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1153 Warriors

 "Sir, do you need to go that far?" the child's father asked.

"Lad, keep saying that and we'll call the police!"

"This is equivalent to robbing! Don't you have a conscience?"

As everyone began to criticize Fangzheng, a teenager added, "A real gentleman only gains his wealth in the right way. What's the difference between this and extortion?"

Fangzheng was taken aback when he heard that. From his point of view, that person should have been speaking in dialect, but the way he spoke was filled with elegance. It was completely incompatible with his appearance.

Instead, a girl was a little afraid of trouble as she tugged at the boy and whispered, "Brother..."

"It's fine. Our father said that a man should not be afraid of trouble when he sees injustice!" The boy was unyielding. He pointed at Fangzheng and said, "If you dare to cause trouble again, I'll call the police to arrest you!"

Fangzheng glanced at the stubborn boy with interest, but he immediately turned extremely ferocious. "Shut up! The two of you can forget about leaving if you don't compensate me for my Manchu Han Imperial Feast today!"

With that said, Fangzheng blocked the door.

"I'm calling the police! Just you wait!" After the boy finished shouting, he realized that he had no cell phone to call the police. Hence, he asked others in embarrassment, "Do you have a cell phone to call the police?"

The woman sitting in the front passenger seat said, "I'll call the police."

At this moment, the child's father hurriedly stood up and said, "Everyone, don't be so agitated. Harmony brings wealth. There's no need to call the police."

The child's mother also said, "That's right. We just need to calm down. Sir, how much should we compensate you? I'll give you a hundred, okay?"

As he spoke, the child's mother took out her wallet. Fangzheng glanced at the thickness of the wallet and guessed that it contained about three to five hundred yuan.

Fangzheng didn't take her money and sneered. "Why don't you try buying a Manchu Han Imperial Feast with a hundred yuan for me?"

"You're too much. They aren't in the wrong either. Now that they are giving you money, you actually say it's insufficient?" The teenager was furious, so angry that he had the urge to beat up Fangzheng.

Fangzheng didn't even look at him. Instead, he looked at the child's mother and said, "Don't even think about getting off this bus without three thousand yuan! Also, don't blame me for being ruthless when we reach the station!"

With that said, Fangzheng picked up a farming hoe from someone beside him. He weighed it in his hand and looked fiercely at everyone.

When everyone saw this, their hearts sank. Although they had many people, most of them were old and weak. There was only a young man who didn't dare to involve himself. Although the teenager wanted to help, was he the match of a scumbag with a hoe?

Seeing that he had taken control of the situation, Fangzheng gave the couple a sideways glance. "How is it? Are you paying up?"

"This..." The child's mother was also stunned. She had never seen anyone as scoundrelly as this over all these years!

The child's father was also at a loss as to what to do. Fight? Fangzheng had a weapon, so he definitely couldn't beat him. But if he didn't fight...

The child's father said bitterly, "Brother, we don't have that much money on us. Look... why don't we give it all to you? Can you let us get off the bus?"

"You are just promoting his misdeeds by doing this! You can't give him any money, or he'll do it often in the future," shouted the teenager.

The others persuaded as well...

However, the child's father was determined to pay up. Everyone was angry and helpless. No one noticed that a youth who was listening to music and appearing uninvolved had already secretly sent a text message to his friend to inform him of the situation. He had requested the police to be called in.

The child's father wanted to pay, but the teenager objected to it. Fangzheng didn't say a word as he looked coldly at him.

After arguing for a while, the child's father said angrily, "Kid, why are you so nosy?"

The teenager was stunned. He originally imagined that the person to scold him would be that hooligan scumbag, but to his surprise, the victim was helping the perpetrator.

The teenager's younger sister had been afraid the entire time. Seeing him scold the teenager, she tugged at her brother and said, "Brother, don't bother about it."

The teenager glared angrily before he sat down, mumbling, "Biting the hand that feeds you! Serves him right for being extorted!"

When the others saw this, they fell silent. No one liked to be snubbed for their good will. However, everyone looked at Fangzheng with disgust...

Fangzheng ignored them as he grinned at the couple. "Is that bit of money meant for the beggars? Don't even think about getting out of the bus without three thousand!"

At this moment, the driver turned around and said impatiently, "Have you had enough? Get out of the bus if you want to continue making a scene! Otherwise, don't delay others."

The child's father said, "Yes, let's get off the bus and talk."

Fangzheng flicked his hoe and said, "Get off? You better stay here obediently! If you don't pay, no one gets off!"

"You!" The child's father looked at Fangzheng angrily and helplessly.

Fangzheng didn't back down as he glared angrily. It was as if he would kill anyone who came over!

At that moment, the music-listening youth took out his cell phone and took a picture of Fangzheng, the child's parents, as well as the child. He posted it on his WeChat Moments and added a caption: "I encountered a hooligan on the bus while heading to my hometown. He's extorting money with a hoe. I've never seen such a shameless bastard. Here are a few photos!"

