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1142 Dog and Ra

 Fangzheng said, "This Penniless Monk knows, but this-"

The System interrupted Fangzheng and said, "Those are ordinary dreams, but the dream you're involved in now is different."

"How is it different?" Fangzheng asked in puzzlement.

"Take a look at where you are now. This is a place that commemorates 300,000 dead souls. There are so many people who have died here. Even if their resentment has dissipated a little, the power of all those souls together still adds up to great grievance when combined.

Furthermore, this wasn't just a burial ground. It was also a place that amalgamated the sufferings of China's 1.3 billion people. It was a place where 1.3 billion people prayed. It isn't an overstatement to say that the wish force gathered here is much more powerful than the wish force of your monastery!

"In case you're enraged in One Finger Monastery, you can use your divine powers to activate your will and forcefully activate the Dharma Aspect on the Ten Thousand Buddha plaque to make a connection with you; thus creating such a massive golden Bodhisattva phantom as you did last time. Here, it will only be worse!" the System said.

When Fangzheng heard that, he jumped in fright and exclaimed. "Could it be that I've attracted another Bodhisattva Dharma Aspect? This is going to blow up again!"

"You are overthinking things. The wishes of all living beings here are not to pray to Buddha or to Bodhisattva, so naturally, they won't form a Bodhisattva. Think about it, what is the wish force of all living beings here?"

Fangzheng sat cross-legged with his eyebrows furrowed. He was pondering over this question. Was it anger? Was it vengeance?

Fangzheng shook his head in rejection. Although China had a saying that it was never too late for revenge, China was also a country with the kindest people in the world. Although they held grudges, they were not blinded by hatred. From China's history, it could be seen that no matter how powerful China was, as long as it were Han Chinese who were in control of the throne, they would never bring harm to their surrounding countries. On the contrary, they opened their doors to spread their culture to the world without holding back, bringing benefits to others.

In fact, after Japan's defeat, after the soldiers died or surrendered, all the men fled, leaving all the women and children behind. The Chinese who had been oppressed for so long would still give them food and not harm them...

This was the kindness of the Chinese! Although this kindness was eventually fed to the dogs...

What kind of resentment could this group of people have?

Fangzheng looked at the skeletons in the pit of ten thousand corpses and then at the brutal Japanese soldiers in the black and white photos when he suddenly came to a realization. He said softly, "The souls want to be redressed! What they want is to prove to the world how cruel that time was. They want the sinners of Japan to admit that they committed heinous crimes and redeem themselves."

The System said, "That's right. That's why they've been searching for evidence all this time. It's also why those in the know who are already old and are about to die are still trying their best to get up. They go to the United Nations or Japan to give speeches, to make complaints... It's to ensure that history isn't forgotten and that the sinners don't get away with it!"

Fangzheng was enlightened as he said, "So, after This Penniless Monk guided them into the dream, these wish forces fused into it and used everything they knew to perfect This Penniless Monk's dream. They did so to prove that it happened?"

The System said, "Yes. At this point in time, you have already transformed from the creator of the dream to a bystander in the dream."

Fangzheng nodded. "This Penniless Monk gets it. Let This Penniless Monk take a good look at the history filled with blood and tears. Let these four bastards take a good look at how their so-called taijin treat them!"

With that said, Fangzheng closed his eyes and entered his dream once again.

However, this time, Fangzheng didn't control the dream. Instead, he completely immersed himself into the dream and became a bystander.

When Fangzheng re-entered the dream, the paused world seemed to be activated once again.

"Tojo, are you crazy? Yamamoto's one of us!" shouted Matsushita angrily.

Tojo glanced at them and said, "You are all wrong. We are all the taijin's people. Whatever the taijin need, they can take."

Matsushita nearly blew a gasket.

At this moment, there was a round of applause from outside the iron door. Following that, the iron door opened and a colonel walked in. He said with a smile, "A dog just died. I'm still short of one. I didn't expect to see a good dog just by walking around. Follow me!"

The colonel said to Tojo.

Tojo's eyes lit up. He immediately stood up and followed without hesitation.

"Is that how a dog walks?" the colonel asked.

Tojo was stunned for a moment. Then, he gritted his teeth, knelt on the ground, and continued to crawl.

The colonel laughed heartily and said, "Not bad, you're quite a smart dog!"

Tojo didn't utter a word and followed the colonel out.

"Luo Hao, I can't believe you're the CEO of a company. Are you that willing to be a dog?" Matsushita shouted.

Tojo looked at them coldly and said, "The era you are in determines the person you are in. Even a dog here is better than you, a lab rat!"

"You!" Matsushita pointed at the other party, fuming with anger. He had become a weeaboo because he wanted to go to Japan and enjoy the so-called high-class life. It didn't matter even if he was a second-class citizen in Japan. However, he had never thought of becoming a dog!

As for Tojo's background, he knew quite a bit of it. Tojo was the CEO of a food company, and he often made the news. He had quite a number of fans outside, and was considered a small-time influential figure. It was also because he knew his identity that he willingly followed Tojo because he felt that the choice of a successful person would definitely be right.

If Luo Hao said China was inferior to Japan, he would definitely have his reasons. After all, he stood at an elevated spot that gave him a higher vantage point.

But now... He suddenly realized that Luo Hao wasn't standing high above anything. He wasn't even human!

"It looks like this little white rat is very unhappy with you. Do you have any ideas?" the colonel asked.

Tojo looked up and smiled sinisterly. "Aren't white rats used for experiments? He deserves death, but even good-for-nothings can still be used. Wouldn't it be a pity if they died at once?"

When Matsushita heard this, he shivered in fear and shouted. "Luo Hao, you can't do this! We're together!"

However, Tojo said disdainfully, "I'm the taijin's dog, and you're just a lab rat. That's why we're not together. In addition, if you really think you're a weeaboo, learn from me. I'll be a loyal dog, and you can be a lab rat. That's what you should do!"

"Well said!" The colonel clapped.

Matsushita gritted his teeth and said, "You... You..."

The colonel waved his hand and said, "The limb amputation experiment still lacks a lab rat. Send him over!"

"Yes, sir!" Two Japanese soldiers walked over and dragged Matsushita out.

Matsushita wailed loudly. "Luo Hao, you're not human! You beast! You f*cking Japs, f*ck your grandmother! I've misjudged you and your kind!"