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1146 All Dead

 "Do we really not need to give anesthesia?" The other person was a little excited.

"Yes, the anesthetic has to be left for those pitiful animals. As for these things, it's not necessary," the teacher said.

The duo nodded. They had no intention of retreating at all. Their faces were filled with endless madness. As they cheered for the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, they began the incision.

Sakata watched as they cut open his belly. One of them even dug out his intestines for him to see. He saw his heart beating in front of his eyes... At that moment, Sakata felt as though he had seen hell. He only had one last thought: "These Japanese are inhumane. They're all damned devils. Beasts!"

The outcome Fangzheng saw was Sakata's death.

Fangzheng sighed. He knew that this was a good thing for Sakata. After all, Sakata had only died in his dream. If he remained alive, he would only suffer more.

After returning to the cell where Matsushita and Yamamoto were locked up, Fangzheng happened to see Tojo give the colonel a suggestion. "These two won't be able to live much longer. Why don't you recycle the trash? Maybe they can be used for some other experiment?"

The colonel accepted it happily. With a wave of his hand, Yamamoto was dragged out.

This time, the experiment they did to Yamamoto was to test the lethality of a grenade explosion! Yamamoto was tied to a wooden stump, and the Japanese were going to throw the latest grenade model near him to check the damage brought to the human body by the explosion.

Yamamoto stared at the Japanese who were throwing grenades from a distance and used the last of his breath to shout: "F*CK YOU!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yamamoto died, and his corpse was taken away by the Japanese. They did a further examination and measurement before they threw him into the pit they passed when they first arrived.

Matsushita was locked up in a damaged armored vehicle. He failed to escape the vehicle after several attempts, and before he could understand what was going on, he saw a pair of Japanese men outside. They were carrying flamethrowers, and soon, they started spewing fire at the armored vehicle!

Matsushita immediately understood that they were trying to roast him to death.

One of the officers said, "Continue burning. We want to see how much damage our new flamethrower can cause to an armored vehicle."

Another officer said with a grin, "Come on, Koizumi-kun, we both know that this experiment has no meaning at all. No armored vehicles will stop to let us burn them freely... Just say it if you want to roast people for fun. Wouldn't that suffice?"

Koizumi laughed and said, "This is indeed fun. Listen to that fellow's tragic cries. It's so pleasing to the ears. When we open the door, he'll be a ball of delicious roasted meat!"


These words were clearly transmitted into the armored vehicle. After Matsushita cursed them, he stopped breathing. There was only the fragrance of roasted meat lingering in the air... However, it didn't take long before it turned into a burned, charred smell.

Matsushita had died.

Fangzheng turned and left. He went to look for Tojo.

At that moment, Tojo had followed the colonel to a secret chamber. Tojo asked curiously, "Colonel, why did you bring me here?"

"I can see your loyalty. Such a good dog like you is really rare," praised the colonel.

Tojo lowered his head and said, "Not at all. It's only right for me to be loyal to you, Colonel."

"Since you are so loyal, I have decided to give you a difficult mission!"

"Colonel, pray tell," Tojo asked.

"Go in, you'll know once you enter."

With that said, the door opened. There was no one inside; it was completely empty. Tojo had an ominous feeling, but when he thought of how good his relationship with the colonel was, he was certain that he wouldn't harm him. Therefore, to express his loyalty, he boldly walked in.

When the iron door closed, he heard the colonel say from the outside, "What a pity. However, since you are lacking in test subjects, use him. Just as he said, it's only right for him to sacrifice himself for the empire."

When Tojo heard this, he felt a shiver run down his spine. He was being used in an experiment! He immediately crawled to his feet and shouted. "Colonel! You can't do this to me. I'm loyal to you! I still want to be your dog!"

"Isn't it great to use your death to prove your loyalty?" The colonel said coldly.

Tojo saw the look in his eyes and immediately, his heart turned cold. He knew that the colonel had been determined to use him for experiments since the start. Furthermore, the colonel didn't show an inkling of reluctance. In the colonel's eyes, he was probably worse than a dog.

Tojo wanted to call out again, but he felt a pain in his leg. He quickly pulled up his trousers and saw that something had bitten his leg!

Following that, his back hurt. He quickly slapped his body. He knew that there were probably fleas or something inside!

However, before he could struggle a few more times, he discovered that his stamina was rapidly depleting. His body felt uncomfortably itchy. He couldn't help but scratch and scratch. It felt extremely comfortable when he did so, but the moment he stopped, it would itch to death!

He had no choice but to scratch and tear his skin. Even when he reached his bones, he still continued scratching!



He could no longer tell. He just knew that he wanted to die!

Unfortunately, he was doomed to lead a life worse than death.

"Colonel, it looks like our new bacteria have pretty good effects. So far, we have conducted a hundred tests. A total of 180 test subjects have had the same reactions. We didn't find any antibodies..." A voice sounded from the outside.

Only then did Tojo realize that he had been used for a biological weapon experiment!

He knew that his death had been certain the moment he was stained by this thing. However, in his current situation, it was better to die.

"The effects of the plague are not bad. Let's do some dehydration experiments next. Activate the fan. For such a good dog, we should leave some skin as a memento no matter what." The colonel's voice sounded.

Upon hearing this, Tojo's heart turned cold as he cursed. "To think I gave you all my heart. How dare you treat me like this? You guys are really ruthless!"

"Dog, you have to understand that your position wasn't because of your loyalty to us. A person who is willing to live as a dog merely to survive is worse than a dog. Don't tell me you don't understand that? The moment you knelt down, your status was already worse than a dog's. Remember, status is not something you obtain by kneeling down to beg, but by using strength! Your country is finished, and all of you are finished. Without the protection of the country, you are nothing! You are worse than swine or dogs. These are my teachings to you as your master. Remember this. In your next life, be the citizen of a powerful nation." After the colonel said that, he turned and left.

Tojo was unable to say a word from the fan's blowing. He couldn't even open his eyes and eventually, he lost all consciousness...

Tojo died!

With that, the four people who had been dreaming all perished. Everything in the world turned grayish-white before turning into a puff of smoke that scattered into the world.

At the same time, Fangzheng woke up and looked at the four people who were still unconscious. Just as he was about to say something, he heard someone say from outside, "Quick, I saw a few weeaboos changing their clothes in the surveillance cameras. Today, I'll beat them to death!"