The youth didn't have many friends, but all his friends who saw the picture forwarded it. This matter spread by mouth and soon it was everywhere.

The young man also began to write down the detailed information of everything that had happened. All of these were wildly forwarded.

The youth suddenly realized that he was about to go viral! He shot a cold glance at Fangzheng and thought to himself, Don't you want money? I'll make you so viral that you'll die!

As the photos were forwarded, more and more people paid attention to the matter. At the same time, countless curses followed.

Meanwhile, Fangzheng's identity as Chang Feng was also dug out. Many people cursed Chang Feng!

"Chang Feng: 22 years old this year. A native of Kunming. He works at Kunming's Hengxin Real Estate Company. He's considered a white-collar worker. However, some time ago, Hengxin seemed to have met with an accident and several people died..."

With someone doxing Chang Feng's identity, everyone finally found a target. They began to attack Hengxin Real Estate's official website and Weibo, claiming that they would firmly boycot Hengxin Real Estate until it gave an explanation. This commotion caused the Hengxin Real Estate Company's senior manager to be stunned. What was going on? Where did this trouble come from?

Everyone gathered together and immediately discussed a countermeasure, then announced to the public that Hengxin Company had always been honest and kind... Chang Feng's actions had severely damaged the company's image and a violation of social morality. It was even suspected to be a crime. Towards such a person, Hengxin would never keep such a person in hire and have cut off all ties with him...

Upon seeing this, the youth coldly glanced at Fangzheng, who was still in a stalemate.

At that moment, plenty of time had passed. The sky was almost dark, and the other passengers were almost going crazy from waiting. A group of people and the driver were blaming Fangzheng, hoping that he could immediately make way and allow the couple to leave the bus with the child.

Unfortunately, Fangzheng didn't budge!

As for the husband and wife's child, he seemed to become really hungry. Even though Fangzheng was a joy to look at, the baby could no longer be distracted as he began crying again.

The child's mother had already gone mad from Fangzheng's torment. Once the child cried, her last patience was gone. She picked up the cold milk bottle and stuffed it into the child's mouth!

When Fangzheng saw this, he shouted, "Are you paying up or not?"

With that, he snatched the bottle and threw it out of the window!

With that, the passengers were completely enraged!

The driver was enraged as well as he scolded, "You son of a b*tch, do you really think good, honest people are easily bullied? Let me tell you, there aren't any cowards in Yunnan! I'm a Dai[1], and Dai men are fearless warriors! You think you're fierce just because you have a crappy hoe? I'm going to stand here! Let's see you hit me in the head! Come on!"

With that said, the driver stood up from his seat and angrily came in front of Fangzheng.

Sitting in the last row, the man who was sleeping also stood up. "I'm a Another minority ethnic group, found commonly in Laos and Vietnam.Hani[2]. Fighting? A Dai can stand aside. I'll do it!"

Even the woman behind Fangzheng stood up and said angrily, "Young lad, you are too much! It's fine if you want money, but to throw away the child's milk bottle? Are you even human? If you have the ability, come at me! The women of the Yi ethnicity aren't afraid of you either!"

With the few of them taking the lead, the teenager felt fervor course through his veins. He jumped up and shouted, "The Lahu people aren't afraid either! If you want a fight, count me in!"

This time, the teenager's sister didn't stop him. Instead, she stood beside the boy and said crisply with her reddened eyes, "Count me in!"

Fangzheng felt touched and helpless as he looked at the people burning with zeal. He said inwardly with a sobbing tone, People, why are you joining in at such a time?

Fangzheng had to admit that the moment the minority ethnic groups jumped out, the aura these fierce folks brought about was indeed terrifying! He believed that if it were anyone else, they would have given up in fear and run away.

However, Fangzheng couldn't run. If he ran, the two in front of him would leave scot-free.

With so many people standing up for them, a look of surprise flashed in the couple's eyes, as if they had seen hope of getting off the bus.

The youth on the other side was also very excited as he watched this scene. He recorded it and posted it on his WeChat Moments.

This ended up stirring waves. The cursing of Fangzheng became more and more aggressive, but the praises of these ethnic warriors were in no way stingy.

"Holy shit, I'm so pumped by these warriors of Yunnan!"

"F*ck, I want to stand up and roar too, but unfortunately, I'm not there! The Han people's warriors are here!"

"Giving this a heartfelt Like! These are China's children, strong and wearing their hearts on their sleeves!!"

"The 56 ethnic groups are family. Let's unite and screw him!"

"Beat that grandson up!"


The youth became more and more excited from what he saw. At that moment, someone requested to add him as a friend. He opened the request and read the introduction: "Those two are carrying my child. Please, help me."

The youth's excitement instantly vanished. When he looked at the couple, he couldn't help but shiver. Could he have helped the wrong person?

[1] Minority ethnic group and are closely related to the Lao and Thai people

[2] Another minority ethnic group, found commonly in Laos and Vietnam.