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1173 Perfect Boyfriend

 As they walked along the river bank, Tian Xin happily walked ahead, jumping onto the curb from time to time as she spread her arms. Maintaining her balance, she walked forward step by step. Then, she feigned falling, hoping to trick Fangzheng into helping her.

Unfortunately, the person following behind wasn't Ding Mu himself, but an even duller, more bastardly darn baldy.

Although it wasn't easy to guess what was on the mind of girls at times, it was also easy at times. At least when they acted cute and spoiled, their intelligence was almost zero! It was something only adolescent youths who were in their honeymoon period would fall for.

Meanwhile the bald man looked up from time to time, a result of his fear of being struck by lightning, and he appeared too adorable.

In any case, Fangzheng could see through Tian Xin's intentions at a glance. Hence, he kept looking up at the sky, ignoring whether she was pretending or not. Fangzheng refused to believe that she could fall into his arms and cause him to be struck by lightning!

"Is there money up in the sky?" Tian Xin asked unhappily when she realized that Fangzheng's eyes were staring straight into the sky, completely oblivious to her actions.

Fangzheng shook his head.

Tian Xin asked, "Then why are you still looking at the sky?"

Fangzheng nodded. "That makes sense."

Hence, Fangzheng began looking at the ground.

Tian Xin was so angry that she was about to explode. "Is there money on the ground?"

Fangzheng squatted down and picked up a penny from the curb. He grinned and said, "There really is..."

"I'll fight it out with you!"

Peeved, Tian Xin lunged at him!

Fangzheng didn't expect this girl to be so savage. She attacked without any premonition! He hurriedly extended his hand and held Tian Xin's forehead a distance from him.

Ding Mu was about 1.8 meters tall, and Tian Xin was a little cutie who was nearly 1.6 meters tall. Ding Mu's arm was so long that he resembled a long-armed ape. When he reached out and distanced himself from Tian Xin, she angrily realized that no matter how much she swung her arms, all she could do was tug at Fangzheng's clothes!

Tian Xin said angrily, "Let go!"

Fangzheng said, "Then don't... Hey! Hey! Hey!"

Before Fangzheng could finish speaking, Tian Xin hugged Fangzheng's arm and opened her mouth!

Fangzheng wasn't afraid of pain, but afraid...

"Oh my, is there iron in your arm? Why is it so hard?" Tian Xin covered her mouth as she looked at Fangzheng with resentment.

Fangzheng scratched his nose and said, "This... Perhaps I've been supplementing on calcium recently."

"Bah! What kind of calcium can make you as hard as a crab?" Tian Xin rolled her eyes at Fangzheng.

However, this girl didn't seem appeased. At this moment, she glanced at a small restaurant not far away and said, "This meal is your treat, right?"

Fangzheng said in surprise, "You're still eating?"

If Fangzheng's memory didn't fail him, they had just had lunch an hour ago. But in the blink of an eye, they were having a meal again? He subconsciously took a glance at Tian Xin's stomach as Tian Xin's face blushed red. "What are you looking at? Stop imagining things! Since you made me angry, and I can't bite you or beat you, I will spend your money to make your heart ache!"

Fangzheng was instantly rendered speechless. He thought to himself, "Indeed, what's on a woman's mind... is completely different from how men think."

Fangzheng had forgotten that he was an imposter. His thoughts were naturally different from an actual boyfriend's.

In a fit of anger, Tian Xin dragged Fangzheng to have a second meal.

It was already one o'clock in the afternoon. Most of the customers in the small restaurant had dispersed, leaving only a table of men sitting at the entrance smoking, drinking, and bragging about deals that amounted to billions-something even they might not believe.

Tian Xin did not mind the restaurant being small. Instead, she found a seat with great familiarity. She casually took two napkins, wiped the footprints off the stool, and pointed at the stool and said, "Sit here!"

This was the first time Fangzheng was being taken care of by a girl. He felt warmth in his heart before sitting down. He seemed to forget that wiping the stool for a girlfriend was also a privilege of a boyfriend. However, Fangzheng had never been able to get into Ding Mu's identity from the beginning, so he didn't take this into account.

Tian Xin rolled her eyes at the insensitive Fangzheng before wiping her stool clean and sitting opposite him. "What do you want to eat?"

Fangzheng looked up at the huge menu on the wall, and his eyes lit up. He finally saw something that could fill his stomach! Hence, he said, "I want a bowl of clear soup noodles. What about you?"

Tian Xin shook her head and said, "I'll just watch you eat."

When Fangzheng saw Tian Xin's smiling big eyes, he suddenly realized that the reason why Tian Xin had clamored about eating was that she most likely knew that he wasn't full. That was why she had asked for a second round of meals.

He had not interacted much with Tian Xin, but Fangzheng could sense that Tian Xin was a very patient, lively, and meticulous girl. At the very least, her love for Ding Mu exceeded the importance she placed on money and other things. From the way she took care of Fangzheng with great familiarity, Fangzheng could see that Tian Xin took good care of Ding Mu when they were together.

With this in mind, Fangzheng suddenly felt envious of Ding Mu. Although Tian Xin wasn't a particularly good-looking girl, anyone who was with her would definitely be happy.

Soon, the clear soup noodles were served. Tian Xin really had no intention of eating them. She sat by the side, her hands propping her chin as she tilted her head to watch him eat. This creeped Fangzheng out. He wondered if this girl was trying to fatten him up before stewing him when they were home?

As his thoughts ran wild, Fangzheng ate a few mouthfuls of noodles. The food tasted pretty good.

Just as Fangzheng was about to say something, someone at another table suddenly laughed.

Fangzheng and Tian Xin looked over curiously and saw four men smoking and drinking. They were laughing extremely happily.

Just as Fangzheng was about to retract his gaze, he saw a man laugh out loud. "Come here. One burn for a mouthful."

Before Fangzheng could figure out what was going on, he saw the man point his cigarette at his feet. Fangzheng shifted his body to get a better view and realized that there was a dog at the man's feet!

The dog seemed to be able to understand the other party's words. Without leaving, it stood there and allowed the man to tap the cigarette butt on its back, producing sizzling sounds. The burning of fur emitted a burnt smell. The man pressed hard on the dog's back, extinguishing it.

Only then did the man laugh happily. He then threw some of the bones on the table to the ground.

The dog immediately sat down and started eating. However, there wasn't much food, so it finished in a few bites.

The dog continued to look up at the four men.

Another person mimicked the first and waved his cigarette butt. "Come over, Ashtray. Extinguish it, and I'll reward you with food."

The dog who was called Ashtray immediately moved closer. There was no joy or pain in its eyes, only numbness, as if it was already used to this kind of life.

If others saw this scene, they might laugh along with it, or walk over to speak up for the dog out of pity...