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1205 A Visit from an Old Friend

 As he spoke, Lone Wolf carried out the chase.

Feeling the threat from Lone Wolf behind him, Squirrel ran forward desperately. Suddenly, he heard Fangzheng shout, "Stop!"

Squirrel suddenly stopped and realized that there was a wolf paw above his head.

Lone Wolf chuckled. "Junior Brother, it looks like you still need to train more. Your speed is a little slow."

Squirrel smacked his lips and looked pitifully at Fangzheng. "Master, Senior Brother is bullying me! He's so big. It's not fair for someone my size to compete with him!"

Fangzheng smiled and did not say anything. Instead, he said, "You only took fifteen seconds to run five hundred meters."

Squirrel's face was filled with tears. When he heard that, he was stunned. Then, he said in disbelief, "That fast? How can I be that fast?"

Fangzheng smiled. "It naturally doesn't work when you are running by yourself. If you aren't forced by a crisis, you will never know how fast you can run. Now, do you understand why I want to make public the medical knowledge in the future? If the Chinese medical world is willing to work hard, these things will just become outdated..."

When Squirrel heard that, his eyes lit up as he exclaimed, "Understood!"

Fangzheng nodded in satisfaction.

Squirrel said, "Master, you wish to create pressure on the Chinese so that they can run faster, right?"

Fangzheng nodded.

Squirrel smacked his lips and said, "I always thought that foreigners are all humans. So it turns out they are all wolves like Eldest Senior Brother. When wolves chase after people, people will definitely run very fast..."

Fangzheng suddenly realized that something was amiss. This idiot's thoughts seemed to have gone astray...

Lone Wolf: "..."


County Head Qi's reply was faster than Fangzheng had expected. It wasn't long before Fangzheng received a call from County Head Qi. "The higher-ups are saying that under the premise that we don't damage China's interests, we will work hard to push medicine and the pharmaceutical products to the world to benefit the entire human race. However, the price will be set according to the prices that the west offers similar medicine to China."

Fangzheng suddenly laughed when he heard that. He suddenly realized that the bigwigs above were rather adorable and rather mischievous.

Currently, medical consultation for the Chinese was expensive. A large portion of domestic medicine wasn't good enough. The better foreign medicine and medical equipment were sold at exorbitant prices. In addition to the tariffs, becoming sick instantly became synonymous with becoming "bankrupt."

He had thought that the bigwigs didn't know about that, but from the looks of it, it wasn't that they didn't know about it. Instead, they had kept it in mind all this time, waiting for that very moment. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Of course, Fangzheng also knew that it was impossible for the higher-ups to not think of something he could think of. It was not difficult to think of releasing a wolf to exert pressure...

The heavy snow caused many places to be congested, and this made traveling inconvenient. However, the villagers were all bursting with joy. Heavy snow indicated a bountiful harvest. Heavy snow meant water and the nutrients packed in the snow would be released during spring next year. They would enter the depths of the land with the melting snow...

Fangzheng felt the jubilant atmosphere in One Finger Village and was also in an extremely good mood. He deliberately found a protruding rock by the cliff. He got Red Boy to use his divine powers to reinforce it. He sat on it every day and took in the surroundings while being suspended in midair as he read the scriptures. He had gained quite a bit of insight.

On this day, someone came knocking.

"Abbot Fangzheng, long time no see." A familiar female voice sounded from behind him. Fangzheng smiled without even turning his head. "Patron Li, it has indeed been a while."

It was none other than the international celebrity, Li Xueying.

Li Xueying was wearing a black down jacket with sunglasses and a cute fur hat. She looked less heroic and more mischievous. Seeing Fangzheng not turn his head, she was in no hurry. She squatted down and piled up snow to make a bench which she sat down on.

Only then did Li Xueying say, "Your place is the best. It's like paradise. It's peaceful and quiet."

Fangzheng put down the Buddhist scriptures and turned to look at Li Xueying. "Patron, are you troubled?"

Li Xueying nodded and said, "It would be fine if it were the usual troubling matters. I'm stumped with the matter I've encountered. Fangzheng, can you give me some suggestions? Or maybe you can listen to me pour out my woe?"

Fangzheng got up and came to Li Xueying. He piled up some snow and sat on it. He smiled and said, "The bucket is ready. Patron, begin pouring."

Li Xueying was immediately amused by Fangzheng's actions. She took off her sunglasses and revealed her nearly perfect face. She smiled and said, "Indeed, it's right for me to look for you when I'm unhappy."

Fangzheng pressed his palms together without a word as he waited quietly for Li Xueying to speak.

Li Xueying sighed and said, "You know that working in our line is quite lucrative."

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. "Nice use of 'quite.'"

Li Xueying rolled her eyes at Fangzheng and said, "Don't be mischievous!"

Fangzheng was left speechless.

Li Xueying continued, "I can earn a hundred million in a year."

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. "Nice use of 'quite.'"

Li Xueying glared at him before musing mischievously. "I'm talking about US dollars."

Fangzheng gave a thumbs up and said, "Nice use of 'quite.'"

Li Xueying stomped her feet angrily. "Do you believe that I'll bite you to death!?"

Fangzheng immediately shut up.

Li Xueying continued, "I've earned a lot of money, but it's actually useless. I know that many people would say that I'm faking it when I say it... However, it's indeed my heartfelt words. The money I earn is enough to satisfy my material needs and desires. When people are satisfied with their desires and needs, things actually become very simple. They will follow their conscience and do something they wish to do."

Fangzheng nodded in agreement when he heard that.

Since ancient times, everyone knew that the meat and wine go to waste behind the gates of the rich while frozen bodies lay by the roadside. Unbeknownst to many, this poem was used to praise the rich people who lived during disasters. They opened their warehouses and gave out porridge to help others. Of course, it was not that the rich were good, but that one shouldn't claim that someone was bad just because they were rich.

The money was earned through hard work. Why couldn't she enjoy the fruits of her labor and buy yachts and planes?

It was just like how a poor person would buy a piece of meat to improve their lives after receiving their salary. There was essentially no difference.

Of course, money was always accompanied by sin, so there were many bad people.

However, there was one thing that needed to be said. When they had earned enough money and fulfilled their desire for money, many people would stay atop in confusion. What they desired was not money, but the approval of the people around them. How could they gain approval?

Identity, status? Of course not, it was just a simple thank you.

Therefore, many people who earned money, regardless of how they earned it, would do charity at a certain level.

Some people did to atone for their past crimes. Some did it to accumulate virtue, while others simply wanted to do something.

Hence, since ancient times, many wealthy people were in charity... However, there were not many who could leave a good reputation.

As for the reasons, each of them had their own unique encounters...

Li Xueying was the latter. She purely wanted to do something after becoming rich.