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1191 Will There Be Enough For Me To Eat?

 With that said, Phelps ignored the dumbfounded receptionist and hung up the phone.

"Sir, I'm sorry. Mr. Phelps isn't around." The receptionist smiled professionally as she faced Fangzheng.

But when she blinked, the receptionist was stunned. Where was the monk in front of her?

At the same time, up the staircase, two figures-one big, one small-rapidly climbed up the stairs. Fangzheng asked, "Are you sure he's upstairs?"

Red Boy said, "Of course. I scanned the place with my divine perception. The person who just answered the call and spoke is on the 88th floor. There are only three rooms there. It will be easy to find him."

Fangzheng nodded. The two of them were not ordinary people. Although 88 floors were high, it was no different from flat ground for the two of them.

Soon, they arrived at the 88th floor. Fangzheng adjusted his clothes slightly and took a deep breath. With a smile, he pushed open the door in front of him. "Patron Phelps, nice to meet you."

By this moment, it had only been two minutes since Phelps hung up!

"Fangzheng?" Phelps exclaimed. If he remembered correctly, Fangzheng was still downstairs one or two minutes ago! Even taking the elevator wouldn't be that fast!

Fangzheng sat opposite Phelps without standing on ceremony. He pressed his palms together and said, "Amitabha. It's This Penniless Monk. Patron Phelps, shouldn't you return it to This Penniless Monk now?"

Phelps's expression immediately turned ugly. However, he forced a smile and said, "Abbot Fangzheng, I don't understand what you're saying. What do you mean 'return it?' Why does the technology my company independently researched need to be given to you?"

Fangzheng shook his head. "Patron, This Penniless Monk isn't here to negotiate. All This Penniless Monk wants is for you to return it."

Faced with Fangzheng's kind-looking face, seeming nothing like a demon king, Phelps secretly pressed an alarm button. A few minutes later, the security guards would break through the door. He believed that his security team had the ability to protect him.

As such, Phelps felt a lot more at ease. He leaned back into his chair and said calmly, "Abbot Fangzheng, I've already made myself clear. There's nothing here that's yours. You won't get anything. Of course, as a host of this land, I'm willing to treat you to a meal."

Phelps's final sentence was just said as a form of mockery, but...

Fangzheng rubbed his belly and said, "Patron, since you are so warm, This Penniless Monk will have some food."

Phelps's face immediately froze. He looked carefully at Fangzheng, but he didn't seem to be joking. Immediately, he felt strings of curses running through his head. This darn baldy was acting in unexpected ways!

Phelps immediately thought of Fangzheng's nickname-Master Indecent.

For the first time, Phelps agreed with the aptness of the title.

"Master, many people are coming," Red Boy said.

Fangzheng patted Red Boy on the head. "Let them wait outside. This Penniless Monk still wants to eat."

Red Boy nodded and went out.

When Phelps saw this, he shook his head and said, "Abbot Fangzheng, that's my security detail. It consists of elites from the special forces-paratroopers from the UK and Navy SEALs from the US. All of them have terrifying combat strength and destructive power. They aren't people who are good with children. Your disciple might easily get thrown off the building."

At this moment, the phone rang. It was another call from the front desk.

Phelps just shrugged his shoulders at Fangzheng. "I'm so sorry. It seems like your disciple has already been thrown out. These idiots under me just have no sense... Don't worry, I'll pay for the medical fees."

With that said, he pressed the speaker button and crossed his legs. He narrowed his eyes as he tasted the red wine. He wore a charming smile, hoping to see Fangzheng's heart ache.

Fangzheng smiled as well. He picked up a magazine on the table and covered his face.

Phelps stared at him, puzzled.

"Mr. Phelps, oh my god! Something bad has happened!" The receptionist cried out in shock.

"It shouldn't be worth your panic even if the sky falls down. Just calmly tell me what happened," Phelps said.

"Mr. Phelps, your security officers have been thrown out, forming a small mountain at the entrance... Heavens, another person has fallen down from the top floor! Oh my god, they only fainted from the fall. This is unbelievable! They fell from the 88th floor!"


When Phelps heard that, he spat out a mouthful of red wine. All the wine was coincidentally blocked by Fangzheng's magazine.

However, Phelps didn't have the time to marvel at this darn baldy's prescient act. Instead, he quickly switched on the surveillance footage at the building's ground floor. What he saw made his head break out in cold sweat. At the entrance of the company building, seven or eight burly men were lying on the ground. They were in a pile, and it was unknown if they were dead or alive. Moreover, more people would be flung from the building from time to time, smashing into the pile of men.

Phelps quickly opened the window and looked out. Someone screamed from the neighboring room as a burly man was shoved out of the window. He had one of his legs grabbed by his assailant. On careful look, a person could be seen standing on the window. To be precise, it was a child. It was Fangzheng's disciple!

Upon seeing Phelps look over, Red Boy showed Phelps a radiant smile. Then, he loosened his grip, and the burly man fell onto the pile of men with a thud.

Phelps looked at the child's smile. He felt as though he had fallen into an abyss without any sunlight. All that was left was coldness, and his entire body was trembling.

A child had finished off a security detail numbering over twenty men? F**k... Was the kid still human?

As he recalled all the rumors about Fangzheng, he finally believed that the monk in front of him wasn't human.

Phelps's fingers that were holding a cigarette kept trembling as he sat on the chair. However, he tried his best to calm himself down. As he looked at the monk in front of him, he was at a loss for words despite being a good socialite.

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, weren't you going to treat This Penniless Monk to a meal?"

Only now did Phelps snap back to his senses. Wiping away the cold sweat on his forehead, he laughed and said, "Right, right, right. Let's eat!"

After speaking, he rose to his feet and walked out. "Let's eat elsewhere."

"Wait," Fangzheng suddenly said.

Phelps was so frightened that his entire body trembled. He asked, "Master, what request do you have?"

"Patron, will there be enough for me to eat?" asked Fangzheng.

Phelps was rendered speechless. He was a big boss who was treating him to a meal. How could there not be enough food for Fangzheng? Was he that stingy to have this question raised? Hence, he said, "Don't worry, Master. There will be enough."

Fangzheng smiled in satisfaction. "That's good. This Penniless Monk has eaten Western food before, but it wasn't filling. There was too little."

"No problem. Let's eat Chinese food this time," said Phelps.

Fangzheng nodded happily. "That's good. By the way, my disciple is quite an eater too."

As soon as Phelps heard the word "disciple," his scalp went numb. Was that his disciple? That was a monster! All he wanted to do now was to leave quickly. He didn't want to stay here and face this strange monk alone any longer!