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1182 The Temple is Sealed

 "Abbot Fangzheng!"

The moment Fangzheng appeared, he heard someone shout his name.

He immediately knew that he had made a mistake. He had discussed very deep matters with Tian Xin just now, giving him the impression that he was an accomplished monk. He left the moment the thought came to him, forgetting that he needed to activate A Golden Millet Dream before leaving!

Great, although he had appeared at the foot of the mountain and everyone would ignore the process of how he got there, everyone would still see him after a moment.

And indeed, someone had already recognized him.

"Everyone, come quickly! Abbot Fangzheng is right there!" The person who screamed loudly grabbed Fangzheng's sleeve and shouted again.

When Fangzheng heard that, he found the voice familiar. On careful look, Fangzheng immediately had the urge to beat the person up. This was the bastard who wore an ancient costume in Nanjing and participated in some talent show competition-Li Bohan!

The last time Fangzheng was caught by Li Bohan who recognized him, he was surrounded by fans. If not for the police helping him out, he would still be suffering.

Now, this punk recognized him again. Fangzheng even suspected that he had abused this fellow in his previous life and that he was now taking revenge on him in this life.

Although he was unhappy and full of resentment, as a master, Fangzheng had to endure it. Bear with it... Bear with it... Bear with it... NO LONGER!

Fangzheng activated A Golden Millet Dream and pulled the man into a dream. He raised his hand and struck him!


"Ouch..." Li Bohan clutched his head, tears almost falling from the pain.

However, what left Fangzheng speechless was that despite being in so much pain, the punk still clung onto him and refused to let go.

Fangzheng's dream only prevented Li Bohan from seeing his assailant. He could only suffer a beating without knowing why. As for Fangzheng, he had already been seen. If he used a divine power, hid, and ran, it would be quite a disservice to his visitors.

Therefore, after Fangzheng flicked Li Bohan's forehead, he immediately pressed his palms together and asked with solemn concern, "Patron, what's wrong?"

"Ouch... I wonder who flicked my head. There was so much force in it." Li Bohan gritted his teeth in pain.

Fangzheng still wanted to say something, but it was too late. A group of visitors rushed over and surrounded Fangzheng.

"Abbot Fangzheng, can we take a picture together? I came here just for you. Nothing else matters!"

"Abbot Fangzheng, where did you have your robes made? I want to make a set too."

"Abbot Fangzheng, what are the conditions for becoming a monk?"


"Abbot Fangzheng, say something!"

When Fangzheng heard these voices, his eyes nearly rolled over completely. He thought, "Say something? Can This Penniless Monk even interject?"

With this in mind, Fangzheng looked at the men around him and immediately felt disgusted. He immediately recited Amitabha and did not let his imagination run wild.

At this moment, someone exclaimed.

"Master, the police have locked down One Finger Monastery. Do you know about that?"

"Master, we were going up the mountain to pay respects to Buddha, but the police forbade us from heading up. Are you going to do something about this?"


Fangzheng was stunned when he heard that. One Finger Monastery was being sealed off? What was happening?

Fangzheng hurriedly inquired, but the surrounding onlookers shook their heads, indicating that they were unsure. They just saw the police barricading the way up the mountain, preventing others from heading up.

Fangzheng was even more puzzled. Could it be that some bigwig from the government was planning to capture a demon and stew it to supplement himself? No, Fangzheng believed that as long as it was an understanding leader, they wouldn't do such a thing. The bigwigs were all smart elites, so it was impossible for them to do something so embarrassing that would easily get themselves into trouble.

Divine powers and science were like two atomic bombs; no one wanted to touch them. The best outcome was to keep them at a distance and let both elements strive hard to improve the world. This was mainstream in today's society. Beating up someone just because of a bigger fist was a childish game that shouldn't take place among adults.

Since Fangzheng knew that something had happened on the mountain, he could no longer remain calm. Everyone empathized with Fangzheng and immediately made way for him.

The moment Fangzheng left, he realized that he had a tail. He turned his head and saw that it was the big-mouthed youth, Li Bohan! He was always wearing an ancient costume, looking like a distinguished scion, but deep down, he was nothing but a loudmouth.

Li Bohan immediately smiled when he saw Fangzheng turn back to look at him. "Abbot Fangzheng, my name is Li Bohan. Do you remember me?"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him, thinking, "How could I not? Every time I meet you, I get trapped. Even if you turned into ashes, I would still recognize you!"

Li Bohan continued. "Abbot Fangzheng, I came all the way here to meet you. Do you think we can take a picture together after the temple's matters are settled? Let me reserve a slot first."

Fangzheng felt helpless as well. He turned back and patted Li Bohan on the shoulder. "Patron, if you have the time, you can go back and visit your parents. Isn't that better than visiting a monk like me? If you really can't, you can chant the scriptures and pray for everyone."

Li Bohan was stunned. He scratched his head and said, "I just came from my parents' place. I'll visit them again when I'm back. So, how about the picture?"

"Let's wait until This Penniless Monk is done with the temple's matters. Alright?" Fangzheng was exhausted.

Uncle Li immediately said, "Master, is that an agreement? Alright, I'll wait here!"

Fangzheng shook his head helplessly. When did he agree? Wasn't this fellow cozying up to him too easily?

However, it wasn't appropriate for Fangzheng to say anything. Since he had such passion, Fangzheng couldn't just give him a slap in the face and tell him to scram, right?

After temporarily putting this matter aside, Fangzheng took wide strides to the foot of the mountain. When he looked up, he was surprised to see a familiar person guarding the entrance-Bao Yuluo!

When Bao Yuluo saw Fangzheng, she heaved a sigh of relief. "Master, you are finally back!"

Fangzheng asked in puzzlement, "Patron, what exactly happened?"

Bao Yuluo said with a wry smile, "How should I put it? Sigh, there are a lot of things going on. Hurry up and go up the mountain. County Head Qi is waiting for you up there."

"Uh, the one who locked down the mountain is County Head Qi?" Fangzheng subconsciously asked.

Bao Yuluo nodded, leaving Fangzheng even more confused. He knew a little about what kind of person County Head Qi was. He was a pragmatic person, so how could he go through all of that just for the sake of meeting him? There must be something wrong in this matter.

Fangzheng rushed up the mountain with Bao Yuluo.

When they arrived outside the monastery, they saw County Head Qi wearing a down jacket. He had his hands clasped behind his back as he paced back and forth. He was so furious that he almost jumped into the Heavenly Dragon Pond to simmer down.

"County Head Qi, Abbot Fangzheng is back," Bao Yuluo said.

Fangzheng saw County Head Qi rush over with quick, wide steps. He grabbed Fangzheng's shoulder, and said excitedly, "Abbot Fangzheng, you are finally back!"