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1199 Killing The Monk

 Walt had never expected such a turn of events. Just half a month earlier, he had confidently told the Chinese ambassador that he didn't need the Chinese to involve themselves with Italy's internal matters.

But now, in the blink of an eye, he was already asking for the other party's help. How depressing!

The good thing was that he was ready to be shameless having been put in this position. Hence, Walt took a deep breath and dialed Ambassador Wang's number.

"Ambassador Wang, how are you? Why haven't I seen you at the golf course recently?" Walt tried hard to maintain a smile.

Ambassador Wang smiled and said, "I can't afford it, and no one is inviting me."

Ambassador Walt immediately said, "I'll invite you! Do you want to go for a round? I've got a new golf club, and it feels great."

Ambassador Wang shook his head and said, "That would be nice, but I'm not in Italy. The matter that happened last time has not been settled. The higher-ups are unhappy and got me to return to China to reflect on myself for a while."

As soon as Ambassador Walt heard that, his heart was filled with curses. You returned to China? If you're back in China, why is your phone still connected to the embassy's line number? How did your line number get connected across nations?

Ambassador Walt smiled bitterly. "Ambassador Wang, I was in the wrong the last time. Just tell me when you will be back, and maybe we can have a good chat then."

With Ambassador Walt speaking so politely, Ambassador Wang did not continue making things difficult for him. He said, "Mr. Walt, if there's anything, just tell me now."

Walt thought for a moment and said, "It's about Abbot Fangzheng. Basically, as soon as it is convenient for you, please quickly bring him back."

Ambassador Wang smiled and said, "Mr. Walt, what are you saying? Abbot Fangzheng is within your country's borders and is suspected of planning to down a plane. How can we take over such a huge matter? It's better to wait for your side to handle it properly. Otherwise, if other countries say that we are interfering with your internal affairs, it will be quite tough on our end. Don't you agree?"

Upon hearing this, Walt felt as if he had eaten a dead fly. Wasn't this what he had said to Ambassador Wang back then? Goodness, he had thrown all his words back at him.

Walt tried his best to maintain a smile. "We have already investigated the matter clearly. It was all a misunderstanding. Abbot Fangzheng has been cleared of those suspicions."

Ambassador Wang said, "Is that so? Then was it slander?"

Walt said, "It was not slander, it was a misunderstanding."

Ambassador Wang said, "Same difference. Look, Master Fangzheng's standing in China is extremely high. Countless visitors visit One Finger Monastery every day to pay their respects to him. You have remanded him for so long, and it has greatly affected his reputation. The incense offerings that One Finger Monastery received recently haven't been as good as before. This is quite a huge loss to a monastery."

Curses ran through Walt's mind as he said, "This... We will apologize to Abbot Fangzheng and restore his reputation. As for the losses... I think someone will be willing to compensate."

Ambassador Wang directly asked, "How much are you going to compensate?"

Walt was dumbfounded. How much was the compensation? How would he know how much to compensate? Thus, he looked up at the group of senators in front of him. One of them immediately said, "This matter was caused by the Rosius, so they have to bear the consequences of all the losses."

Just as Walt was about to say something, a cold snort came from outside. "What nerve! Back when we designed this plan, all of you agreed to it! Now, you're turning the tables so quickly. Fangzheng has already been taken under custody by the military. He won't be able to cause much of a stir. What are you worried about? Think about the treasures on our hands!"

The one who pushed the door open was the family head of the Rosius, Rosius.

"Rosius, are you sure the military camp can hold him? You have to know that a police station has already been turned into ruins!" a person said.

"That's a military camp, not a police station! No one can escape from Oss's camp."

Boom boom boom boom!

A loud series of booms rang out from afar.

That earth-shattering sound made everyone tremble in fear. Everyone hurriedly ran to the window to look. From afar, white rays shot into the sky and exploded in the air like a grand fireworks event!

But when a white ray slammed into a mountain, the flames that shot up into the sky and the rocks that exploded made everyone understand. These weren't fireworks, this was...

"That's where Oss's camp is!" someone exclaimed.

The color in Rosius's face changed as well. At the same time, his cell phone rang. Before he could speak, he heard Oss roar, "Rosius! You bastard! Bastard! F**king Bastard... Damn it, I know too few words to curse you properly over the phone. Come over here and let me curse me! Don't you know how to curse in Chinese? Come and curse him! F**k, my military camp, my ammunition storage, my missiles! It's over, it's over... What the hell is that bastard monk?"

Then, he heard someone take a deep breath and start cursing at the phone, "F**king Rosius, f**k your entire family...#$%$#...\u0026. Just you wait. The general said that all the military camp's losses have to be compensated by your Rosius family! The compensation will be ten times the losses. One cent less, and he will tear down your entire Rosius family and drink your blood..."

When Rosius heard this, his face turned pale.

At that moment, Ambassador Wang's voice sounded. "Walt, from the looks of it, you haven't discussed the compensation yet. Since that's the case, you can continue discussing. I forgot to tell you that One Finger Monastery's incense money can be counted in the millions per second."

Walt looked at the livid Rosius. He slumped to the ground. His arrogance and domineering air vanished, leaving behind only despair.

Even the army had their ammunition set off like fireworks by Fangzheng. Then who in the world could deal with that darn baldy?

The answer was, no one could! At least there was no one in Italy who could.

"I demand that we have a meeting immediately! Let's discuss the matter regarding compensation. Also, we need to quickly calculate the losses this time," someone suggested.

"I think the most important thing right now is to appease Abbot Fangzheng. We can't let him continue. Otherwise... The consequences will be dire," another person said.

Rosius suddenly raised his head and gritted his teeth. "I'll deal with him!"

With that said, Rosius got up and rushed out.

When everyone saw this, they couldn't help but be worried. This guy had a murderous look on his face. Was he going to try to kill Fangzheng?

Indeed, Rosius had the intention to kill. As he drove, he headed straight for Oss's camp. However, when he reached the door, he was dumbfounded.

At the entrance of the military camp, a group of soldiers started firing ahead, spewing out tongues of fire that seemed to consume everything.

Rosius stuck his head out and upon closer inspection, he saw a monk sitting in front of the soldiers. The bullets hit the monk's head with a clink as sparks splattered everywhere, but it was as though nothing had happened. He held a grenade and pulled the pin before eating it...