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1213 Queens Fury 1

 Chen Dapeng was shocked. His trembling made someone behind him laugh.

Jiang Zaisheng chuckled and said, "Dapeng, what's wrong? You pissed your pants because of one sentence?"

Chen Dapeng's face turned red as he pointed at Li Xueying. "Li Xueying, who do you think you are to get me to kneel?"

Li Xueying didn't get angry. Instead, she laughed and said, "Chen Dapeng, you've sure become capable. I might still call your father uncle, but who do you think you are? How dare you shout at my father?"

Chen Dapeng was instantly rendered speechless. According to seniority, he had to call Li Haisheng "uncle." And now, he was indeed unreasonable for making such a big fuss.

Li Xueying said proudly, "Chen Dapeng, since you're here, don't waste my time. You owe me money. How much your family owes me must be repaid within three days. Not one cent more, not one cent less."

Chen Dapeng instantly panicked. What he feared the most was to have his debt hounded.

Jiang Zaisheng said in a low voice, "What are you afraid of? The debtor these days is the boss! What can she do if we don't return it?"

The moment Chen Dapeng heard that, he immediately felt more nerved. He shouted, "I don't have any money, but I do have a life. If you have what it takes, take my life. If you don't have what it takes, I don't have the money to give to you! Go about your merry life and stop disturbing me!"

Li Xueying wasn't angry as she said indifferently, "In the past, I wouldn't hold it against y'all on account of our ties. Yet, you went too far, to actually bully my family at my doorstep. Do you really think that I can't do anything to you?"

Chen Dapeng straightened his neck, "What do you want? Do you have the guts to hire thugs to beat me?"

Li Xueying shook her head and said, "Beat you? I'm afraid of dirtying my hands, but... someone can deal with you. Chief Feng, you have seen it all. I believe you know how debt evaders are handled better than me. I request you help me seek justice!"

Just as she finished his sentence, a person alighted from one of the cars.

The villagers did not know him, but they knew Chen San and the others who were beside Chief Fen! He was the third uncle of Chen Dapeng, and also the head of the local police station.

Chen San had taken good care of the Chen family on usual days. Furthermore, they were all from the same village, so they were very familiar with each other.

Under normal circumstances, as long as one didn't violate any laws, he would intervene with any small conflicts in the village as the peacemaker. By mediating in the quarrel, things would be reconciled.

In the village, there were very few people who were locked up because of fighting or occasional philandering.

Chen San's original intentions were good, but it indirectly led to the villagers downfall.

In the villagers' consciousness, the police station inspector was from their village. He usually closed one eye towards what they did, considering how they ate and drank together.

As for the law? We are the law!

Even though the villagers didn't do anything particularly evil, deep down, the word "law" had gradually faded in importance.

Now that he saw Chen San, Chen Dapeng subconsciously smiled and was about to greet him.

However, Chen San snorted coldly, "Chen Dapeng, it's only right for you to return a debt. Why are you being so shameless? Don't think that just because you're my nephew, I'll give in to you!"

The moment Chen Dapeng heard this, he was instantly dumbfounded. How could his third uncle turn his back on him? He pointed at himself and said, "Third Uncle, it's me, Dapeng!"

Chen San rolled his eyes at him. If there wasn't someone by his side, he really wanted to give him a slap! He was too ignorant!

At this moment, Chief Feng, who was standing beside Chen San, spoke up. "Inspector Chen, when you are doing your job, family shouldn't be a concern."

When Chen San heard that, he hurriedly said, "Chief Feng, you're absolutely right."

Chen San then said to Chen Dapeng, "Chen Dapeng, I'll give you one day. You must immediately raise the money and pay back your loan!"

The moment Chen Dapeng heard this, he was instantly dumbfounded. "Third Uncle, this is friendly fire? Shouldn't you help me?"

Chen San was infuriated. How could this stupid child be so blind? Hence, Chen San said angrily, "It's only right to return a debt. How can you call this friendly fire? Just because I don't care about you usually doesn't mean that we aren't living in a lawful society!"

Chen Dapeng straightened his neck and said, "I don't have any money! Do whatever you want!"

Chen Dapeng refused to believe that anyone would do anything to him!

Jiang Zaisheng added, "Inspector Chen, you should know what the Chen Dapeng's family is like. No one in their family works, nor do they have a place to farm. Where do they get the money to pay her back... If I must say, Li Xueying is from our village. If she has money, she should do something for the villagers. She should just wipe off the debts. Ten thousand yuan is a life for us. To her, it's nothing."

Chen Dapeng added, "That's right. You can take my life instead of me paying it back."

The others who owed Li Xueying money also shouted similar words. Instantly, the atmosphere turned heated.

Li Xueying was not moved. She said to Chief Feng, "Chief Feng, how does the country deal with debt evaders?"

Chief Feng said, "It affects one's social credit score."

Hearing that there was no need for him to be put behind bars, Chen Dapeng laughed. "I just don't have money. As for credit score, who cares? I don't."

Chief Feng said, "Inspector Chen, tell him how he should care."

Chen San sighed and said, "Cheng Dapeng, once a person is designated as a debt evader, all the financial aid that you applied for your child will be canceled. Also, you can forget about taking a loan to buy a house in the city. In addition, your medical insurance will be frozen. If you go to the hospital in the future, you can pay the full sum for yourself. In the future, the grain that you produce will not be accepted by the county. If you have the means, you can find someone to buy it from you. However, businessmen probably wouldn't dare accept grain from people who are blacklisted. They are afraid that you will go back on your word."

Upon hearing these words, Chen Dapeng was dumbfounded. He cried out, "Third Uncle, you're trying to kill me!"

Chen San: "These are the rules. If you don't follow the rules, you will be punished according to the rules. Choose for yourself; either pay back the money you owe or keep refusing to pay the debt."

Chen San continued, "Jiang Zaisheng, you're doing well. You can go out on holidays from time to time. However, once you're on the blacklist, all the high-speed rails and plane tickets will not be sold to you. You can take old trains to go wherever you wish to go, but in another two years, they will be decommissioned. When that happens, you can only ride a bicycle. Don't expect to drive. All the toll stations will not let you pass.

"Also, aren't you going to take a business loan? Forget about it."

Jiang Zaisheng's face turned livid as he shouted, "Why?"

Chen San said, "Just because you are a debt evader!"

Chen San said to the others, "It's the same for all of you. In addition, all the bank accounts of debtors will automatically be frozen. We can't do anything about the money in your pockets, but in the future, you won't be able to get a single cent from the bank until you finish repaying your debt!"

"Li Xueying, you are killing us!" Jiang Zaisheng yelled.

Li Xueying clapped. "Jiang Zaisheng, do those words of yours not prick your conscience?"