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1164 More Heroes

 The Lahu tribe, being simple people, hadn't even decided on a price for many of their items, especially worthless things like pickled vegetables. So when they found the items taken away with a stack of cash left in their hands, they stood rooted to the ground with a blank look on their faces. When had it become so easy to earn money?

Not only was this the case for food items, but some of the ethnic accessories were also purchased at high prices.

As for the Ancient Tree Tea, once it was brought out, people who knew tea immediately exclaimed that it was top-grade and were adamant about buying it.

At this moment, Uncle Iron reacted and quickly took control. Although earning money was a good thing, everything was too sudden, and they needed to calm down. More importantly, they still didn't know how much their things were worth.

With Uncle Iron's intervention, this chaotic rush to purchase items finally ended.

It was only then that the Lahu people realized that their homes were almost empty... Immediately, they did not know whether to cry or laugh.

Not long after, the local government stepped in. They sent men to help those who couldn't return home overnight.

After all, the Lahu village was too small to accommodate so many people.

Although there were still people who claimed that the highest bidders should be able to stay, Uncle Iron felt that that would be akin to a scam. He stubbornly refused.

However, this was only the first day. As the path of nature became more and more famous, more and more tourists came to the Lahu tribe. Later on, they were even included in a Hollywood movie. In an instant, their reputation was spread overseas, and many foreigners came to visit the path of nature.

The Lahu people became richer, but no one had forgotten the youth who had danced the lusheng dance with them that night-that youth who looked very handsome when he smiled, so handsome that they almost ripped his clothes off.

However, there was one special case; Ji Xiang. She knew that Chang Feng was not Chang Feng, but someone else. When she grew up and learned more about the world, she understood that there was only one person in this world who could have done it. A man who lived in the northeast.

But that was all part of the epilogue. At the moment, the Lahu people were still at a loss by the sudden influx of tourists.

At that moment, in One Finger Monastery's backyard and meditation room, a cry of surprise was heard. "What? My previous identity was a dead person?"

Fangzheng asked the System in disbelief. He already knew everything after reading the news.

The System said, "What else? If not, do you really think you can replace a person? We have no rights to deprive anyone of their life and body's control."

"You could let me act as someone who doesn't exist," said Fangzheng matter-of-factly.

The System asked, "You're only considering whether it's reasonable, but have you considered what this mission was for?"

Fangzheng was stunned.

The System said, "Li Xi was Chang Feng's benefactor. Once, when Chang Feng's child was playing and nearly fell, Li Xi, who was passing by, crawled to the fifth floor with his bare hands, holding the child to prevent it from falling or asphyxiating to death. He held onto the child for two hours until rescue arrived, Li Xi nearly collapsed from exhaustion when he came down.

At that time, Li Xi had already been working for several days. The exhausted him had managed to persist for two hours on sheer willpower.

Chang Feng wanted to thank Li Xi, but Li Xi declined. Despite this, Chang Feng had always remembered this debt and wanted to repay it to him, so he introduced all sorts of jobs to Li Xi.

Chang Feng was the one who introduced him to the job of cleaning the facade of Hengxin Building.

In the end, Li Xi fell off the building and died.

Ridden with guilt, he made sure the company heard his complaints and was allowed to deliver the compensation.

Chang Feng drove in an extremely guilty and painful mental state and got into a car accident. If he had called the police immediately, he would have survived.

But he still hugged the bag of money and climbed out of the car, wanting to continue making his way.

His bones had already fractured due to the intense impact. However, he relied on his willpower to stagger forward. Eventually, his latent injuries made him succumb on the road.

However, he was unwilling to accept this fate. The guilt in his heart turned into an infinite obsession to send the money to Li Xi's family. This obsession triggered the Formless Door, and it became your mission.

When Fangzheng heard this, he understood the situation. He scratched his nose and said, "I see. In that case, Li Xi and Chang Feng are heroes. I was basically helping the heroes fulfill their final wishes and inherited their spirits and stories, right?"

The System said, "Yes, but this time, you used Chang Feng's identity, so everyone will remember Chang Feng, not you. Therefore, your merit reward will be doubled. However, the subsequent merit has nothing to do with you. Do you regret it?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "My heart aches for losing merit, but in this world, a single Fangzheng isn't enough. The world needs more heroes. Therefore, I'm feeling pretty good now! As for regret? There's none."

Upon saying this, Fangzheng grinned and looked into the sky. He muttered to himself. "Li Xi, rest in peace. Your family has a blissful life. Chang Feng, rest in peace. This Penniless Monk has helped you complete your last wish."

"Ding! Congratulations on completing the Formless Door's mission. The completion rate is 100%, and the evaluation: perfect! Do you want to draw now?" asked the System.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Not yet. I need peace."

"Who is Peace?" asked the System.

"Cheeky!" Fangzheng rolled his eyes at the sky.

System: "Hehe..."

At the same time, the story between Li Xi and Chang Feng was dug out by the reporters. Instantly, the Internet was filled with sighs.

But most of it was...

"They're all heroes!"

"A hero cherishes a hero. Heroes, please rest in peace!"

"I hope that there will be more heroes in our world. I also hope that the media will pay more attention to our heroes! The world needs more positivity."

"The facts have proven that there are not only superheroes in this world. Although Fangzheng is powerful, the world is still supported by these common heroes."

"I agree."


On this day, fan clubs of Chang Feng and Li Xi were established. Their fans would light candles and Kong Ming Lanterns to pray for them. At the same time, they told their stories to the public, as well as the mythical story of the money delivery by the undying hero's soul.

"Brother, do you think there are really gods in this world?" Ji Xiang asked Ji Han.

Ji Han said without a thought, "Definitely. No matter what others say, Brother Changfeng is a god to me! What about you?"

Ji Xiang smiled and did not say a word. She hugged her knees and looked at the bonfire in front of her with narrowed eyes. It was unknown what was on her mind.

Fangzheng composed himself and took a deep breath. He opened his cabinet and took out the green kasaya at the bottom. He draped it over his body and silently recited. "System, begin the draw!"

"Are you sure?" the System asked.

"Yes!" said Fangzheng affirmatively.