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1183 Too Much

 "Patron, calm down. What exactly happened?" Fangzheng asked.

County Head Qi said with a heavy expression, "There's nothing else I could do in order to find you. I really can't get to you without using some tricks."

When Fangzheng heard that, his face turned red. He had indeed stood up County Head Qi on several occasions. This time, County Head Qi was determined to catch him.

County Head Qi said, "Of course, it's not like I don't have something to discuss with you. Here's the deal. Yesterday, a foreigner came to visit and saw your stone slab and said that he had cracked the secret on it. He also took out a pill, claiming that the secret formula on it could be used to treat leukemia. Furthermore, he had already patented the formula.

"The higher-ups are very concerned about this. Your medical skills may be spread throughout the world, and it's best to benefit the entire human race. But if it's taken away by foreigners and sold to us at a hundred times the normal price, that's not something we would like to see. How can we hand over our sword to others only to be chopped by it ourselves? It's just frustrating thinking about it, so the higher-ups want me to ask you, what exactly happened here? Didn't you promise that only the Chinese with good morals can decipher the secrets on it?"

Fangzheng was a little stunned when he heard that. He naturally knew how powerful his divine powers were! The divine power used the Heavenly Way. It was like using a computer. After setting the axiom that one plus one equals two, it would never be equal to three no matter what!

If there was nothing wrong with the divine power, then there must be something wrong with the person.

Hence, Fangzheng said solemnly, "There can't have been any problems with This Penniless Monk's divine powers. This likely has to do with the person. Although China's medical skills have a long history, it has been lagging behind in recent years. All kinds of our medical equipment are not as advanced as foreign ones. The same formula in China cannot be converted into an actual product as quickly as in foreign countries. The Chinese can see the knowledge on it, but if someone could obtain that knowledge from them, they could indirectly also learn it, carry out further verification, and turn it into an actual product."

County Head Qi said, "We all know that. I'm only asking you. Are you sure your divine power is fine?"

Fangzheng nodded with certainty. "No one can break my rules. If there is a problem, it has to be with the person who looked at the stone slab!"

County Head Qi clapped his hands. "That's all I needed to know. I'll go report it now. By the way, those stone slabs are currently sealed by my men to prevent outsiders from seeing them. Before this matter is resolved, let's keep it that way."

Fangzheng nodded. He also understood what County Head Qi was thinking. China was a big country, and China had always been open-minded. Ever since ancient times, China had good things which it wasn't afraid to let foreigners learn from them, but they were afraid that they would encounter ingrates! History had taught them that they had to be wary. When gunpowder spread beyond the borders, it turned into firearms that attacked China. Medicine had gone beyond borders, saving countless. But after it was put to use, it was treated as superstition. Then, by throwing the ineffective parts back, people accused them of proliferating nonsense.

Some things were enough after experiencing them once. The lesson they learned wasn't that they should bully others, but that they should protect themselves better.

Fangzheng was ultimately not a master who truly cared about the world. As a Chinese person and a fake master, although he hoped that everyone in the world would be happy and blissful, he had petty thoughts too. He believed that his kind should still lead the good life first. Once they resolved their own problems, they should help others in the ways they can.

After Fangzheng sent County Head Qi off, the police also removed the barricades. However, the few large stone slabs were covered in canvas. They were cordoned off, and there were special police officers guarding them day and night, preventing anyone from seeing them.

"Master, actually, as long as he gives the order, we can guard the stone slabs. We are much more reliable than them." Lone Wolf was a little unhappy that his territory had an additional group of outsiders.

Fangzheng patted his head and said, "Sometimes, when you are strong, there's no need for you to show off your abilities by snatching someone else's rice bowl. If you really have the ability, then don't complain. Go help others as much as you can. Jingxin, help them a bit by increasing the temperature in their tents. It's a cold day. Don't let them suffer."

Red Boy nodded and flicked his finger. An invisible layer of heat insulation landed on the tents.

"Master, I'm afraid this matter isn't that simple. Are you really going to ignore it? In fact, as long as you set the rule that people who see it can't pass it to people with nefarious intentions, that will solve the problem. Why go through so much trouble?" Salted Fish asked.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "What you are thinking of is how to protect the knowledge on the stone slabs from being used by bad people. What This Penniless Monk is taking into account is that if any bad people find these people and use their lives to threaten them to hand over the knowledge, this knowledge can save their lives. Having a treasure can be a sin, and since ancient times, these medical skills which can be used to save people have been things of great value. Naturally, people will scheme for them. Although the treasure is valuable, it's not as valuable as human life."

Salted Fish was stunned as he smacked his lips. He pressed his fins together and bowed. "I've learned something."

Fangzheng smiled and told his disciples to prepare to receive the guests. As for himself, he went to the backyard.

As for who spread the medical knowledge, and how it spread, Fangzheng did not plan on interfering. He believed that it would be easier for the country to handle such matters.

One day later, County Head Qi came again, but he came with a gloomy look.

Fangzheng had hidden himself again.

County Head Qi was already used to it. He couldn't be bothered to play hide-and-seek with Fangzheng. He directly said to Red Boy, "The problem is a little troublesome. That company kidnapped a doctor's wife and threatened her, obtaining a portion of medical knowledge. If it were an ordinary situation, it would be very easy for the country to handle the matter, making life hell for the company. However, things are different now. Although it's a corporate action, their country is backing them. Our reasonable request has been denied. Their courts are ignoring us."

Hiding behind the wall to eavesdrop, Fangzheng frowned. To be honest, he didn't mind that his medical knowledge was taken away by foreigners. After all, foreigners also had many good people who wished to bring good to the world. However, the problem was that the other party's methods were too evil.

Furthermore, the other party had obtained the medical skills, and after producing the medicine, they planned to sell it to the Chinese at a high price. When the victim came knocking, they acted shamelessly. This was too much!

Fangzheng narrowed his eyes and thought, "If This Penniless Monk doesn't show his prowess, will they really think that This Penniless Monk has no anger?"

With this in mind, Fangzheng slowly walked out from behind and pressed his palms together. "Patron, have a seat inside. This Penniless Monk wishes to know the details."

When County Head Qi saw Fangzheng, his eyes lit up.

At the end of the day, this medical knowledge was Fangzheng's, not the country's. The Chinese government's appearance in the matter didn't make it appear legitimate. However, with Fangzheng taking action, it would become legitimate. Once Fangzheng made a statement, the Chinese government could support him, and many things would be much easier.