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1162 The Gods Have Shown Their Powers

 However, Fangzheng didn't change much of the entrance to the Lahu people's mountain. If one wasn't familiar with the area, they wouldn't be able to bypass the thick treeline and see the path of nature.

It wasn't that Fangzheng was lazy, but that he felt that doing so was better and more mysterious. Furthermore, it wouldn't lessen the effects of the road, nor would it cause frequent passersby to be too surprised.

When he turned back to look at the mountain again, Fangzheng felt a little dazed. It was as though everything he had experienced over the past two days was a dream. However, he knew that the people who were truly dreaming were about to wake up. He did not know what kind of expression the Lahu people would have when they woke up and saw this scene...

After all, when Fangzheng looked back, even he felt a sense of shock.

At that moment, Fangzheng heard the sound of a vehicle, one used for commuting. Fangzheng immediately contacted the System. "Formless Door, let's go home!"

The next moment, Fangzheng vanished.

At the same time, the driver of the long-distance coach rubbed his eyes and asked, "Hey, did you see the monk in front just now? He disappeared in a flash!"

"You saw it too?" the woman sitting in the front passenger seat asked.

The two exchanged looks and looked at the misty mountains. They trembled and after confirming that there was no one nearby, they sped up and left.

At the same time, Ji Han and Ji Xiang also discovered that Fangzheng was missing. When they found Fangzheng's farewell note in the room, Ji Han mumbled. "Did Brother Chang feel bad? Is that why he left overnight? No, I have to go after him and tell him that we don't blame him."

With Ji Xiang supporting him, Ji Han quickly ran out.

Ji Xiang ran off to tell the others, but the moment she left the house, she saw the Lahu people in their ethnic costumes. The few young men that remained wore solemn expressions as they prepared to follow Uncle Iron out.

Seeing Ji Xiang run over, Uncle Iron asked, "Ji Xiang, stay at home and take care of the guest."

Ji Xiang shook her head and said, "Grandpa Iron, Brother Changfeng has left. He left last night and didn't come back."

Uncle Iron was taken aback. Thinking back to the conversation he had with Fangzheng last night, he frowned. He had no idea why Fangzheng had left.

However, since he had left, Uncle Iron had no choice but to nod and say, "Since he has left, there's nothing we can do."

Following that, Uncle Iron began to arrange the matters in the tribe. He was not only a blacksmith, he was also the tribal leader of the Lahu. With him heading out and bringing along so many young men with him, he had to arrange for the other people's safety, such as arranging their defenses against wild boars.

This process lasted for nearly half an hour.

Just as Uncle Iron was about to set off, Ji Han suddenly ran back in a tizzy. As he ran, he shouted. "Grandpa Iron! The gods have shown their powers! The gods have shown their powers!"

Uncle Iron was stunned for a moment before chiding him. "Ji Han, you're not young anymore. Why are you still so rash? What do you mean the gods have shown their powers?"

Ji Han pointed outside the village and said, "Grandpa Iron, I'm telling the truth. The gods have really shown their powers! We have a road!"

"What do you mean by road?" Uncle Iron was really confused, completely puzzled by Ji Han's words.

Ji Han was also anxious, but he was too excited. He was so excited that he started to speak incoherently. "I... Aiya, there's a road. It was opened up. Many trees... I can't explain it clearly. Grandpa Iron, go and take a look!"

It was Uncle Iron's first time seeing Ji Han in such a state. Curious, he gathered the villagers over to investigate the situation.

After leaving the village and walking forward, Uncle Iron was stunned when he reached the foot of the mountain.

He had lived in the village for decades, so he was extremely familiar with the plants and trees here.

The area in front of them should have been a small forest, one where all kinds of plants randomly grew. There should have only been a tiny trail that was a result of people often stepping over the same plants.

But in front of him was a ten-meter wide road!

There was no grass on the road, only flat rocks!

The two sides of the road were still overgrown with weeds, but the grass appeared to refuse to enter the road as though someone had drawn an imaginary line.

On both sides of the road, wild flowers were blooming and looked very beautiful.

Most importantly, this path was not a short trail, but a path that led straight to the peak!

Standing at the foot of the mountain, he looked up and saw that the grass and trees had retreated. The trees had formed a shelter that provided shade. The path was dotted with fresh flowers and hanging vines. It was like a natural passageway!

However, there was no such passageway here yesterday. It had been created overnight. If these weren't the means of a god, Uncle Iron had no idea who could achieve such a miraculous feat.

Ji Han said, "Grandpa Iron, look, I was right, right? This must have been done by a god! The god must have taken pity on us Lahu and given us a road. In the future, we won't have to suffer so much crossing the mountains. We can sell our products!"

The more Ji Han spoke, the more excited he became. He seemed to see the future of the village...

At that moment, Ji Xiang said, "It's not just selling our products. This road is a miracle itself. If it's used to develop tourism, not only can our village survive, we can also make a fortune! When I was in school, a few of my classmates' hometowns relied on tourism to become rich. I think we can do the same."

Uncle Iron nodded as well. "Indeed, this is a gift from the heavens. Since it's a gift from the Heavens, we can't desecrate it like this. Let's not announce it to the outside world first. Having too many people visit might ruin its beauty. However, we have to speed up the sale of our products. Chang Feng said that our Ancient Tree Tea is very valuable, especially those aged ones. We cannot let those merchants reap all the profits any longer. We need to find our own ways to earn some money.

"With this road, I'm going to lead everyone to become rich. I can't let the children head to the big cities and risk their lives. Xi taught us a lesson, and I don't want it to happen again! However, I'm still unsure of the specifics as to how we should move forward. I'll go pick up Xi first and find time to learn from others."

When everyone heard the beautiful future described by Uncle Iron, they smiled happily. Who didn't want their families to reunite if possible? Who would want their children to risk their lives elsewhere?

After Uncle Iron settled everything, he led the men out of the mountain.

No one noticed that Ji Xiang's eyes were glimmering, nor did anyone notice that there was something odd about her.

No one knew that Ji Xiang had followed Fangzheng out last night. She saw Fangzheng chatting with Uncle Iron and saw Uncle Iron leave.

Although she did not see the scene of Fangzheng controlling the plants, she saw the familiar Chang Feng transform into a bald monk in white!

This sight scared her out of her wits, and she ran back home.

Yet, a magical path had been paved today. She immediately thought of Fangzheng, but she wasn't sure that this was his work, so she didn't say anything.