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 Wang Yougui didn't think too much about it. Instead, he smiled and said, "Alright, let's not bother about it. All we need to know is that you're awesome. County Head Qi just called to tell me that he's going to be promoted to be the head of Black River. The head of Black River City is about to retire and he took the initiative to give up his position."

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Congratulations are in order for County Head Qi."

Wang Yougui continued, "Oh we went off-topic again. County Head Qi is also a messenger. He said that the country is preparing to help you get a large amount of compensation! However, this negotiation process might take longer than you can imagine. They ask for your patience."

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "This Penniless Monk is in no hurry. Fine products come from slow work."

Seeing that Fangzheng wasn't in a hurry, Wang Yougui felt relieved. He immediately bade farewell and left to inform County Head Qi.

One Finger Monastery regained its calm again.

Fangzheng also attempted to walk out of the backyard every day to meet the visitors, but he ended up surrounded by people every time he went out. There were even children throwing money at him... This pissed off Salted Fish so much that Fangzheng was stealing his business.

Helpless, Fangzheng could only reduce the number of times he went out. He stayed in the backyard and carved in peace.

As the days passed and the new year approached, the number of tourists increased. Fangzheng looked at the incense offerings received and saw it soar into the sky. He felt satisfied.

However, Heaven seemed to be displeased with One Finger Monastery. It cast a blizzard suddenly. When Fangzheng woke up the next day and went out to take a look, he realized that the monastery's backyard had accumulated snow that reached a person's height!

Fangzheng hurriedly shouted, "Jingfa, are you alright?"

The reason he asked that was because Squirrel was on a tree. Monkey and Red Boy were sleeping in the woodshed while Salted Fish slept in the Heavenly Dragon Pond. Only Lone Wolf was sleeping in the yard, so it was also most influenced by any blizzard.

"Master, are you calling me?" Lone Wolf's voice sounded from not far away. Following that, a white wolf soared into the sky and flipped in the air before falling down! After a bam, it disappeared.

When Fangzheng saw this, he suddenly thought of a game. The game's name was-Lost Dog!

A limp dog could be gone once it was thrown into a snow pile... as if he had lost it.

However, Lone Wolf wasn't a dog. After falling into the snow, he used all his strength to jump up again. After jumping a few times, he came in front of Fangzheng and shook off the snow. "Master, the blizzard was really heavy! It's been so many years since I've seen such snow."

Fangzheng nodded as well. At that moment, he heard Red Boy shout, "Master, return me my divine powers. This tiny amount of snow will be resolved in seconds!"

Then, he heard Salted Fish's excited cry from afar. "I'm here!"

Almost at the same time, Fangzheng saw a straight line shoot up from the flat snow. The line quickly reached him and with a whoosh, a salted fish tore out of the snow!

Lone Wolf jumped in fright as he raised his paw and struck down!


Salted Fish, who had just rushed out of the snow, wanted to shout, but was smashed back into the snow.

Not long after, someone shouted from the snow pile, "Who is it? This is too much!"

Lone Wolf hurriedly said, "Master, I'll clear the snow." With that said, the stupid wolf ran off by way of jumping.

Salted Fish came out and said angrily, "Master, who smacked me?"

"Your eldest senior brother."

"Eldest Senior Brother, wait for me. I have delicious food here!" Salted Fish chased after him.

"What? What's nice?"

"Salted Fish's Shadowless Feet!"



Fangzheng did not care about the two troublemakers. He hurriedly called for Monkey and Red Boy to help as they began clearing the snow.

"Master, won't this be done in a jiffy if you gave me my divine powers?" asked Red Boy.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him. "Clearing the snow is also a form of cultivation. Not only are you not allowed to use divine powers, but you are also not allowed to use brute force. Take your time!"

With that said, Fangzheng moved out a tiny folding stool and sat at the door before spending time on his cell phone.

When Red Boy saw this, a dark cloud reared over him. "Master, what are you doing when we are clearing the snow and cultivating?"

Fangzheng said in all seriousness, "I'm supervising your cultivation. This is very taxing on the brain."

Red Boy shot a glance at Fangzheng. He thought to himself, "It's indeed taxing on the brain. Darn baldy who makes life difficult for his disciples!"

Although he grumbled, Red Boy and Monkey obediently swept the snow.

Red Boy was puzzled as he asked Monkey, "Senior Brother, don't you have any thoughts about Master's orders for clearing the snow?"

Monkey said, "What's there to think about? If I don't clear the snow, I'll have to sweep the leaves. I'm used to it. Master is right. Sweeping the leaves and clearing the snow is a form of cultivation."

Red Boy said in surprise, "Senior Brother, did you figure out some principles behind it? Tell me?"

Monkey said, "When I first started sweeping the leaves, I was impatient, but after sweeping... I discovered a shocking secret!"

Red Boy asked, "What secret?"

Monkey said, "I've gotten used to it after sweeping for so long."

Red Boy: "..."

Although the snow didn't keep falling, it still snowed for half a day. This continued for half a month! Red Boy and other super manual laborers helped clear the snow on Mt. One Finger, thus creating a path.

However, the roads between the village, the roads that led from the county city to the village, as well as the roads in the other regions, had all been blocked. Therefore, the number of visitors to One Finger Monastery dropped back to what it was a long time ago, leaving only a few villagers in One Finger Village to visit.

Fangzheng did not idle during the half month he spent on the mountain. He carved trinkets when he had the time. He sat on the mountaintop and looked at the endless snow. He read the scriptures, walked the dog, smack Salted Fish like he were a ball, and brought his disciples to build snowmen. He led a carefree life.

In just half a month's time, he had cleaned up his negative feelings that Fangzheng had accumulated overseas.

On this day, County Head Qi, who hadn't seen him in a long time, arrived.

This time, they didn't meet in the monastery. Fangzheng arranged for the meeting place to be in the Frost Bamboo forest. There was an empty space in the forest with tables and chairs made of bamboo in an open area. The two of them took their seats without any outsiders around.

"Patron Qi, why are you here today?" asked Fangzheng.

County Head Qi said with a smile, "One never visits unless they need something."

Fangzheng remained silent as he waited for County Head Qi to speak.

County Head Qi said, "Abbot Fangzheng, this is what happened. It was originally a negotiation between China and Italy, but later, more and more people were involved. In the beginning, many people and countries were hiding from us, afraid that we would come knocking on our door. But later, we realized that these people took the initiative to join us. They first admitted that they were wrong, and later, joined the negotiation team."

Fangzheng also wore a look of puzzlement when he heard that. Were these people too free with nowhere to spend their money? Why were they rushing to compensate Fangzheng and China for their losses?