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1180 A Different Wedding

 Tian Xin's apartment was on the third floor, and leading to it, red ribbons and flower petals filled the corridor. When Fangzheng reached the door to Tian Xin's house, he saw that it was open. In the house, a couple was looking at Tian Xin with teary eyes. Judging by their looks, Fangzheng guessed that they might be Ding Mu's parents.

Naturally, the two elders were stunned when they saw Fangzheng. Following that, they ran over and hugged him, after which Fangzheng heard a loud cry. It was heart-wrenching as tears soaked his clothes.

Fangzheng didn't move, allowing them to hug him and cry. Not far away, Tian Xin gave him an apologetic smile, while Fangzheng returned an understanding look.

The two elders only let go after they were done crying, then apologized and thanked him.

Fangzheng immediately said pleasantries like "you're welcome," "it's fine," "I'm sorry for your loss."

As the sound of the drumming got louder and louder downstairs, everyone's attention was also diverted. They helped the bride make the final preparations. Those that needed to hold the flowers and umbrellas picked up the items.

Tian Xin threw a set of clothes to Fangzheng and said, "These are the best man's clothes. Quickly change into them."

Fangzheng went into a room and changed into a red best man's suit. He looked into the mirror and was mesmerized. He sighed and said, "This guy was quite handsome."

The moment he came out, Tian Xin said to Fangzheng, "You are the best man, not a bridesmaid. You can go down now and escort the groom up. We will be beginning the wedding door games."

Fangzheng nodded and rushed downstairs.

When he reached the entrance, Fangzheng was stunned. He saw that handsome men and beautiful women filled the groom party at the entrance. The men were tall and handsome, while the women looked valiant and heroic. Especially the girl who was striking the drum, she looked especially energetic!

But what truly surprised Fangzheng was that these people weren't wearing traditional red costumes, but green military uniforms with red sashes diagonally across them. In other words, they were soldiers! Or rather, firefighters!

The moment everyone saw Fangzheng, the music paused, as if they knew about Ding Mu.

However, Fangzheng's heart palpitated as he thought to himself, "So Tian Xin is going to marry a firefighter. This is terrible. The ones who will be helping him are his comrades-in-arms. In their eyes, this face of mine is definitely that of an enemy's. It's a face that's asking for a beating. No, they might beat me up when no one's looking..."

As Fangzheng's thoughts ran wild, the others snapped back to their senses as they pulled Fangzheng aside one by one. Just as one of the girls was about to ask something, the bridal side already started urging them to head upstairs.

A large group of people rushed over. A group of strong lads rushed over like a flood. How could the girls guarding the door be their match? They instantly stormed through.

Fangzheng followed the crowd as he looked around. He was shocked to discover that he didn't see the groom! At the very least, none of the people in front of him were dressed like a groom.

Tian Xin was quickly brought out. She boarded the sedan, and a large group of people made their way off into the distance with great fanfare.

Fangzheng was somewhat dumbfounded. He was the best man, so shouldn't he be by the groom's side at all times? Why didn't he see the groom the entire time? Who was he best man to?

Following the large group, they soon arrived at the hotel. Following that, Tian Xin stood by the door while Fangzheng and another best man followed. They welcomed the arrival of their friends and family.

Fangzheng finally couldn't help but ask, "Tian Xin, where's the groom?"

Tian Xin smiled and glanced at a box beside her. "Isn't he here?"

Fangzheng was taken aback. He looked down and saw two words carved on the box on the stool: "Ding Mu!"

Fangzheng was instantly stunned. She was marrying ashes?

Fangzheng knew very well that modern society was not an old society where one could marry a few wives, nor could anyone have a few husbands as a matriarch. Now, society enforced monogamy. Not a single spouse more was possible; in fact, it was illegal!

Now that Tian Xin was going to marry Ding Mu's ashes, it meant that she was going to marry Ding Mu. If she were to get married again in the future, that would be a second marriage. To her, this would be a disadvantage. More importantly, this was equivalent to staying a widow forever.

Tian Xin seemed to see through Fangzheng's worries. She smiled and said, "Today is the day I agreed on with Ding Mu. I promised him that today would be the last day I'd be waiting. If he didn't achieve our agreed upon goal by today, we could either break up or get married. Of course, I now have complete say in this matter, so I've decided to marry him."

"Are your parents agreeable to it?"

Tian Xin said, "They weren't at first, but they've agreed by now. Ding Mu gave me a chance to be reborn. I'm only marrying him, not dying. There's nothing to disagree with."

Fangzheng frowned and asked in a low voice, "Have you really never thought of dying?"

Tian Xin was taken aback. Just as she was about to answer, Fangzheng said, "I can tell if a person is lying. Don't lie. Either you don't answer, or you tell me the truth."

Tian Xin lowered her head and remained silent.

Fangzheng instantly understood that she had indeed entertained the thought of dying.

Fangzheng didn't say another word. The wedding continued with Tian Xin and Ding Mu's ashes bowing to heaven and earth, followed by them bowing to their parents. Finally, Tian Xin carried Ding Mu's ashes and went to every table to propose a toast. The atmosphere was rather lively, but there was a strange coldness amidst the commotion. Everyone was smiling, but behind their smiles, they felt sorry for the girl, and they were touched by Tian Xin and Ding Mu's love.

The wedding quickly ended. When everyone dispersed, Tian Xin suddenly came to Fangzheng.

The two of them did not speak but walked out quietly. They sat on a long bench, one on each side of the bench. In the middle lay the hero dog sprawled on the ground.

Tian Xin broke the silence again and took a deep breath. "I have thought of dying."

Fangzheng didn't say a word.

Tian Xin continued. "Now that Ding Mu has left, my world has crumbled. The future I'd been thinking of for years has suddenly become meaningless. But I still have my parents. I can't die so selfishly."

Fangzheng said, "That's why you chose to be a firefighter. If anything happens, you will be at the forefront. If you were to die in an accident, it wouldn't be committing suicide, right?"

Tian Xin lowered her head and said, "I just want to die more naturally, more like a hero. They would be proud of me."

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "A dead hero is worth remembering. They are the role models of society, but they aren't teaching you to die! On the contrary, they used their actions to tell you that life is precious. Similarly, this world also needs living heroes. Think about yourself and think about Ding Mu. You might think that you are quite tragic, but how many people in this world might face the same tragedy? Ding Mu saved you not to die, but for you to live. Just as you said, he's watching you from heaven. You can make others think that you died a hero and in a very natural manner, but he will see the truth. When you meet him in heaven, how will you explain yourself?"