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1172 Baldys Intelligence

 Seeing that the girl had calmed down and stopped throwing herself at him, Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief.

By now, Fangzheng was already sure that this girl was Ding Mu's girlfriend, Tian Xin. However, he really didn't know how the situation would develop. The difficulty level was too high! In the past, all the problems he encountered were problems within his own field of studies. Now, it was considered beyond his level.

"I'll just take one step at a time." Fangzheng mumbled.

"What did you say?" Tian Xin's ears were sharp as well. She immediately heard Fangzheng's casual muttering.

Fangzheng said, "Uh, I think we should find that dog first. No matter what, he's still a benefactor."

Tian Xin nodded. "That makes sense. Anyway, we don't have much to do now. Let's go and find the dog!"

Fangzheng nodded immediately before leading the charge forward.

When Tian Xin saw this, she rolled her eyes and mumbled. "Why did I find such an unromantic idiot? Woe be me!"

As she spoke, Tian Xin had already caught up to Fangzheng.

Although the stray dog had not been gone for long, one couldn't look down on the speed of a dog. Furthermore, the dog didn't necessarily take the pavement. The city was huge, and it was filled with twists and turns. It was extremely difficult to find it.

They searched for a long time but could not find the dog.

"Ah... I can't walk anymore. Idiot, let's find a place to rest!" Tian Xin shouted as she massaged her feet.

Fangzheng looked at Tian Xin's pitiful look and thought that if he could hold on for a while longer and tire her out, he could probably go home. With this in mind, Fangzheng seemed to be on steroids as he said in high spirits, "How can we do that? That's a life-saving dog. We have to find it no matter what before resting. Let's go. If we persist, victory awaits us!"

With that said, Fangzheng prepared to walk forward, but after taking two steps, a pair of fair hands wrapped around his neck. Tian Xin said with a sweet voice, "Since you have such great stamina, carry me!"

When Fangzheng heard that, he seemed to hear thunder above the nine heavens as he hurriedly said, "I think we should rest for a while."

"Look at how lazy you are. What's wrong with carrying me?" Tian Xin rolled her eyes at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng subconsciously replied, "It's easy to be struck by lightning if we don't take a break."

"What did you say?" Tian Xin frowned and stood with her arms akimbo.

Since Fangzheng couldn't lie, he had no choice but to use a diversion tactic. He pointed into the distance and shouted. "Aren't you hungry? Let's go grab something to eat first."

"Humph..." Tian Xin snorted to express her displeasure.

Unfortunately, as usual, the person in front of her was a block of wood. He couldn't understand her!

Fangzheng did not understand the meaning of the snort. Instead, he immediately pointed at a roadside stall not far away and said, "Let's have some gaifan[1]?"

Tian Xin looked at Fangzheng with a faint smile, her little canine teeth grinding together.

Fangzheng immediately felt as though he had been targeted by a wolf. His entire body felt creeped out, so he asked, "Do you want to eat noodles?"

Tian Xin smiled and said, "Very good. Ding Mu, be stingy. Let's see if you can find any cheaper food!"

Fangzheng took her at her word and said, "Fried fritters are cheap."

"Ding... Mu! I want to strangle you!" Tian Xin roared as she rushed over.

Seeing that the situation was deteriorating, Fangzheng quickly ran!

Thus, a scene of a beautiful female assassin chasing after a criminal played out on the road.

As Fangzheng ran, he lamented in his heart. How stingy is this Ding Mu usually? I'm already in this state, but this lass doesn't find it abnormal? Could this be their norm?

After a long-distance pursuit, it finally turned into a farce. Tian Xin eventually caught Fangzheng and dragged him into a Western restaurant.


A thick black book was thrown in front of Fangzheng. Tian Xin smiled and said, "Speak. What do you want to eat?"

Fangzheng picked up the book and took a look. Only then did he realize that this beautiful book was only a menu! When he opened it, he saw the prices... A cup of coffee cost 95 yuan!

Fangzheng's forehead was covered in cold sweat as his mind was filled with the pathetic three hundred yuan in his wallet. Apparently, this bit of money wasn't even enough to order four cups of coffee. As for ordering food? He couldn't afford it!

When Tian Xin saw this, she wrinkled her nose and said, "Look at how stingy you are. It may be a little expensive, but it's my birthday today, so I'm the queen today! We'll eat whatever I say. I want to eat western food today!"

When Fangzheng heard that, he broke out into a cold sweat. He thought, "You can eat western food, but the problem is will they let us leave after eating?"

Before Fangzheng could say anything, Tian Xin added a line. "I have another request. That is, let me pay for everything today!"

Fangzheng was stunned. This girl wanted to pay? His heart, which was beating wildly, instantly quieted down. As long as he didn't need to pay, he didn't care what she ate!

However, in China's entire 5000 year history of traditional virtues, it seemed it had never been appropriate for a girl to treat her boyfriend, especially on her birthday. Hence, Fangzheng politely said, "Uh, that's not too nice, right?"

"Not too nice? Then, you can pay for it." Tian Xin giggled.

Fangzheng hurriedly said, "It's quite nice to have you foot the bill."

Tian Xin's smile immediately turned bitter as she glared at Fangzheng. "Can you be any more stingy?"

"Help me order more. I heard that the servings for Western food aren't a lot," said Fangzheng.

Tian Xin stretched out her hand and waved it in front of Fangzheng. Then, she touched a knife in front of him, and her other hand held her own knife. She chuckled and said, "I'll give you three seconds to reorganize your words."

Fangzheng looked at the shiny cutlery, coughed dryly, and said, "Hmm... Actually, I can eat less."

"That's more like it. Waiter, give us three steaks. I want mine medium done. Give him two rare steaks!" Tian Xin looked at Fangzheng with a sinister smile as though she was saying, "Look, I gave you more!"

Fangzheng immediately turned anxious when he heard that he would have to eat steak. Although some monks could eat the three types of clean meat now, Fangzheng wasn't sure if he wouldn't be struck to death by lightning if he ate a mouthful of meat. Furthermore, if the meat was rare, he was afraid that he would be biting down on a mouthful of blood!

Therefore, Fangzheng hurriedly shouted. "I think I'll just have some vegetables."

"Although there are vegetables at a Western restaurant, how can you be full if you don't eat meat?" Tian Xin said.

Fangzheng glanced at the steak on the table not too far away and chuckled. "It's not like eating meat will fill you either, right?"

Tian Xin and the waiter were speechless. Does this fellow have any romantic cells in him? Do people really care about eating their fill in such an ambience? This pig head!

Finally, under Fangzheng's adamant request, his order consisted of a fruit salad and some bread slices. After the meal, with a pained expression, he looked at the bill before him and followed Tian Xin out.

Tian Xin did pay for it, but when making the payment, Fangzheng realized that she had used his card!

Fangzheng finally found the reason for Ding Mu's poverty. It wasn't that he didn't have the ability to earn money, but that his money had been confiscated...

[1] Basic dish of rice covered with meat, fish, or vegetables.