will have nothing to say."

Li Xueying immediately laughed. "We don't have much other than lots of old roots. I want to try out root carving. However, I need to get someone in the know to design it for me. If I'm doing it, I want the best..."

Fangzheng smiled. "Alright. When your school is established, This Penniless Monk will give you a huge gift to celebrate the establishment of the school."

Li Xueying's eyes lit up. "What gift?"

Fangzheng said, "The Buddha Says: Not to be said."

Li Xueying curled her lips and said, "Who cares? Let's go. I'll bring you around the village to see the place I grew up in."

With that said, Li Xueying brought Fangzheng out for a stroll.

The moving process was very fast. In fact, Li Haisheng and his wife didn't have many things. Even if they had any, they were all old furniture. These things weren't worth much, but they recorded their family's past. Therefore, the family couldn't bear to throw them away and took them all away.

Seeing how unwilling Lu Yongping was to leave, with her touching almost everything, Li Xueying bit her lips gently and called out Glasses. She whispered, "Get me the best moving company. I want to take everything away!"

Glasses said, "Sis Xueying, most of the things have been moved."