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1145 Amputation and Reattachmen

 The major walked to the back of the group and unsheathed the samurai sword while roaring. "Kill!"

Matsushita subconsciously looked back and happened to see the sword cleaving down, causing a head to fall to the ground! Fresh blood sprayed out high...

At the same time, the recording officer said, "One, perfectly intact!"

Matsushita immediately felt his crotch turn moist. He had peed himself. His tears flowed uncontrollably as he shouted inwardly. "Help! Someone save me..."


"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Ten, perfectly intact!"


When Matsushita heard this, he looked at the rolling heads on the ground and cursed inwardly. "Bastard! He's actually using living human heads to test the sharpness of his blade. They're all beasts!"

Unfortunately, he didn't dare to curse out loud. As he heard the sounds approaching him, his heart nearly tore out of his chest. Fear overwhelmed him as his body turned so limp that he couldn't use any strength.

At that moment, a figure appeared beside him. The smell of blood made his entire body turn cold. When Matsushita turned his head, he saw the major raising his samurai sword high. He smirked and said, "It looks like your luck..."

Matsushita stopped breathing.

"... isn't too bad. I hope I can still see you when I test my blade next time." With that said, the major lowered his samurai sword-there was a notch in it. Then, he sheathed his blade and left.

The recording officer immediately followed and said, "This time, 13 heads were chopped off in one go. It's much better than last time."


Matsushita failed to hear the rest of his words because he had completely collapsed. His eyes were blurry, and his ears were buzzing. He was no longer aware of anything around him. He didn't even know how he was dragged back.

When Fangzheng saw this, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He pressed his palms together and silently said to his beheaded forefathers, "Amitabha. Patrons, don't worry. One day in this world, This Penniless Monk will try his best to expose their evil deeds to the public. You will be given a history of fairness! Let the sinners pay for their sins and snap their descendants out of their veiled misconceptions!"

With that said, the expressionless heads that were strewn around suddenly showed an expression. They smiled before turning into wisps of smoke and vanished into the air.

When Fangzheng saw this, his heart palpitated as he asked the System, "They know?"

The System said, "In all these years, you are the first person who can face the wish forces of these souls. You are also the first person to respond to them. Wish forces have no shape, form, or consciousness, but after they are bestowed with power by too many people, they can generate a will. What responded to you was the will of these people. They are not living creatures, but neither are they ghosts or monsters. They just don't dissipate because of their aggrieved thoughts that keep lingering."

Fangzheng nodded slightly in what was a mixture of comprehension and incomprehension.

After leaving this place, Fangzheng returned to the cell.

At this moment, there were screams in the cell.

It was because Yamamoto had woken up. Both his hands were severed. Although he was bandaged and wasn't dying anytime soon, the excruciating pain made him unable to calm down.

Matsushita lay on the ground like a pile of mud, muttering. "I don't want to die. I don't want to die... I was wrong, I was wrong. I was wrong before..."

The most timid Sakata crouched in a corner, not daring to make a sound. It was as though he could stay away from punishment if he hid there.

But at that moment, the door opened. Two ferocious-looking Japanese men rushed in. Before Sakata could react, he was dragged out.

Sakata trembled in fear, unable to make a sound. However, he saw a person crawling outside the door. It was Tojo!

By the side, the colonel said to Tojo, "Very good. Your recommendation is pretty good. You're a good boy."

When Sakata heard that, he glared angrily at Tojo because he knew that Tojo had sold him out.

Tojo said obsequiously, "It's only right that I serve the taijin to my fullest." At the same time, he gave Sakata a look-one that was extremely cold, as though he was saying: "Letting you suffer in my stead is the last value you can bring to your pathetic life!"

The timid Sakata finally blew into a rage. "Tojo, f*ck you! If there's a next life, I'll kill you even if I have to bite you to death!"

Tojo looked coldly at Sakata without a word. The look he gave spoke volumes: "Do you think you will have a next life?"

Fangzheng followed Sakata.

Sakata was dragged to a hospital, and he was bound to an operating table and prevented from moving.

Beside him was another person. He didn't know the person, and he didn't seem to be from Japan. A doctor was using a saw to saw off the man's entire arm. He was in so much pain and trembling so hard that his eyes nearly popped out!

Sakata shut his eyes in fright, not daring to open them. However, the item used to gag that person's mouth had apparently dropped out, allowing him to let out a shrill scream.

Sakata couldn't help but tremble as he struggled with all his might, but to no avail.

At this moment, the doctor who had sawed off the man's arm said, "Alright, the injured is ready. We can commence the human limb swapping experiment."

"Limb swapping?" Sakata knew what they were about to do the moment he heard that. He shouted. "No! Our blood type is different. Swapping limbs is... Hmm!"

A Japanese man gagged his mouth, and the doctor came in front of him with a saw as he lowered it.

"Hmm!" Sakata wanted to scream, but he couldn't. The veins on his body were bulging from the pain! He had no choice. It seemed like the Japanese had no plans on giving him any anesthesia... Or rather, they didn't care if he lived.

If he died, they could just change to another person.

The man didn't seem like he had any intention of torturing Sakata. Instead, it was more like he was seriously completing an experiment. Hence, he moved quickly. After screaming for a while, Sakata's arm was sawed off by the saw. Then, the man used a knife to deal with his wound and began to sew his arm to the person opposite him.

No one cared about the life and death of Sakata.

Sakata looked at them and cursed. "Beasts! Beasts!"

Perhaps due to the consideration that the other person needed to swap all his limbs and would end up bleeding profusely, making it a waste to give him a blood transfusion, the man didn't continue swapping his other limbs.

Sakata thought that the nightmare was over, but it was only the beginning.

This was because two doctors who were obviously novices arrived in front of him. Their teacher stood beside Sakata and said to the two, "You must cherish this opportunity to perform a dissection on a living body. This is a rare opportunity that you can hardly find in this world. Only here will you have the chance to come into contact with a live dissection! Furthermore, it's a dissection without any anesthesia. You will see the true secrets of the human body. This will be extremely helpful to medicine in the future."

"Sensei, will he die of pain during the dissection?" a student asked.

The teacher answered, "If he does, so be it. We have plenty of other animals that can be used for the live dissection."