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1185 Selfless

 Fangzheng smiled. "This was indeed his goal."

"Then why did you fall for it?" Red Boy asked.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "When it comes to cause and effect, This Penniless Monk is responsible for the cause, so This Penniless Monk naturally has to resolve the effect. Be it Patron Qi or his superiors, whether they showed their faces or not, This Penniless Monk would have to make this trip. In this cycle of karma, Gaia has gone overboard, and it deserves retribution."

Red Boy's eyes lit up when he heard that. "Master, since you are going to wreak havoc, bring me with you! We will be helping the country, so who would dare to cause trouble in One Finger Monastery? It'll be fine even if I'm not around. Besides, there's also Junior Brother Salted Fish."

Fangzheng smiled. "You wish to go?"

Red Boy desperately nodded.

"Then come along."

"Thank you, Master!" Red Boy was instantly overjoyed when he heard that. He had been on the mountain for too long and was anxious to leave to have fun. Fangzheng ran off secretly the first two times, and with the monastery lacking manpower, he could do nothing about it. Now that he could finally leave, how could he not be happy?

Fangzheng chuckled as he watched him jump. However, he thought to himself, "I wonder if Gaia will be able to withstand this powerful demon's company visit."

But soon, Fangzheng gave up on these useless thoughts. He recited the scriptures, ate, and with that, a day passed.

County Head Qi was very efficient. He ran over the next morning and said, "Italy has already approved your visa. However, I heard that they won't be friendly. They believe that letting you into the country now will probably bring quite a lot of trouble."

Fangzheng was most afraid of them declining entry to him. As long as he could visit the country, what trouble could they cause him? Would it be more troublesome than the demon he was bringing along?

At the same time, County Head Qi said, "In addition, Jingxin's household registration puts him in Songwu County, One Finger Monastery. In the future, he will no longer be an illegal immigrant. This is his passport."

Fangzheng had already left the country once before, and his passport had been prepared long ago. There was no need for County Head Qi to worry about it.

Once everything was ready, County Head Qi gave him a ride to Black Mountain City, then they went by high-speed rail to Spring City's airport. Finally, they flew to Beijing. Then, a private car brought them onto the plane. When Fangzheng saw this, he was amazed. He was indeed working for the country. They let him fly first class! Sitting in that comfortable chair, Fangzheng narrowed his eyes and thought, "Indeed, money might not bring happiness, but having money sure is comfortable..."

Red Boy was a little excited when he first sat on the plane, but after flying for a while, he looked bored as he said to Fangzheng, "Master, this thing is boring. It's not even as smooth as me flying. If I had known this would happen, I would have brought you flying with me. The two of us could have saved quite a bit of money on plane tickets."

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him and said, "If you enter a country, you have to go through customs. There is all sorts of paperwork involved. Missing any step in the procedure will just bring trouble. Of course, if we just had fun secretly, that would be fine. But this time, it's official business. It's better to just err on the side of caution."

Red Boy curled his lips. "How troublesome..."

Sitting on the other side was a foreigner. It was unknown if he knew Chinese, but after glancing at Fangzheng, he looked like he was looking at a retard.

Fangzheng did not understand. Why was he looking at him like that?

Then, she heard the foreigner say to another woman in English, "This man and child are crazy."

"Oh, Conn, what did they say to make you so worked up?" the female foreigner asked.

Conn was taken aback, but his eyes wore a look of guilt. Clearly, he knew a little Chinese, but not much. It wasn't enough for him to fully comprehend a conversation. Hence, he mumbled. "That child said that he would carry the plane and sneak into Italy."

When Linda heard that, she pursed her lips and laughed. "To think you believed a child's words. Alright, you should get some rest."

Conn frowned and said, "A child's words can be naive, but they often speak the truth. I suspect that there's something wrong with the two of them. Even if they aren't stowaways, there must be some problem. You must know that I'm responsible for the safety of your trip."

"Alright, Conn, you are overthinking things. Get some sleep." With that said, the woman leaned into her chair and fell asleep.

However, Conn stared at Fangzheng and Red Boy warily like they were thieves, making them feel uneasy.

Red Boy mumbled. "When I return, I have to get a huge pot to boil some bearded Westerners with a large fire for those lesser demons to eat."

Fangzheng rapped him on the head and scolded him jokingly. "You punk. He doesn't understand Chinese and mistook what you said. How can you bear grudges?"

However, when he heard that, the bearded man became even more nervous as he stared intently at Fangzheng and Red Boy.

Fangzheng and Red Boy had set off early in the morning. They had had a full night's sleep on the mountain before leaving, so they weren't particularly tired during the day. However, it was already night time by the time they arrived at Beijing's international airport. It was easy for people to become sleepy at night. Red Boy's carefree personality and boredom allowed him to sleep the moment he lied down.

Fangzheng originally wanted to sleep too, but he saw the bearded man glaring at him. He kept looking at Fangzheng and Red Boy like he was fending off thieves.

Fangzheng shook his head helplessly, thinking, "To widen your eyes so widely, I don't believe you can stare all night!"

Ten hours was neither too short nor too long. After some sleep, they woke up to eat something and had a chat. With that, the time passed.

After getting off the plane, Fangzheng regretted teaching Red Boy a lesson because...

In front of him, the bearded man said something to two policemen. The two policemen immediately walked over and after some questioning, Fangzheng understood what was going on. When the bearded man heard that Red Boy was going to use a large fire, he imagined that Red Boy was going to set the plane on fire. That was why he glared at Fangzheng and Red Boy the entire night! He reported it to the police once he got off the plane.

Seeing the bearded man's exhausted face and the dark circles under his eyes, Fangzheng finally understood why he had been staring at them for ten hours straight. He was constantly on guard against them setting the plane on fire!

Fangzheng really didn't know what to say about Conn. Should he be described as selfless? Or was he just adorably silly?

Finally, after the police verified the situation, they were about to release him when a man ran over. Before he even arrived, his laugh was heard. "Hey, isn't this Master Fangzheng? How is it? What do you think of Italy? You actually want to burn down a plane? I heard that you monks have the habit of fiery immolation. Could it be that airborne cremation is a hip thing recently?"

The voice was harsh to the ears. It was clearly a curse! Not gentlemanly at all!

Fangzheng frowned slightly as Red Boy wore a look of disgust. The two of them looked over and saw a man dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He had smeared plenty of hair oil on his hair, making it surprisingly bright. The man was fair-skinned, and his eyes had a hint of provocation.

The man walked over and said to the two policemen, "This is a Chinese monk who likes to play with fire. I personally suggest that you do further investigations."

The two policemen were somewhat hesitant, but they ultimately took Fangzheng and Red Boy away.