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1196 Darn Baldy, B*tch

 "Fionn, what's going on?" Erte immediately ran over and asked.

Fionn was the police officer in charge. Fionn said with a bitter smile, "Mr. Erte, can't you see? There's something very odd with this monk. The police stations that remanded him suffered from bad luck one after another. All of their officers were admitted to the hospital, and now, even a police station burned down. This fellow was originally going to be temporarily held in custody at our station, but the car suffered an accident midway. The police officers have been sent to the hospital, but he escaped unscathed.

"Wherever he passes, there will either be televisions exploding or a car going out of control. Although there were no deaths or injuries, the financial loss is sizable! Look, even the streetlights are exploding! The ground has cracked, a train has flattened cars, and a car drove right into city hall... This... is a devil of bad luck!"

Fionn seemed to have been holding in for a long time, and now, he finally found someone to vent his frustrations to. Without waiting for Erte to speak, he continued. "What's worse is that after I arrested him, all the police stations and even prisons refused to accept him! F*ck, if they don't accept him, what do I do? Do we just stand here and stare at each other?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the cell phone in Fionn's hand made a cracking sound. When he raised it, the phone had died! When he tried restarting it, he couldn't switch it off!

Fionn angrily threw the cell phone onto the ground and cursed. "It f**king broke again. I haven't even used it yet!"

After throwing it to the ground, he suddenly shouted. "Damn, that was my phone!"

When the other policemen saw this, they rolled their eyes at him again. They were still gloating, as if saying, "Serves you right! Blame yourself for smashing our cell phones!"

Erte suddenly realized that the situation before him had exceeded his expectations. And now, he realized that the spot where the monk was sitting was at the entrance of the Senate. Thinking of the bad luck around Fangzheng, Erte broke out in a cold sweat. If he were to bring bad luck to the Senate, it would be a huge mess!

As for shooting to kill Fangzheng? This clearly wasn't in line with their interests. Ignoring the question if this miraculous monk could be killed, even if he could, it didn't align with their interests. Compared to China's medical knowledge, the monk in front of them was an infinite treasure! Taking control of him was equivalent to wielding the Einstein of the medical world. The benefits that came in the future would be immense. Who would dare kill him? He was basically something to be protected like an endangered species.

Furthermore, who knew if the miraculous monk could be killed? If he couldn't be killed, and one pissed him off, he could just wander around the city every day, and the entire country would soon be in trouble!

At the thought of this, his head swelled...

At that moment, Fangzheng, who was sitting on the ground, stood up. "Patrons, since you aren't arresting This Penniless Monk, This Penniless Monk shall take a stroll."

With that, the scoundrel turned around and walked towards the Senate!

When Fionn and Erte saw this, their hair stood on end.

Almost at the same time, they shouted in unison, "Stop!"

Fangzheng suddenly turned his head and said with a smile, "What can you do to me if I don't stop!?"

"F*ck!" Fionn immediately cursed. His long interactions with this darn baldy allowed him to know what he was like. Basically, he pissed people off in the worst possible manner. His patience had long been worn out.

Erte shouted. "Arrest him! Tie him up! I'll think of a way to deal with him!"

When the police heard that, they holstered their guns and rushed forward to grab Fangzheng.

Fangzheng roared with laughter. "Come and catch me!"

With that said, Fangzheng ran. The moment he ran, everyone was dumbfounded. They saw the monk run far away as though he had attached an engine to his legs. His speed was almost as fast as that of a car. In fact, when he accelerated, his speed was almost that of a sports car! F**k, how was one to chase him?

"Catch him no matter what. Don't let him enter the Senate!" Erte cried out.

Fionn shouted. "Don't say that! He does precisely what you say he shouldn't do!"

However, it was already too late. The moment Fangzheng heard that he wasn't to be allowed to enter, he decisively ran to the Senate building. The guards at the entrance shouted. "Don't come over!"

Unfortunately, just as they shouted, they heard a loud bang. The glass door beside them had a huge hole in it. Then, with a bang, the metal door inside was torn open.

When Fionn and Erte saw this, they thought, "It's over! Something is going to happen!"

Before that, in the Senate building.

"I object to controlling Abbot Fangzheng. It's a little too shameless," said a senator.

"Mr. Appard, you have to understand that this isn't the time to be impulsive. Fangzheng is a button that controls the world. If his skills are obtained by China and they put into practice all his medical skills, it will be a disaster for all of us! You have to understand that our medicine is worth nothing in front of Fangzheng. I even suspect that he might be an alien in disguise. As for his purpose in coming to Earth, we do not know. For the safety of Earth, we have the obligation to detain him and further investigate him," Jones Rosius said with confidence.

"I agree with Senator Jones's suggestion to control Fangzheng. It's not for us, but for the entire world," said Marne Rosius.

"I agree. However, I request that the trial be an open one. Everything he says should be known by everyone. No one is to keep it to themselves!" said Deloose Cooper.

"Hear, hear!"

"Hear, hear!"


As more and more people raised their hands in agreement, the opposing faction became more and more powerless. Some people scolded them for being bandits, but they were instead called cowards and short-sighted.

Just as everyone was expressing their stand and debating endlessly, the door opened with a loud bang.

Everyone subconsciously looked over and saw a white-robed monk appear at the door. He grinned at everyone and said, "What are you looking at? Ugly creatures?"

"That's Fangzheng?" Marne Rosius said in surprise.

Fangzheng rushed in front of him, and his face nearly stuck to his. He smiled and said, "You have a good eye, but your trousers just tore."

When Marne heard that, he hurriedly lowered his head to look, but his trousers were fine. He shouted angrily. "You lied to me?"

"You don't like being lied to?" asked Fangzheng.

Marne subconsciously nodded.

Following that, there was a tearing sound. It was Fangzheng who had helped him to tear his crotch open. Then, he smiled at him and said, "Alright then. In order to not lie to you and make you happier, I fulfilled your wish. Don't thank me. Please just call me Master."

With that said, Fangzheng flicked the back of his head to Marne.

Only then did Marne react. He roared. "Security!"

But the moment he opened his mouth, the lights above him suddenly fell. With a loud bang, Marne rolled back his eyes, losing consciousness.

"Fangzheng! Why are you here?" Jones asked angrily.

Fangzheng sat cross-legged on the table and asked with a chuckle, "Where else should This Penniless Monk be?"