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1149 Deathly Comeuppance

 "Calm down. Hurry up and do some PR. Send money to the media and make them shut up!" Luo Hao's wife said anxiously.

"It's too late. The news has already spread. The entire country is boycotting our food products. A few large shopping malls just called us. They are taking all our goods from the shelves!"

"Manager Lu, Manager Chen called to say that the order has been canceled. They don't dare to buy goods from a weeaboo. They are afraid that they would be criticized by others."

"Manager Lu, Old Li's entire team has resigned."

"Manager Lu, thank you for taking care of me all these years, but I can't tolerate working for a weeaboo. My wife said that she'll divorce me if I don't resign. I'm sorry, bye... I hope we never meet again."

Du... Du...

"Damn it! Damn it!" Luo Hao tried his best to let out a roar, but he only mustered a weak whimper.

At that moment, he heard his wife say in a low voice, "It's alright. It's alright. You can sign these contracts for work. They are our last hope..."

Luo Hao couldn't see, but he could still easily sign some contracts. Out of trust, or perhaps, simply because his wife was the only person he had left, Luo Hao said, "No matter what, keep the company afloat."

With that said, Luo Hao signed the document.

After signing ten consecutive times, Luo Hao said, "They will regret it. Once I cross this hurdle..."

"Cross this hurdle?" Before Luo Hao could finish his sentence, his wife said with a hint of mockery, "Do you think you can survive this scandal? You chose to be a dog instead of a human. Who would buy things made by a dog? Your actions were just like what the traitors did in the past. You are a traitor! Even if your present actions can't be punished by the country due to there being no related laws, you have already been exposed. From this day on, you are no longer welcomed in China!"

Luo Hao was stunned when he suddenly heard that. Her voice sounded so foreign and cold, like he was hearing it for the first time. His wife had always been gentle and meek when speaking to him, and she had never dared raise her voice at him.

Luo Hao said, "Are you crazy? Do you know who you're talking to?"

"Of course I know who I'm talking to. Am I not talking to a beast? Luo Hao, you're finished. The Round Table Corporation is finished too," Luo Hao's wife said.

Luo Hao suddenly had an ominous feeling as he asked, "What did you make me sign just now?"

Luo Hao's wife said, "It's nothing. It's just a donation agreement. From today onwards, all the assets of the Round Table Corporation will be auctioned off and donated to charity organizations. You have committed sins your entire life, and you will die a horrible death. I have to do some good deeds for our children. I can't let them follow in your footsteps. Also, you just signed the evidence of when you sold fake medicine back then, as well as of when you got a scapegoat for your hit-and-run five years ago."

The more Luo Hao heard, the more shocked he became. Trembling, he asked, "What... What else did you do?"

"Nothing much. I found the various Japanese military uniforms you've been hiding at home, as well as the essays of you slandering this country and its people. I've already handed them over to the police. You just signed a document that was a confession." Luo Hao's wife paused for a moment.

When Luo Hao heard this, his mind nearly blew up. He yelled with all his strength, "Are you trying to push me to my death! Wasn't I nice to you? My mother treated you better than me. Why are you treating me like this? How can you face her after what you've done?"

When Luo Hao's wife heard this, her eyes were instantly soaked with tears. She slammed the head of the bed and stood up, roaring. "So you still know that you have a mother? Don't you know how your great-grandmother died? She was gang raped by the Japanese and skinned alive before being hung on the city's gates to die from dehydration! Have you forgotten? Your mother sure hasn't! She hates the Japanese the most. And what did you do? You actually chose to be the dog of the Japanese! You actually tried to whitewash the crimes of their past. You earned the money of the Chinese to migrate there to contribute to those sons of b*tches! So you still know of your mother? When the news was exposed, she collapsed in anger. Just moments ago, she passed away!"

Upon hearing this, Luo Hao was instantly dumbfounded. He said in disbelief, "That's impossible. She was still in such good health... Besides, I was just trying to make the family's future better. It is in man's nature to strive for better, what's wrong with that?"

"That's right. It's in man's nature to strive for the better, but are you a man? Because of you, our child was beaten up by a classmate, and the school suggested that he transfer schools. Otherwise, no one can ensure his protection 24 hours a day... Forget it, what's the point in telling you this? Mother-in-law is gone, and I'm no longer related to you. You've already signed the divorce agreement, and you've agreed to give me custody of the child. Live the rest of your days alone! Let's see if the taijin you mentioned will still take care of you. Let's see if they will make your life better!" With that said, Luo Hao's wife got up, and she stomped off into the distance.

Luo Hao called out twice, but there was no response. He lay on the bed, his strength dissipating.

The thought of his mother's death and the experiences he had in his dreams, he felt that all the hard work he had put in was for nothing. He had lost everything.

He suddenly laughed bitterly and said, "Retribution... It's retribution."

After that, Luo Hao stopped breathing. The sensors on his body immediately issued a warning. After the doctor rushed over, he shook his head helplessly and said, "He's dead. Call his family to collect his corpse."

"His wife has already arranged for a funeral services company..." a nurse whispered.


In the end, Luo Hao died. He was buried by the company in a grave that he had bought long ago.

However, it was unknown who announced the news to the public, but the next day, Luo Hao's grave was dug open by someone. His corpse was exposed to the sun, as if wild dogs had visited him. The tomb keeper at the cemetery said that he didn't hear anything.

That day, Luo Hao was buried again, his corpse was dug out again on the third day. His corpse was chopped into pieces...

Helpless, the cemetery could only try contacting Luo Hao's family to get them to change the burial location. However, they couldn't reach anyone...

Helpless, the cemetery buried Luo Hao again. This time, the grave was completely sealed off with cement!

However, that night, the old man finally heard a commotion. There was a loud boom that shook the sky! The old man didn't dare to go check out of fear.

The next day, when he went out, he found that Luo Hao's grave had been blasted apart, and his corpse was once again exposed in the air...

In the end, out of safety, the cemetery tossed Luo Hao's corpse out of the cemetery and claimed that they wouldn't accept the terms of the contract. As long as they were Luo Hao's descendants, they could receive a refund from the cemetery.

However, no one came to ask for a refund. Luo Hao's corpse was also gone. Years later, someone found some bones in a wild dog's nest in the mountains nearby... As for who had thrown his remains into the mountains to feed the wild dogs, there was no way to find out.

Meanwhile, something happened in One Finger Monastery...