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1200 Despair



The monk let out a burp that sent out some sparks. Then, as though he wasn't done, he pulled the pin of another grenade...

The soldiers were nearly in tears. Someone shouted. "What kind of f**king monster is this?"

"Retreat, lie down!" someone shouted.

An artillery shell landed. Boom!

Dust flew everywhere!

Rosius was so frightened that he shrank into the car. When he peeked out from the car again, he heard someone shout. "It's an artillery shell. He should be dead this time!"

When the dust dissipated, he saw a bald monk sitting there. He grinned at everyone and said, "That felt pretty good. Two more, please."

Everyone felt despair.

Luoxiu looked at the pistol in his hand and threw it aside. Only now did he realize what the monk he had encountered was no human at all.

At that moment, there was a loud boom in the distance. Following that, someone shouted that the command center had been bombarded by mistake! The officer who had just given the order to blow up the monk was injured and had been sent to the hospital...

When the others heard that, they quickly dropped their weapons, afraid that bad luck would land on their heads.

At the same time, he heard someone shout. "General Oss has issued a command. Whoever brought the monk here is to take him away! Send him to the Rosius immediately. Any disobeying of orders will be met with execution on the spot!"

As soon as the colonel heard that, he burst into tears. Thinking back to the hardship he had been through bringing Fangzheng there, and how far away he was from the Rosius' headquarters, he felt despair.

At this moment, someone said, "That's the Rosius family's car!"

The colonel was overjoyed when he heard that.

Rosius's heart tightened as he hurriedly said, "Drive, drive! Go home!"

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gunshots sounded, and the bullets hit the front of the car. Sparks flew all over the place, frightening the driver so much that he didn't dare drive!

The colonel smashed through the windows and grinned at Rosius. "Mr. Rosius, where are you going?"


"What about you? Are you taking him away by yourself? Or do you want me to send you away? Because of this monk, I'm finished. I don't mind suffering a dishonorable discharge from the military. I don't mind taking someone down with me before my court martial!" the colonel said coldly.

Finally, Fangzheng got into Rosius's car and warmly waved at the Italian soldiers. "Patrons, thank you for your warm hospitality. The firecrackers were pretty good, and the fireworks were pretty. Catch ya later."

"F**k you. Get lost! Don't let me see you again!" General Oss led a group of soldiers as they raised their middle fingers and cursed.

But with a boom, the military camp blew up again. They hurriedly changed their words. "Master, have a safe journey!"

Rosius had a feeling that he was bringing a nuclear bomb home...

But Rosius was ultimately wrong, because the nuclear bomb showed its capability of continuous explosion along the way. He finally experienced the sufferings of the likes of Oss, the senators, Fields, and company.

Along the way, the car tires dropped out. As soon as they got out of the car, the car was smashed into pieces by a dropping counterbalance for cable cars.

He wanted to take a taxi, but he realized that no matter how close he got to a car, they would ignore him for no reason.

Helpless, he could only get his family's chauffeur to pick him up. He left in the afternoon and only reached home the next evening. On the way, his family's cars were all used up. When the cars left to pick Rosius up, they were all fine and dandy, but the moment he and Fangzheng got into the car, something would happen shortly after they started driving. Either the engine would break down or the tires would explode. One of the cars even ignited itself...

After entering the ancient castle, Rosius originally imagined that he would be able to rest and that the nightmare was over. Just as he heaved a sigh of relief, he heard a loud bang and the door of the castle collapsed.

Rosius looked at the friendly-looking Fangzheng and cried on the spot. He realized that the nightmare had only just begun.

Just as Rosius expected, the Rosius family was thrown into a state of chaos after Fangzheng came. Various rumors spread for no reason. The elites of the company job-hopped, and key technology was leaked. The castle caught fire in the middle of the night-more than once! Every night, there would be a fire!

This made it so that no one in the Rosius family dared to sleep. In the end, they cut off the power source and replaced all the flammable items...

"Phone! Throw out everyone's cell phones!" Rosius stared at the inferno in front of him, roaring angrily.

Then, someone took away all their phones. To use their phones, they had to drive to the storage center several miles away.

As Rosius lay in the bed, he looked exhausted, but he didn't dare to close his eyes.

Rosius's wife said in a low voice, "Everything in the castle that might cause a fire has been moved out. It should be fine. Have some rest and sleep."

Rosius nodded and slowly closed his eyes.


With the boom sounding, Rosius suddenly opened his eyes.

Rosius's wife hurriedly said, "Don't worry. It's lightning."

Rosius nodded slightly, then suddenly sat up. "Lightning? Isn't there thunder after lightning?"

"Yeah." Just as Rosius's wife nodded, the window exploded with a loud bang, and a white beam of light blasted into the room. The two of them were blinded by the dazzling white light as their ears buzzed from the loud crash. The world spun around them.

When their eyes adjusted to the light, they realized that the second bolt of lightning had set the bed on fire!

At the same time, there was another explosion. Luo Xiuwen struggled to get up and looked out the window. He saw a tree outside being struck by lightning. It was on fire. With a strong gust of wind, sparks flew everywhere and entered some rooms with open windows. Following that, a fire lit up inside the house.

Seeing this, anger rose in Rosius's chest. With a cry, he spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

Rosius's wife patted him and shouted his name.

Rosius raised his head and said, "We need to move out of here!"

The next day, there was finally no more news of fireworks being set off without military permission in the newspapers in Rome.

Instead, there was an additional piece of news. The Rosius family's castle-a hundred-year-old castle-had been reduced to ruins by a fire.

Although no innocent citizens had been implicated because of this over the past few days-at least, no one died or was injured-even so, with the military camp releasing its missiles, a castle burning down, and even the main entrance of the Senate being smashed...

For a time, the people of Rome felt that they were in grave danger. The entire city of Rome was covered in gloom.

At the same time, a group of people gathered in the Senate. All of them sat there exhausted. They had been arguing for a long time, and the only thing they were arguing about was: Who should they send to interact with Fangzheng!

However, after the military camp and the Rosius family's case, no one was willing to risk their lives to approach Fangzheng. They kept shoving it off to each other until now.

However, the one who was truly going crazy wasn't them, but Phelps.

"Master, can we take a break in the middle of the meal and discuss some serious business?" Phelps was almost on his knees. He was truly on the verge of breaking down. Ever since people knew that Windhouse was purchasing vegetables regardless of the cost, many vegetable sellers joined forces to increase the price by a hundred times! As for Red Boy, his eating speed also increased. Now, whenever he opened his mouth wide, he shoved one plate in after another!