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1184 So Shameless

 County Head Qi immediately sorted out his train of thought and the information in his mind. He then said, "The other party is a biomedical pharmaceutical company known as Gaia. Gaia is Mother Earth in Ancient Greek mythology.

"According to the information we obtained, they have been researching genetic medicine for a long time, but they never made any breakthroughs. However, their biochemical skills are well known in the world, and three of their cancer-fighting drugs are among the best in the world. However, Gaia doesn't export their best cancer-fighting drug, Gaia I, to China. Instead, they export Gaia III, which has been banned across Europe, to our country.

Due to the lack of substitutes, our country can only accept it. There's no way we can reject them. Even so, the price of Gaia III is three times that of Europe's Gaia I!"


The teacup in Fangzheng's hand emitted a cracking sound, but it did not shatter, as though the sound was just a hallucination.

County Head Qi didn't pay too much attention to it as he continued. "The leukemia medicine is something they've set their sights on all this while, but they lacked the key technology. Their opponent, XII, is more skilled in this field and has been working hard to squeeze them out of the market. The two companies are fighting like a raging fire. Initially, Gaia was about to exit the leukemia market, but..."

There was no need to elaborate further. Gaia used despicable means to obtain Fangzheng's medical techniques. Then, they made a breakthrough in defeating leukemia and even began counter-attacking XII.

"Which country is this Gaia from?" asked Fangzheng.

"They are an Italian company, but none of them are from Italy. They belong to an ancient European family, the Rosius. They are a well-known family in Italy and also known as the scourge of European nobles. They are known as the most shameless aristocratic family. However, the Rosius have always been proud of this accolade instead of being ashamed of it.

After the incident this time broke out, our government thought of negotiating with the Italian government. The Italian government had already agreed to our request and was prepared to conduct an investigation into Gaia and immediately stop the production and promotion of their brand-new leukemia medication, G9. But shortly after, for some unknown reason, some unknown power must have intervened. The Italian government began to deny our claims and claimed that the drug was the result of the many years of research of Gaia.

"How shameless," Red Boy, who was in charge of pouring tea, muttered.

County Head Qi sneered. "Shameless? There's even more. Not only did Gaia not admit that it stole the medical knowledge of Abbot Fangzheng, but it even claimed that it obtained it from their own research institutes. It then gave us a conundrum, proclaiming that to improve the future of humanity and to ensure equal progress in the breakthrough of bottlenecks in the medical field, they are willing to publish all of their scientific results and data, including Gaia I's formula and manufacturing technique! The premise, however, is that we publish all of Abbot Fangzheng's medical techniques!"

"Pui! I'll give it to anyone but them! However, if we really publicize it, it won't be beneficial to them, right?" Red Boy asked.

County Head Qi shook his head and said, "That's where you're wrong. Right now, what they are most afraid of isn't XII or even the Chinese government. They are afraid that China's medical experts will be able to figure out more medical heritage on the stone slabs and produce next generation medicine, completely crushing them in the field of medicine.

"If we publish it royalty free, it would be equivalent to giving everyone the same starting point. This way, it would seem like they are at the disadvantage, but in reality, it's exactly what they want.

"There's one thing we have to admit. Their foundation in medicine is more solid than ours. They would be able to quickly translate the same knowledge into actual products, and even further research and improve it. This is equivalent to giving them a higher level of advancement and letting them pull further and further away from us."

When County Head Qi said that, he paused and said with a worried expression, "That's not the only thing I'm worried about right now. I'm afraid that if this matter spreads, others will imitate it!"

"Aren't they afraid of completely enraging China? They are ultimately just a company," Fangzheng asked.

County Head Qi shook his head and said, "When the stakes are large enough, there's nothing that they can't or don't dare to do! It's just like the few world wars that happened every time. Wasn't the trigger always over some trivial matter? With people's greedy nature and enough benefits, anyone is willing to take the risk.

"Furthermore, every country is also controlled by humans in the end. Don't overestimate the characters of politicians and don't overestimate the morals of a politician. The most shameless people in the world are politicians... Ahem, I'm talking about a small number of them." County Head Qi hurriedly added when he realized that he had unconsciously cursed himself.

Fangzheng returned a knowing look, but the smile in his eyes made County Head Qi feel uneasy. He added. "I'm telling the truth."

Fangzheng smiled. "This Penniless Monk knows that, and This Penniless Monk doesn't discriminate against politicians. In fact, this world is constantly advancing, and in this, we cannot discount the hard hard work of politicians. However, I have to say that in a large world, there are always some black sheep. It's inevitable."

County Head Qi nodded. He didn't want to continue talking about the issue, so he changed the topic. "This matter is still only an internal conflict among a small minority of the Italian government. However, once this matter gets blown up, the other countries will imitate it, and it will become a mass brawl. It's fine for one person to be shameless since we can drag someone who isn't shameless over to seek justice for us and punish him.

"But when there are more shameless people, it's not impossible to play the blame game once the numbers are large. When that happens, it's basically impossible to rely on dialog to talk about justice. At that point, you either go to war or swallow the injustice."

This was what Fangzheng was worried about. For the first time, Fangzheng regretted erecting the stone slabs outside for a moment. However, he would still do the same if he had the chance to redo it.

Fangzheng slowly raised his head and said, "My master once said that there is no medicine for regret in this world. Since it's been done, one should step over the obstacle. If one can't, they can flatten it, benefiting one's children and grandchildren. If a mountain can be moved, what else can't be moved in this world?"

When County Head Qi heard that, he was instantly stunned. He snapped to his senses and asked, "Master, what do you mean?"

Fangzheng got up and said, "This matter started because of This Penniless Monk. With this, the consequences are definitely This Penniless Monk's responsibility. This Penniless Monk wishes to go to Italy, but what about the thing known as a visa?"

"Leave it to me!" County Head Qi hurriedly patted his chest and shouted. He had said so much, and this was what he had been waiting for! He immediately agreed and ran off. It was clear that he didn't want to give Fangzheng a chance to regret his decision.

"Master, why do I feel like this County Head Qi has become a special agent? Wasn't his goal for you to take action all along?" Red Boy suddenly realized something and muttered.