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1198 I Dont Talk Business While Eating

 However, Fangzheng suddenly extended one hand and gave a thumbs up. "That knot was indeed pretty good."

The colonel's face darkened...

The two soldiers also wore livid expressions as they quickly tied him up again. They used every means they had at their disposal. Finally, they tied several ropes around Fangzheng's body to ensure that he couldn't move. Only then did they say, "Sir, it's done!"

Looking at Fangzheng who was tied up like a dumpling, the colonel heaved a sigh of relief. "Very good. Take him away!"

"Yes, it's pretty good." Fangzheng nodded as well. Then, he raised his hand, and the rope snapped. Under everyone's gaze, he scratched his bald head. Only then did Fangzheng say in embarrassment, "Sorry, my head is a little itchy, so I have to scratch it. Why don't you tie me up again? I promise to be honest and not resist!"

The colonel's face darkened even more. "Do it again!"

The two soldiers said bitterly, "Colonel, there are no more ropes left..."

Colonel: "..."

Finally, Fangzheng was taken away. However, he wasn't tied up. Instead, he was surrounded by a group of soldiers and stuffed into a military vehicle before it sped off.

The group of senators followed them to the door. When they saw Fangzheng leave, they immediately heaved sighs of relief.

"Phew... We finally got rid of this monster. The military is still the best. They are powerful enough to suppress evil," a person mumbled.

Rosius didn't follow the troops. Instead, he planned on having a good chat with the Senators about Fangzheng.

However, before Rosius could say anything, two loud booms sounded. Following that, the military vehicle that had been driving extremely smoothly began to wobble. Finally, it slammed into an electric pole. The electric pole fell and hit the other military vehicle...

Then, the soldiers ran out and started checking on the situation, at which point, someone's safety got turned off, and there was a gunshot. The scene was in a mess...

Everyone in the Senate looked at each other before dispersing and driving home!

Today's meeting was over.

Only Rosius was left standing in the chaos, confused. What the heck was going on?


Outside the military camp, two soldiers on duty were mumbling.

Soldier A: "It's just arresting someone. Why isn't the colonel back after so long? Could he have gone somewhere to have fun along the way?"

Soldier B: "Don't speak nonsense. The colonel is an upright person. He will be back soon and complete his mission perfectly. He will return gloriously."

Soldier A: "Eh? There are a few refugees on the road... No, they look a little familiar."

Soldier B: "The person in front looks like the Colonel..."

Soldier A: "It really is the Colonel!"

Soldier A, Soldier B: "Colonel, where's your car? Colonel? Where's your rifle? Colonel? Why are your clothes torn? Why are they pitch-black? Were you attacked by enemy fire?"

Colonel: "Shut up! Take the monk away. Don't mention this to anyone else, or I'll bite you to death!"


Meanwhile, in Windhouse.

Fangzheng put down the plate and asked with concern, "Mr. Phelps, I heard that vegetables are quite expensive in Europe. Is that true?"

Phelps looked at Fangzheng with a sobbing tone and asked, "Master, although vegetables aren't as expensive as beef, bluefin tuna, France's caviar, or foie gras, the vegetables here are still more expensive than normal meat. As for comparing it to the Chinese prices, it's an astronomical price. Master, after your efforts, vegetables have now become more expensive than any other dish."

With that said, Phelps really cried. He originally believed that with the amount of money he had, it wouldn't be a problem to feed the two monks. But now, he had to admit that he couldn't feed them to satiation! Perhaps he was going to go bankrupt... Therefore, he began to use psychological warfare. He cried about the price, about how poor he was, and how Fangzheng should show some kindness and let him off.

It was said that monks were kind and benevolent. He hoped that the other party would understand what he meant with him acting this way and saying how expensive vegetables were...

Fangzheng nodded. "Is that so? Since it's so expensive..."

Phelps's heart began to race as he thought to himself, "Are you going to say that you are too embarrassed to eat more?"

Fangzheng stroked Red Boy's head and said, "Eat more. We won't be able to eat such expensive food when we return."


Phelps nearly vomited blood. Actually, he fainted from anger.

Eat more? Was it not enough to raise the prices of all vegetables in the city?

Red Boy was an obedient child. Upon hearing Fangzheng's words, he ate even faster. And these vegetables were a huge sum of money in Phelps's eyes.

Phelps really couldn't take it any longer. He called Erte, but received the response: "Cousin, if he likes to eat, just let him eat. Eating some of your food won't take your life. Just make him happy. You need to know that you are in much better shape than the others."

After saying that, Erte hung up.

With an angry look on his face, Phelps bellowed inwardly. "Who said that eating won't take my life? I've been on the edge of being eaten alive all this time, alright? And, how am I in better shape than the others? In what way?"

Phelps didn't dare curse. He sat there in a depressed mood. He took out his phone and checked the news, hoping to divert his attention. However, he saw another piece of news of Fangzheng on the street. Looking at the scene that appeared like doomsday, he suddenly understood what Erte meant.

"Damn it, this fellow knows that we can't afford to offend Fangzheng. He's trying to get out of this mess. I've been thrown under the bus." Phelps cursed in his heart.

Since Erte had already shrunk back, there was no reason for Phelps to continue persisting. Therefore, he sat in front of Fangzheng and said with a chuckle, "Abbot Fangzheng, I feel that returning the medical formula to you isn't a problem."

From the looks of it, Fangzheng had come for the formula. As long as he returned it to him and issued a statement that he had indeed stolen it, claiming that he would provide compensation, this matter would blow over. Although he would have to spend a lot of money, it was better than being swallowed clean.

However, the moment Phelps spoke, Fangzheng waved his hand and said, "Patron, we agreed that we shouldn't talk business while eating. We will only talk about the weather."

When Phelps heard that, he could no longer be happy. His heart was bleeding as he wailed, "F**k the weather! What's the point of talking about the weather with a monk like you? I want to talk about business. I want to talk about money... F**k!"

Phelps tried a few times, hoping to discuss the problem of returning the formula. Unfortunately, Fangzheng shook his head. "We will only talk about the weather."

Phelps really cried. With no choice, he could only call Ambassador Walt. "Mr. Walt, I can't take it anymore. This Fangzheng is a monster!"

Walt looked at the group of Senators who were waving signboards, insisting that the Chinese monk be taken away. He said with a bitter smile, "There's no need to say anything. I'm currently contacting the Chinese ambassador. You can wait for the news."