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1215 I Am Very Angry

 However, after looking at it for a while, Fangzheng's face turned red. He was able to probe everything that could be probed, making him see certain things he shouldn't see. Furthermore, they clearly reflected in his mind. Although he didn't know if the divine power was being defective or if the divine power naturally protected a person's privacy, there were some images that had been blurred, but it was probably not a problem making out what it was.

As the saying goes, one was more curious about what can't be obtained. Although he wasn't very sure about what he saw, with it a blur, it made Fangzheng easier to imagine things. Fangzheng only found it freaking exciting!

Just as Fangzheng was about to collapse, red messages appeared. However, they were just petty crimes. It wasn't enough to distract Fangzheng when it came to the important matter at hand.

At the same time, Fangzheng realized that there were many pitch-black things under his feet. On careful look, they were packages. Without needing time to think, he knew they were the bombs! With something for comparison, Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief. As long as he had time, he would definitely be able to find the other bomb.

Fangzheng replied on WeChat: "I can stay, but you have to let others leave the building I'm in."

Wu Zhennan said: "Sure, but I want you to wait in the lobby. Otherwise, there will be two fireworks going off at the same time. I'm watching you!"

Fangzheng knew that the explosives were right below the lobby. Wu Zhennan had got him to go there because he was afraid that the blast wasn't powerful enough to kill him!

However, Fangzheng did not mind as he led Red Boy down.

The moment Wu Zhennan said that, the Black Mountain City's police were immediately mobilized to evacuate people from the hotel. At the same time, they began investigating the surrounding buildings that allowed for a vantage point. Since the other party was watching Fangzheng, he had to be nearby.

However, there were too many nearby buildings. It was not a simple task to search all of them, but it was better than nothing.

At the same time, the cyber police constantly tracked the other party's address. Unfortunately, the other party had experts behind him. Both parties engaged in a war over the Internet, so the cyber police failed to figure out the other party's location. This only served to convince the mayor of Black Mountain City that this matter wasn't simple. Unfortunately, he didn't know a thing about computers. Apart from getting more network experts to do the tracking, he could only wait quietly.

Soon, everyone in the building was evacuated. Zhu Lin wanted to stay but was persuaded by Fangzheng to leave.

Only Fangzheng, Red Boy, and Squirrel were left in the entire hotel. With the White Lunar Monk Robe protecting him, he naturally wasn't afraid of the explosion.

Red Boy had no idea what death was.

As for Squirrel, he just needed to be stuffed under his sleeves.

Red Boy whispered to the side, "Master, why did you get so much white cloth?"

"It's useful. Don't disturb me from finding the person."


Time ticked by. Ten minutes later.

Wu Zhennan said: "Everyone has dispersed. The game is over. Goodbye, Fangzheng! Remember, the person who killed you is the Red Fiend White Shirt!"

When Fangzheng saw this sentence, he suddenly recalled the organization! Back in Vietnam, they had attempted to trap a bunch of Vietnamese brass in exchange for their organization's funder, but they were destroyed by Fangzheng. Red Shirt was also thrown into jail...

Previously, there was a desperado who had been sent by White Shirt man to blow up One Finger Monastery...

There were many things that had happened recently. Fangzheng had nearly forgotten all about them as a result.

He never expected these people to appear again!

Fangzheng narrowed his eyes and thought to himself, "From the looks of it, I have to make a trip to the Golden Triangle after this matter... Amitabha."

Almost at the same time, there was a loud boom. The windows of the building exploded, and glass scattered all over the floor. Dust and smoke rose, and the alarms in the building rang...

"Will Abbot Fangzheng be alright?" Zhu Lin asked nervously.

"I don't think so..." a policeman stammered. No one could guarantee that the person inside would be fine with such a huge explosion.

"Look, what is that?" someone exclaimed.

Zhu Lin hurriedly ran over and picked it up to see that it was a burning piece of white cloth that had been blown apart.

When Zhu Lin saw this, she burst into tears. "Master... Master, why did you die? If I had known, I wouldn't have brought you to see the fireflies. Boohoo... Didn't you say that you were invulnerable? Didn't you say that you would be fine? Boohoo, you are a liar! A monk doesn't lie. Why are you a liar? Wahhh..."

In the end, Zhu Lin burst into tears.

The other policemen also picked up the white pieces of cloth and looked at each other. Then they sighed and took off their hats to silently mourn.

"Has Abbot Fangzheng died?"

Many people were asking, but no one said anything. They just silently mourned.

After the police's recount, everyone understood that Fangzheng had stayed behind to protect the safety of the people in the building. He had been blasted to death. At the thought of this, everyone could not help but sigh and press their palms together.

When the passersby heard the story, they stopped in their tracks. Their WeChat Moments also began reposting Abbot Fangzheng's death. Instantly, more and more people rushed over...

The five-kilometer long street was filled with people, but it was silent. The silence caused the entire city to fall into a sorrowful state.

However, there was another scene in the ruins of the building.

"Pui! There's so much dust!" Squirrel spat out the dust in his mouth.

Red Boy said, "I told you to shut up, but you didn't. You deserve it."

Squirrel said unhappily, "I was curious... You don't know how spectacular that scene was! That rock... That..."

"I was tricked!" Fangzheng suddenly shouted angrily.

At that moment, he really wanted to curse. His divine powers had expired, and he had scanned the entire Black Mountain City. Apart from the hotel he was in, there was no bomb anywhere else!

In other words, he was fooled by White Shirt!

The mayor of Black Mountain City had guessed correctly!

Although he had been fooled, he would still choose to stay if Fangzheng was given another chance to make the choice. After all, he could not joke about such matters. What if the other party was sick enough to truly destroy two buildings? Fangzheng could not afford to take the bet!

"What's wrong, Master? Why do you say you were tricked?" asked Red Boy.

Fangzheng said in a huff, "They didn't install a bomb elsewhere. We were tricked."

Red Boy said angrily, "How dare he lie to us? Master, find their location. I'll teach them a lesson!"

Fangzheng shook his head. "They aren't in Black Mountain City. At the very least, when I searched Black Mountain City, I didn't see them. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to hide from the Buddhistic Glow Illumination. These people are far more careful than we thought."

Red Boy said, "Master, what do we do now? We'll go out now and reveal the truth?"

Fangzheng took out his cell phone and said, "I'm very angry. The consequences are severe. I will make them pay the price!"