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1211 You Are Wrong

 Fangzheng said, "Take a deep breath. Be quiet for a moment."

Li Xueying felt helpless as she took two deep breaths. Her anger also subsided.

Only then did Fangzheng ask, "Alright. Tell me, what do you plan on saying when you enter?"

Li Xueying said, "My dad shouldn't have agreed to the unreasonable requests of those people. We should immediately move out! We will never return here again! They have left me disappointed!"

Fangzheng smiled and asked, "Can you convince them?"

Li Xueying was taken aback. After a moment of silence, she shook her head and said, "I can't. We have been discussing this matter for three years, but there has never been any outcome."

Fangzheng said, "Why are they unwilling to leave? Have you really thought about it carefully?"

Li Xueying frowned and said, "I've thought about it..."

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "But you've been wrong? If they don't leave, it's not that they aren't accustomed to the environment outside. It's also not that they can't leave this place. When everyone here has changed, this place is no longer the hometown you are familiar with. When people don't have human emotions and conscience, this place is far inferior to an unfamiliar environment.

"Yet, they chose to stay and hand out the allowance you give them. They eat pickled vegetables every day, suffer injustice while still refusing to leave. What is the reason for this?"

Li Xueying opened her mouth. She wanted to say something but realized that she did not know what to say.

Fangzheng continued, "The main reason is that you have been away from home for too long. There's too little communication between your family."

Li Xueying lowered her head and said, "That's right. I only return once or twice a year. I can only stay for one or two days each time. This time, I declined many jobs before coming back. However, I can't stay for long either. At this point in time, whether I'm working or not doesn't only affect my personal life. It also involves many people whose livelihood depends on me. Not only do I have to be responsible for myself, I also have to be responsible for them..."

Fangzheng nodded. "This is something This Penniless Monk can understand. In fact, not to mention a famous celebrity like you, even an ordinary person or worker wouldn't be able to return as they wish. Some people say that this world is shrinking; Earth has become an Earth village. However, in This Penniless Monk's eyes, the world is growing. Furthermore, it's getting bigger and bigger. Humans are only a few hours away from each other by high-speed rail, but in fact, they are separated by a year or even a lifetime.

"After leaving their hometown, in order to survive, whether or not they can return is no longer their choice."

When Li Xueying heard that, she nodded and said in agreement, "That's right. I have no choice. However, this is also for the sake of life. It's to allow me to live a better life with my family. In fact, I can't figure out why my parents are so insistent on staying behind. Isn't it good to follow me? Staying in a big villa and having a chauffeur when heading out. The world will be their oyster... I'm willing to bear the burden for them and am also willing to give things up for them."

Fangzheng shook his head and pointed at a large tree in the distance. "Patron, look at that tree."

Li Xueying looked over and said, "That's an old tree. It's very old. It's the largest ancient tree in the village. The huge tree crown is the favorite place for the old folks every summer. When I was young, I loved sitting under it and watching the old people play Chinese chess."

Fangzheng nodded. "That's right. Its crown is so huge and dazzling. Do you know what the crown is used for?"

Li Xueying said matter-of-factly, "From a scientific point of view, green leaves can be used for photosynthesis to provide energy for the tree. It can also dissipate excess water... This is one of the key elements that the tree has to live. Fangzheng, why are you asking?"

Fangzheng said with a smile, "You only see the beautiful tree crown, its effect of providing shade, and the photosynthesis in the leaves that provide energy. But have you noticed the roots hidden underground?"

Li Xueying was taken aback...

Fangzheng said, "Since time immemorial, a person's success isn't the result of a single person. Every successful person has a group of people or a single person behind them, playing the role of the silent provider. They are the roots who never reveal themselves."

Li Xueying frowned and whispered, "But, I..."

Fangzheng said, "Do you think that your parents did not help you on the path of success?"

Li Xueying nodded silently. "What has this got to do with them not following me?"

Fangzheng said, "Do you know why your father was clearly very angry, but after entering the convenience store, he acted as though he didn't know anything. He sat there for so long until everyone was gone?"

Li Xueying said, "He doesn't want them to badmouth me?"

Fangzheng shook his head. "No one can stop nefarious from gossiping behind people's backs."

Li Xueying asked, "Then?"

Fangzheng said, "He's protecting you! The moment he entered was when Grandpa's son was instigating the others to contact the media and badmouth you. With him entering, the instigation came to a halt. He stayed there until they left. The instigation this time thus didn't succeed."

"A clear conscience wasn't afraid of false accusations. I, Li Xueying, believe that I'm not afraid of anyone trying to harm me." When Li Xueying said that, she raised her head and neck and said proudly, "Besides, I, Li Xueying, have been in the industry for so many years. It's not something a few villagers can topple that easily!"

Fangzheng chuckled before he said seriously, "You know this. You strongly believe in it. However, your parents don't know that. The only thing they can do is to do whatever they can. Even if they are scolded by thousands of people, schemed against by others, and bullied, they would help you hold back the trouble in the village. They definitely wouldn't allow these people to cause trouble for you! This is the persistence of them as parents. This is their form of protection!"

Upon saying this, Fangzheng's expression turned even more solemn and respectful. "To be honest, This Penniless Monk is very envious of you having such parents. Perhaps in your eyes, their persistence and hard work seem useless. But do you know that what you find meaningless is them putting their all, even their lives?

"The only people in the world who can endure the scoldings and abuse of the people around them for so many years can only be parents."

With that said, Fangzheng slowly got up and pressed his palms together. He looked up into the sky and said, "Patron, you were wrong from the beginning. It's not that they can't bear to leave this place, but they can't bear to let it go... If they stay here, they can do something for you. What can they do for you once they leave? Besides, they are completely worried that these villagers would do something against you."

When Li Xueying heard that, she stopped talking as tears streamed down her face... Finally, she hugged her knees and cried. "Then... What should I do? Do I have to let them be bullied here forever? I don't want such protection!"