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1212 Kneel!

 Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, have you heard of a story called Weave?"

Li Xueying frowned and shook her head.

Fangzheng said, "In the past, there was a woman who loved to weave the most. One day, she decided to weave the longest scarf in the world. Therefore, she left her hometown and brought enough balls of yarn. She found a mountain where no one would disturb her.

"She started to weave a scarf and it grew longer and longer. It soon surpassed her plans. However, she was not willing to give up. She felt that this length was not enough to leave her name in history. It would also be easy for others to surpass her, so she continued to weave...

"Day after day, the scarf at her feet grew longer and longer. She had no choice but to kick the scarf at her feet further to give the newly weaved scarf more space. Gradually, her pursuit gradually became a burden. However, in order to pursue a longer scarf, she continued to work hard... She thought that she was working hard for her life goal. Her future was bright and dazzling, so she continued to persevere.

"Her persistence became an inner demon and her weaved scarf filled the mountaintop. Finally, one day, when she kicked the scarf away, the other end of the scarf was pushed down the cliff and slid down bit by bit, but she did not realize that. She continued weaving.

"One day, she suddenly realized that she didn't have enough thread! However, the length of the scarf hadn't reached her expectations. She wanted a longer scarf!

"Hence, she removed her headscarf and used her long hair to weave the scarf. She wanted to use all her strength, her everything to obtain a longer scarf...

"As she weaved, more and more of the scarf fell off the cliff. With sufficient gravity, the rest of the scarf was pulled down the cliff at an increasing faster pace.

"When she realized the situation, she reached for the scissors, but she hesitated.

"She looked at her hair that couldn't be considered long and felt that it would be fine if she were to weave a little longer.

"She put down the scissors and continued to weave.

"However, she underestimated the speed at which the scarf fell. As the speed grew faster, before she could finish weaving the last part, she was dragged away by the heavy scarf, all the way to the edge of the cliff! She desperately wanted to run back, but the scarf was too heavy. She was powerless to struggle.

"Seeing that the pair of scissors that she could have easily reached out for growing further and further away, she lost all hope and fell to the bottom of the cliff."

With that said, Fangzheng stopped.

After Li Xueying heard the story, her eyes lit up as she said, "That falling scarf is desire. If the weaving continues, desire will fall with greater speed and strength. Sooner or later, it will drag one down the cliff. To escape it, we need to use great willpower to cut it in time with the scissors! Right?"

Fangzheng said, "This scarf might be a scarf to you, but isn't it the same for the villagers? Think about the villagers when you were young and the villagers now. Patron, you naturally know what to do."

Li Xueying's eyes immediately lit up as she said with a smile, "I know what to do. To be honest, I never understood why you made me return with a fierce demeanor. Now... I understand. Since the Little Eagle has spread her wings, it's her turn to protect her parents. What I need to do is to show them my strength, to show my strength to everyone! I'll use my scissors and cut off everyone's scarf of greed!"

Li Xueying left. There was no longer any hatred or grievance in her eyes. There was only a resolute determination! It was a strength that belonged to her!

Fangzheng did not stop her this time.

Fangzheng had always known that Li Xueying was a stubborn and arrogant person. She was smart and she was even kinder. It was precisely because of her kindness that she spoiled the villagers and everyone, resulting in the present situation.

What Fangzheng did was to wake her up and tell her what true kindness meant. Sometimes, kindness required pain... Only after the pain would one realize what it meant to be comfortable.

Li Xueying did not argue with Li Haisheng and his wife. Instead, she made a few phone calls. Before long, a few vehicles drove into the village and a group of people alighted from the car. They began packing Li Xueying's belongings into a truck!

This shocked everyone!

The villagers quickly gathered as word spread.

However, the first person to be alarmed was Li Xueying's parents. Li Haisheng went forward and said, "Xueying, what are you doing?"

Li Xueying turned around and knelt in front of Li Haisheng before kowtowing.

Li Haisheng was taken aback. The people who came over to watch the commotion were also dumbfounded. The movers were also dumbfounded. What was wrong with their boss?

Li Xueying slowly looked up and said, "Dad, I've made you suffer all these years. In the past, it was me who was incompetent and unfilial!

"Now that your daughter has the ability to protect herself, let her protect you from now on. You and Mom should get some rest..."

Upon hearing this, Li Haisheng, who had prepared a tirade, instantly choked up, tears filling his eyes.

In Li Xueying's memories, Li Haisheng had never cried. He was a strong man who could almost carry mountains. For this family, he had once not slept for days. In order to buy a toy doll for Li Xueying, he walked for more than forty kilometers on foot and went to the city's mass wholesale market through a snowstorm...

Yet, such a man was crying today!

She knew that she had done the right thing! Her father had been waiting for her to grow up, waiting for her to truly grow up and soar!

In the past, Li Xueying was indeed successful in her career, but in certain aspects, she was still weak...

This weakness was nothing to others.

However, in the eyes of a parent, their child needed their protection. They would give up their last ounce of strength and drop of blood to protect her. Even if their efforts were mostly useless, but... this was love!

Lu Yongping also cried. She wrapped her arms around Li Haisheng's shoulder and cried, "Old man, the lass has grown up..."

Li Haisheng said, "It's not a lass, it's an eagle! The eaglet is flying!"

At that moment, a voice broke the beautiful scenery. "Li Haisheng, were you talking nonsense? Didn't you say that you aren't moving? What are you doing now? Are you fleeing?"

A man appeared out of the crowd. It was Grandpa Chen's son, Chen Dapeng.

Li Haisheng frowned when he heard that.

Li Xueying smiled at Li Haisheng. "Dad, I'm here. Leave it to me."

Li Haisheng nodded slightly and said, "Alright."

Then, Li Haisheng, who had always played the nice guy, fell silent.

The weak Li Haisheng, who often cowered his neck and did not meet the eyes of others, straightened his back and looked at everyone in the eye.

It was as if he was saying: "A father is honored by his child!"

Chen Dapeng snorted, "Why aren't you saying anything? Everyone heard what you said yesterday. Or is it that your Li family likes to go back on their words?"

"Chen Dapeng, kneel down and apologize!" Li Xueying slowly stood up. The moment she turned around, although there were still traces of tears on her face, her face was ice-cold. Everyone could not help but shiver!