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1143 Cold-blooded

 When Tojo heard that, he sneered. "You think too highly of yourself. The taijin are the high and mighty Sun, so what if an ant like you thinks wrong of them?"

The colonel was even happier when he heard that. He said, "Not bad, not bad. What a good dog! I'll allow you to stand up and walk."

Upon hearing that, Tojo shook his head and said, "Colonel, I can only be a good dog if I kneel."

"Very good, come with me!" The colonel led Tojo away in joy.

As for Sakata, he was so frightened that he didn't dare utter a sound. He huddled in a corner and mumbled something that only he could hear. "I want to go home. I want to go home..."

When Fangzheng saw this scene, he frowned deeply. He originally thought that these weeaboos only had sh*t for brains, but now, it didn't seem like that at all. It was that they didn't have any backbone, or rather, they didn't even have bones!

However, Fangzheng thought about it a bit more. If none of these people ingratiated themselves so cheaply as an example, wouldn't the others forget how their ancestors had ingratiated themselves to the invaders?

Fangzheng never denied the principle that there was always something to learn from others. The present Japan did have aspects that China needed to learn from, but from a different perspective, even beggars had points of brilliance. Similarly, China needed to learn, but learning the strengths of others was different from being ingratiating. They were completely different concepts. One was to learn from one's strengths to mend one's weaknesses while striving hard. The other was to wallow in despair and abandon all ties. One involved having one's head up and chest out, while the other was being a dog that crawled on the ground.

Fangzheng really couldn't understand why people would rather be dogs than humans.

Shaking his head, Fangzheng didn't feel any pity for their encounter. Instead, a thought flashed through his mind as he chased up to Yamamoto who was the first to be dragged away.

At this moment, Yamamoto was yelling angrily, "F*cking Japs, let me go! Tojo, you bastard! You will die a horrible death!"

When Fangzheng walked into the room where he was locked up, he saw that Yamamoto's hands were hanging outside the window. It was a winter landscape outside as though there was no life out there in the white snow. However, the temperature in the room he was in wasn't low. At least he wouldn't freeze to death.

Yamamoto wasn't in this state for long, so he didn't feel too uncomfortable. Instead, he cursed endlessly, completely unfazed. As for the Japanese, they didn't have plans to stuff his mouth or cut off his tongue. No matter how he shouted, no one cared.

Ten minutes later...

Yamamoto began to rub his cold hands and shouted. "It's too cold! Let me move!"

Half an hour later.

Yamamoto's hands were frozen red. No matter how hard he rubbed them, his hands remained extremely cold. Gradually, he felt numbness. His fingers were like carrots! They were so cold that they hurt.

At this moment, he finally understood what they were doing. They were using him for frostbite experiments-with both his hands!

On the topic of frostbite experiments, he understood it too well. He had once helped the Japanese whitewash this allegation. He still remembered clearly that when someone raised this experiment with him, he had specially looked for some counter-information and then, using his imagination to make up for the missing bits, he had said to the person, "Look at the person in the photo. His body is indoors while his hands are outside. Heat can be transmitted. If his body is warm, there is a limit to how cold his hands can be. He couldn't have suffered any frostbite like that."

But now...

He suddenly realized how ridiculous his words were.

"Retribution, this is retribution," Yamamoto said as he cried.

At this moment, two Japanese soldiers arrived with a large bucket of water in their hands.

He wasn't happy at all when he saw them. Instead, he yelled in panic, "No, I beg you, no!"

However, the two soldiers ignored him. After one of them cursed, the other scooped the water and splashed it onto his red hands and arms!

"No! Stop! You bastards!" Yamamoto knew that begging for mercy was useless, so he began cursing.

Unfortunately, the two soldiers still ignored him. Instead, they watched him curse people with piqued interest. It seemed like the game would only become more interesting if he cursed.

Yamamoto kept cursing, and the two soldiers kept pouring water onto his hands. As time passed, the water started to freeze his hands. At that moment, he could no longer feel his hands anymore, but the cold was still seeping into his body. The pain in his bones made him unable to cry. All he could do was scream tragically.

At this moment, a soldier took out a small hammer and knocked off the ice that covered Yamamoto's hands while another soldier continued to pour water.

Fangzheng watched from the side, and the longer he watched, the colder his heart felt. Although this scene was recorded in books, those few lines of words were not enough to make anyone understand the bloody terror.

Now that he saw it with his own eyes, Fangzheng felt his body turn cold. He gritted his teeth and cursed inwardly. "A bunch of beasts!"

It wasn't that Fangzheng sympathized with Yamamoto, but he sympathized with the people who had lived in that era. What kind of suffering had they experienced when the flames of war burned? That seemingly distant past was actually just a few decades ago!

Imagine how terrifying it would be if one was born a few decades earlier to live in that horror?

Time passed without Fangzheng realizing it. Every time Yamamoto's hands were covered in a layer of ice, the ice was broken before more water was poured to freeze over his hands...

It was unknown how many times this repeated. When Yamamoto was dying from the cold, the two soldiers finally stopped. Then, they released the cuffs on him.

Yamamoto heaved a sigh of relief. At that moment, the door behind him opened. He suddenly thought of something and struggled with all his might as he yelled, "No, I beg you, let me go! I'm willing to be your dog. I can do anything..."

Unfortunately, the soldiers dragging him had no intention of stopping until they brought him to a living room.

The living room was decorated in a luxurious manner. There were genuine leather sofas, solid wood tables, and lining the walls were bookshelves with many medical books.

A man in a white coat was talking to a few 13-year-old Japanese children. When he saw Yamamoto being brought over, he cast his gaze at him.

Yamamoto felt slightly relieved when he saw the children. He thought to himself, "Children are all kind. They can't possibly do anything bad in front of the children, right? This seems to be where the doctor lives. Are they going to treat my frostbite?"

Just as this thought crossed his mind, he saw the doctor slowly get up and say, "I explained the theory earlier, so now it's time for the practical part. Facts have shown us that when frozen hands are placed in water, one can see unexpected results."

When Yamamoto heard this, he looked at the amiable-looking doctor in disbelief. The clothes that represented the angels in white had suddenly turned hideous, like they were adorning a white-robed demon!