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 The doctor waved his hand, and a soldier brought a basin of water.

As for the good-hearted children who Yamamoto was placing his hopes on, they came over with interest. It was as though the object of study used for the experiment wasn't human but an actual lab rat!

At that moment, a child suddenly cried.

The doctor frowned and asked, "Kawashima, why are you crying?"

Kawashima said amidst sobs, "Sensei, that rat died too tragically just now. He sacrificed himself for the progress of our human race. I was sad for his death."

It was only then that Yamamoto saw that there was a dissected lab rat at the table they had been surrounding before. He sneered inwardly. "This white-robed demon sure doesn't think it's sad!"

However, what surprised him was that the doctor nodded and rubbed Kawashima's head. "You're right. These small animals have sacrificed too much for the advancement of humans. Shall we build a memorial for them later?"

"Alright!" The children exclaimed. "Sensei Ono is so kind. He's really a good person."

Ono smiled and nodded. "This world treats us well, so we have to treat this world well too. Alright, we have to start the next test. Watch carefully. This is a frostbite experiment which allows us to see a person's bones clearly... This is the best method for making specimens."

With that said, Ono smiled kindly and said, "Push his hands into the water."

"Wait a minute! You can be so kind to lab rats, so why are you so cruel to me? There are so many children here, how can you do that?" Yamamoto shouted, believing that he had found his last straw of hope to grab at.

Ono didn't say a word. As for the child, Kawashima, who had been crying for the lab rat, he raised his hand and slapped him. Then, he grabbed hold of Yamamoto's hand and pushed it into the basin!

"Ah!" Yamamoto screamed at the top of his lungs.

Kawashima then sneered. "What are you? How dare you compare yourself to a lab rat? You trash!"

Although Yamamoto screamed miserably, Kawashima's words still rang in his heart. Anger and regret arose in him. He was angry not because these people didn't treat him as human, but because their entire race didn't treat the Chinese people as humans! Deep down, they felt that the Chinese were inferior to rats?

What a joke! To think he had naively believed in the educational material that even idiots didn't believe in. He believed that the Japanese invaders had been good people. How were they good? They were all beasts!

He regretted it. He regretted that he had been a weeaboo and regretted that he gave up on being human only to be something worse than a dog.

Unfortunately, there was no room for regret in this world. There was no use regretting now. His hands were already numb from the cold, but once they entered the basin of water, the pain made him wish he was dead. Unfortunately, his hands were held tightly by the Japanese, and he couldn't pull them out. All he could do was scream to no avail.

However, these angels in white and children had smiles on their faces, as if they weren't torturing a human... That cold-bloodedness made Yamamoto turn cold all over.

"That's enough. Take his hands out," Ono said.

The two Japanese raised Yamamoto's hands. After observing for a while, Ono said, "Very good, it was perfectly timed. Look, when the human body is frozen and then placed in water, it will produce such an effect!"

As he spoke, Ono grabbed hold of the flesh on Yamamoto's hand and yanked!

With a scream, Yamamoto's eyes widened in horror as he looked in disbelief at his injured flesh being ripped off by Ono. All that was left were his white, blood-curdling bones.

"No!" Yamamoto widened his mouth as he looked at his bony hands and fainted.

"Trash, you're fainting just like that! As expected of trash!" Kawashima cursed coldly.

Ono said, "Trash is trash, but these bones are pretty good."

With that said, Ono took out a knife and chopped off Yamamoto's exposed bones. Then, like clearing the trash, he said, "Get it out. It's too dirty."

"Hai!" Two Japanese men dragged the unconscious Yamamoto away.

Meanwhile, Ono gave Yamamoto's bones to Kawashima and said, "You performed well in this class. This is your reward."

However, Kawashima said disdainfully, "I prefer the skull more. I'll get myself a beautiful skull later!"


Upon seeing this, Fangzheng clenched his fists tightly. Just as he was about to do something, the scene in front of him disappeared. Only then did he recall that everything here was just a dream.

Fangzheng didn't say a word. As for Yamamoto, he didn't care about him. Instead, he walked elsewhere.

This dream world wasn't a complete world. In fact, only people having the dream would have a world around them. It was just like how the doctors and students disappeared after Yamamoto was brought away.

Therefore, Fangzheng didn't need to worry about getting lost. If he walked straight into the world that existed, he would definitely find a way to Matsushita.

"What are you doing?" The level of courage Matsushita had was nowhere near that of Yamamoto. He was only an opportunist. Now that he was dragged outside and tied to a wooden stump, his heart kept trembling. He kept feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Unfortunately, no matter how he shouted, the Japanese had no intention of looking at him.

When he finally looked back, he realized that there were still many people behind him. However, these people were only looking at him. That feeling made his hair stand on end, as if he had been targeted by evil spirits. Thinking back to what he had said since the day he became a weeaboo and how he had denied all of this, he felt even guiltier.

At this moment, an officer walked over from afar. He didn't bring a gun with him, but instead, he was holding a samurai sword in his hand!

After the officer came, he took a look at the people there and nodded slightly. "These are good for testing my sword. I hope that these enhanced swords will be sharper and able to kill more people without being damaged."

"Major, your sword will definitely be sharp," someone sucked up to the man.

The major roared with laughter. "Let's hope so. Let's begin the test. You take record."

"Hai!" The Japanese soldier held a book and followed behind the major.

The major pulled out his samurai sword and came in front of Matsushita who felt his entire body turn cold. He said with great difficulty in Japanese, "Major, I'm a good citizen. My heart belongs to Japan."

The major patted him on the shoulder and said, "Very good. You, very good!"

Seeing him laugh, Matsushita felt relieved, thinking to himself, "I probably won't die, right?"

The major chuckled and said, "To friendly people, I'll permit you to be the last one in the test! If the sword is damaged by the time I reach you, you may survive. If not, I'm sorry."

When Matsushita heard this, cold sweat instantly covered his forehead. Just as he was about to say something, he saw the other party's cold gaze land on him. He swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth back in fear.