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1187 Sly Foxes

 The black room was indeed a terrible place for many people, but it didn't matter to Fangzheng at all. He sat cross-legged and chanted the scriptures with chanting beads in hand. His heart was peaceful, and he didn't feel any discomfort or grievance.

As Red Boy was still a child, he did not get locked up because of all sorts of considerations. Instead, he sat outside and waited. There was even a female police officer who chatted with him, as well as offering him various delicacies. Once the fellow started eating, he forgot about Fangzheng. He believed that Fangzheng's treatment would definitely be better than his. After all, he was his master! There was no need to worry at all, right?

He was completely unaware that a particular monk was deducting his rations by the second...

Half an hour later, Red Boy finally felt that something was amiss. This was because he realized that his divine powers had recovered! According to Salted Fish's experience, this meant that Fangzheng was about to contact him. He hurriedly released his divine perception to seek Fangzheng.

"Master, your treatment is a little bad. It seems like you can't even stand up," Red Boy commented gloatingly.

Fangzheng nodded slightly and said, "It's indeed a little tragic. I've already deducted three of your meals at the rate of one meal every ten minutes."

"Master, no way! You only just gave me back my divine powers. Why don't I break you out now?" Red Boy cried out in a sobbing tone. What was One Finger Monastery's most severe punishment? Of course, it was the deduction of meals!

In the past, both Red Boy and Salted Fish used to have divine powers and could devour the energies of Heaven and Earth. They had no idea what it meant to be hungry then. Eating had been just a form of pleasure.

But things were different now. Without divine powers, hunger felt excruciatingly painful. Most importantly, it was fine if it was just suffering hunger, but once he was starving, his fellow disciples would begin tempting him with all kinds of delicious food. That was what true pain was.

Fangzheng smiled. "Don't complain. If you don't want your meals to be deducted, just work hard later."

Red Boy was taken aback as he asked, "Master, what do you mean? By the way, do you really not need my help to break out?"

Fangzheng shook his head. "Let's wait. We are law-abiding citizens."

Red Boy smacked his lips and asked a few more questions. After confirming that Fangzheng was staying willingly, and not because he wanted to save his rations and reduce expenses, he continued having fun with the beautiful policewoman, consuming all kinds of delicious food and drink.

At the same time, China's ambassador to Italy was telling someone off. "Mr. Walt, I believe you understand that Abbot Fangzheng is a citizen of China. Without any evidence, you have no right to detain him!"

Mr. Walt chuckled and said, "Mr. Wang, don't be angry. That won't solve the problem. Also, you have to understand that this is Italy, not China. Be it the citizens of China or Italy, they have to abide by our laws and rules. Whether Abbot Fangzheng really wanted to commit arson on the plane, we have no evidence to prove it. But similarly, you can't prove that he didn't.

"In addition, doesn't your country always claim that it doesn't interfere with the internal affairs of other countries? This is currently our problem, not yours. Please don't interfere. Of course, you have no right to interfere either. Similarly, we aren't obligated to cooperate with you.

"As for the safety of your citizens, don't worry. We can guarantee it. However, this investigation might take quite some time."

Ambassador Wang said angrily, "Mr. Walt, as your friend, I have to remind you that the consequences will be very severe if you detain Abbot Fangzheng."

Mr. Walt laughed loudly and said, "Dear Wang, likewise, as your friend, I would like to remind you too. The custody this time will take quite a while until there are results. Also, let me give you another piece of news. We're not alone in this matter. We're not afraid of any trouble! Alright, I have other matters to tend to. Goodbye."

After saying that, Walt hung up the phone and smiled at a middle-aged man in front of him. "Ambassador Oder, it looks like our friend is a little angry."

The middle-aged man smiled and said, "Mr. Walt, there's no need to worry. America is your best ally."

"To our friendship." Walt raised his glass, and the two clinked glasses, as if everything was going to be a wonderful journey for them.

At the same time, Ambassador Wang was also clinking his cup. Ambassador Wang, who had seemed so furious just a moment earlier, said to the man in front of him with a smile, "That arrogant Walt has rejected our goodwill. Since it's not under our purview, there's no need for us to take responsibility for it. We'll let Fangzheng do as he wishes. I just hope that the mess at the end of everything can be cleaned up by the Italian war hawks. Madam Li, shall we have a toast?"

"I'm looking forward to it too. I'll pay Abbot Fangzheng a visit now. Cheers!" Madam Li said with a smile as she finished her drink.

Not long after, Fangzheng was led out by the police. A woman who appeared to be in her thirties or forties sat in front of him. Her hair was neatly trimmed, making her look very experienced and brilliant. She wore a pair of tinted sunglasses, preventing others from seeing her eyes. It made it impossible for others to know what she was thinking.

"Abbot Fangzheng, nice to meet you. I'm a friend of China's ambassador to Italy. It was inconvenient for him to make the trip, so he got me to pay you a visit. Abbot Fangzheng, how's your stay here?" Madam Li said.

Fangzheng nodded. "Everything is fine. It's just that Italy is too poor. The room they gave me is too small. There's no room for me to even stand."

Madam Li frowned and looked at the policeman beside her. The policeman blushed as he turned his head away.

Madam Li sneered. "Very well. I will make this known to the ambassador. If I remember correctly, Mr. Walt's younger brother is still in China. And he's not a good boy either."

Upon hearing that, the policeman's expression turned ugly. Clearly, he was not just a policeman but a spy of Walt's.

Fangzheng smiled. "I guess some education is needed for a naughty child."

Madam Li nodded and said, "It's indeed necessary. Abbot Fangzheng, I came with the Ambassador's words."

Fangzheng shrugged his shoulders. "Go ahead. This Penniless Monk has already prepared for the worst."

Mrs. Li said, "Then let me tell you the good news first. The good news is that the Italian government doesn't have any ill intentions towards you. However, regarding the matter of plane arson, they require further investigation. It might take a short time or it might take an infinitely long time. As for how the situation is, you should know."

Fangzheng nodded, indicating that he understood. Italy was preparing to detain him as a suspect, preventing him from causing trouble. Then, Italy would join forces with other bastards to exert pressure on China. Their target was clear-Fangzheng's medical knowledge. It was even possible that they would do something to him so as to gain more medical knowledge.

Hence, Fangzheng asked, "Let's talk about the bad news. This good news isn't as useful as giving This Penniless Monk a bigger room."