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1206 Understand?

 Hence, Fangzheng said, "Patron, it's good that you think so."

However, Li Xueying said with a bitter smile, "But the trouble is precisely this."

Fangzheng said, "Oh? There's still trouble in doing good deeds?"

Li Xueying said, "Yes, I come from a farming family. In fact, I've always liked that village. If it was possible, I really didn't wish to move out. It's quite good to occasionally return there to spend a few days. However, everyone in the village knows that I'm a superstar and that I'm rich. In the beginning, it was still alright. Only when I returned did the villagers and relatives visit. They would borrow money for their children's schooling, housing construction funds, children's marriage, and medical bills for the sickly elderly.

"At that time, I thought that since they were my fellow villagers and relatives, I should lend a hand if it's possible.

"But since then, more and more people have come to me to borrow money. Basically, every time I visit my parents, I wouldn't have time to talk to them. Most of the time would be spent on dealing with all these other people."

With that said, Li Xueying sighed. She looked helpless and aggrieved.

Li Xueying continued, "Later on, I didn't dare go back or would sneak back in the middle of the night. However, these people became worse. They stood guard at my doorstep daily... Whenever I return, not only would they ask for loans, they will ask me for payment for guarding the compound and my parents!"

Fangzheng frowned when he heard that.

Li Xueying said, "Although they have gone overboard, they have indeed helped my parents quite a lot. Carrying some timber or having a chat... is fine. But isn't it too much to ask me for money? It's not like I hired them."

Fangzheng nodded.

Li Xueying said, "That's not all. As I got busier, I didn't manage to return much. By not seeing me, I imagined that this matter would slowly fade away. I was too naive. I gave my parents ten thousand yuan in allowance every month. I didn't dare give too much. It's not a good thing for them to have too much money when they're the only ones at home. I originally thought they would be living comfortably, but once, I secretly returned without informing them, hoping to give them a surprise. I realized that the two of them were eating pickled vegetables!

"I asked them why they weren't eating something better, but when I opened the refrigerator, there was nothing! Only when I asked them about the money did they tell me that they had lent it out to the other villagers!

"The villagers know when I would send money to my parents. Once I send the money over, they would visit to borrow it from them almost immediately. No, rather than calling it a loan, it's more like robbery!

"My parents are honest people. They are afraid that they will badmouth me because of their failure to lend them money. They didn't want to affect my reputation. Therefore, every time someone comes to borrow money, they will give all the money at the slightest hint of a threat..."

Upon saying that, Li Xueying's eyes turned moist as tears streamed down her face.

Fangzheng felt stifled when he heard that.

Although Fangzheng also lived in the village, One Finger Village wasn't that complicated. Or perhaps, there wasn't a person like Li Xueying in One Finger Village... As for Fangzheng? He was even poorer than the villagers in the beginning. Fangzheng only had money after his status rose. By then, the villagers had already become rich thanks to Fangzheng. So who would come looking for trouble with Fangzheng?

However, Li Xueying's situation was clearly different...

Fangzheng looked at the sobbing Li Xueying but he did not show any sympathy. Instead, he pressed his palms together and asked, "Patron, do you know where you were wrong on this matter?"

Li Xueying originally believed that Fangzheng would speak up for her and chastise the villagers, but Fangzheng had ended up saying that she was at fault! She was immediately taken aback as she did not understand what Fangzheng meant. "Master, Was there a mistake with lending the money I earn to help them?"

Fangzheng shook his head. "It's a kind gesture, but the method is wrong."

Li Xueying was even more confused. "How was it wrong?"

Fangzheng stood up and said, "Patron, come with This Penniless Monk."

With that said, Fangzheng walked down the mountain. Li Xueying followed him in puzzlement.

Upon descending Mt. One Finger, they came to One Finger Village.

The present One Finger Village was a lot bigger than the One Finger Village a year ago. As the young adults who had left the village for work had returned, many of them had built new houses. Therefore, One Finger Village had more permanent residents, making it more lively. With the school's construction, One Finger Village was more like a tiny town instead of a small village.

Looking at the flourishing scene, Li Xueying said enviously, "My hometown is pretty poor. It would be great if it could be this rich too."

"When you came last time, this place wasn't so rich."

Li Xueying nodded. "That's right. How did they do it? Just because they were protecting your precious monastery?"

Fangzheng continued, "The last time you came, This Penniless Monk's monastery didn't have any incense offerings."

Li Xueying frowned slightly. "Fangzheng, you haven't said what fault I committed."

However, Fangzheng did not answer her. Instead, he led Li Xueying around the village and arrived at Lame Ma's doorstep. Fangzheng said, "This is Patron Ma's house. Patron Ma has no children. Back then, he was very poor. When This Penniless Monk chose disciples and imparted them carving techniques, he was selected. Now, he has escaped poverty and become rich. Furthermore, it's said that he's dating someone. Who knows if he will get married one day."

Li Xueying did not understand what Fangzheng was getting at.

Fangzheng continued walking until he reached Mengmeng's doorstep. He said, "This is Mengmeng's home. It's that adorable little fellow's house. Their family wasn't rich in the past. However, after the Frost Bamboo bamboo forest was made a tourist attraction, they started doing rural tourism, and they are having pretty good days. Apparently, they are discussing sending the little fellow to study elsewhere."

Li Xueying didn't say a word as Fangzheng continued walking until he reached Dog Song's doorstep. "Patron Song used to be a well-known hooligan who did nothing in the village. Thanks to a chance opportunity, This Penniless Monk helped him. He became enlightened and began changing his bad habits. He sweeps the village's streets every day and he has become diligent. Dog Song is now a model example of the entire village.

"The other villagers are in similar situations. In the past, they were very poor. However, as One Finger Monastery became more and more popular and the fame of Frost Bamboo grew, their rural tourism became more and more popular. The Frost Bamboo engravings were also a lucrative business. Now, One Finger Village is out of poverty."

Li Xueying still did not quite understand what he meant.

Fangzheng said, "Patron, follow This Penniless Monk up the mountain."

Li Xueying was dumbfounded. She had no idea what Fangzheng meant and followed him.

When they arrived at the monastery, Fangzheng pointed at the pile of coins under the bodhi tree. It was like a tiny mound. "This Penniless Monk is considered rich now, but no villagers have ever borrowed money from This Penniless Monk or asked for money."

Li Xueying subconsciously said, "They are all rich. They don't lack money, so they naturally don't need you to lend them any... Uh..."

Upon saying that, Li Xueying realized that Fangzheng was looking at her with a meaningful look. She was enlightened. "I understand..."