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1214 Queens Fury 2

 A man beside Li Xueying walked forward with a notebook in hand. "Jiang Zaisheng, owes Ms. Li 263,786 yuan. Jiang Zaisheng has two properties in the city and bought a domestic for his son. The family has 158,000 yuan in savings..."

Li Xueying said, "Two houses, one car, and savings. You can easily return the money you owe me by selling a house, and you can still live comfortably. Yet, you claim I'm killing you? Then, what's your take when you snatch the last bit of meal allowance from my father? They eat pickled vegetables every day while you eat like a king every day. What were you thinking back then? Jiang Zaisheng, don't think I'm unaware. All these years, people have squeezed my parents by borrowing money, and you are the one who takes most of it!

"Let me tell you, you have to pay back for what you've done!

"Since you made my parents experience despair, I will let you have a taste of your own medicine!

"Do you think I, Li Xueying, am a pushover? From now on, you will understand that I'm someone you can't afford to offend! Don't make me angry. Otherwise, you won't be able to take it!"

Jiang Zaisheng looked at Li Xueying's dominating gaze and felt his heart turn cold. He had a feeling of impending doom.

By Li Xueying's side, the man continued, "Jiang Zaisheng's son is working in a car sales company under the Mengda Corporation. He earns 13,000 yuan per month. He's currently dating and hasn't gotten married yet. However, he's already engaged. The betrothal gift is priced at 30,000 yuan."

Li Xueying immediately picked up the phone and dialed a number. "CEO Meng, I'm Xueying. Heh heh, one never visits unless they need something. I have something to tell you... Your company should have someone by the name of Jiang Yun, am I right?"

At this point, Li Xueying turned on speaker mode.

"I'm not sure. I'll ask around later. What's the matter? Xueying, is this your friend? If so, I'll give him a chance at being a department manager," said CEO Meng.

Jiang Sheng's heart trembled when he heard this. A department manager! That was a big company! He had heard from his son that their company was very capable. Even a mere supervisor enjoyed great benefits, much less a department manager!

However, Jiang Zaisheng didn't say anything. He doubted that all of this was real!

Regardless of how powerful the rumors said Li Xueying was, these people who had watched her grow up viewed her as the old Li Xueying. They didn't believe that she had many capabilities. As for Li Xueying's achievements, they had also nefariously understood it as under-the-table transactions.

Jiang Zaisheng didn't say a word, but Li Xueying said, "He's not my friend. His family bullied my parents. They even refuse to repay the money they owe us."

CEO Meng's voice immediately became filled with indignation. "What? Did that happen? If his character is so terrible, what use do I have for him? I'm firing him! As for his salary this month, I'll help you deduct it. I'll transfer it to you directly whenever it's convenient for you."

Li Xueying shook her head and said, "CEO Meng, I don't want the money. Buy something nice for Little Mengmeng."

CEO Meng laughed out loud. "Don't. Give it yourself. If you don't want it, I'll donate it anonymously. I'll just rack it off as a good deed."

Li Xueying smiled. "Alright, then donate it."

Following that, the two hung up. Li Xueying smiled at the ashen Jiang Zaisheng and said, "How do you feel?"

Jiang Sheng's lips quivered as he said, "You... you lied to me. You can't possibly know such a big boss."

Li Xueying said, "Let's wait a few minutes then."

Three minutes later, Jiang Zaisheng received a call from his son. "Dad, what's going on? The higher-ups suddenly informed me that our family owes money to Li Xueying's family. They even claimed that we refused to pay the debt and bullied the honest. They directly fired me for a character problem! Furthermore, they told me that there will never be a place for me in this industry again... F**k, was it that b*tch, Li Xueying, messing around? Weren't we just spending some of her money? Must she do that? She's so rich. That tiny bit is not gonna hurt her at all."

When Jiang Zaisheng heard this, his face turned pale and he fell to the ground. He was speechless. His pride in his life was his son. Now that his son was finished, he suddenly felt like the sky had collapsed.

Jiang Zaisheng didn't say a word. Li Xueying looked at her phone and said in a clear voice, "I originally thought that it was just the individual, but I never expected the whole family to be trash. Jiang Zaisheng, remember this. You have to return the money within three days. Otherwise, there will be more waiting for you."

Li Xueying snapped her fingers. The man by the side nudged his glasses and said, "Jiang Zaisheng, according to my investigations, you have not paid taxes in the shops you own in town. It's not a good thing to evade taxes."

When Jiang Zaisheng heard this, his eyes turned red as he yelled, "Li Xueying, don't go too far! Let me tell you, don't blame us for not being nice to you! Do you believe that we can gang up and go to a news agency and frame you?"

Li Xueying scoffed. "I, Li Xueying, might have done something wrong in my entire life, but I've never done anything against my conscience! If you have the ability, go ahead and frame me. Let's see if you can do it!"

Jiang Zaisheng yelled, "Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. If all of us say it, who do you think others will believe? You or us? People in the media love to make groundless accusations. You are a big star, so it will be news. If we expose you, there will naturally be someone to stir up the news. Li Xueying, have you thought it through? There's still time for you to step back. If you give in and let my son be a manager, I can spare you! Otherwise, humph..."

Li Xueying narrowed her eyes and asked, "What else?"

Jiang Zaisheng said, "Otherwise, I'll destroy your reputation and your entire family will die a horrible death!"

Li Xueying laughed out loud. "Jiang Zaisheng, you actually dared to say that? Back then, your mother was sick and almost died. Who was the one who paid to treat her illness? It was me! Li Xueying! Back when your son was schooling and you didn't have the money to pay his tuition fees. Who was the one who paid for you? It was me, Li Xueying! Back then, your shop was almost about to close down, who sent you out to learn how to operate an online store? Would you be the person you are today? It was all me, Li Xueying! As the ancients say, helping a man once gains grace and not helping him a second time gains hatred. They were describing ingrates like you!"

When Jiang Zaisheng heard this, he lowered his head in shame. However, he immediately gritted his teeth and looked up. He shouted, "Enough! You put it so nicely. You gave me money and helped me. Wasn't it for us to help put in a good word for you to fool the media? That money was well-deserved!"

Li Xueying laughed out loud. "Jiang Zaisheng, you are a sorry excuse for a man. In that case, I'll let you have a good look at what I'm capable of! Glasses, I'll leave it to you!"

The bespectacled man spoke like a robot. He said, "Jiang Zaisheng has evaded a total of 170,000 yuan in taxes. According to China's laws, taxpayers who carry out tax fraud by filing false returns or choosing not to declare earnings will be sentenced to a maximum of three years in jail or detention as well as a fine if the amount is of a sizable amount or 10% more than the taxable amount. If the evaded tax exceeds more than 30%, they will be sentenced to more than three years in jail, up to a maximum of seven years, as well as a fine."