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1138 Pain

 \"Alright, Matsushita-kun. Where are the clothes? Let's go over there and put them on. Let's quickly take a photo and leave. This operation is a secret operation. We can't let anyone discover us! Otherwise, it will be troublesome.\"

\"What's there to be afraid of? We'll just be locked up for a few days at most. What else can they do?\"

\"If we really got exposed, it would still affect our family life. This is a revolution. It's better to be careful.\"

\"The clothes are with me. Don't worry, I've been monitoring the busyness of this place for a long time. The number of people at this time is the fewest, few enough for us to take two photos. If this operation succeeds, it will be the greatest motivation for everyone!\"

\"These damn Chinese love to create fake news and bluff people. According to my professional analysis, these photos were all made after the event, and the corpses in the pit of ten thousand corpses are even more ancient. Those were Chinese massacred and left there by the Chinese themselves, but they blamed it on Japan. How shameless! We need to use our actions to fight them to the end, to right our country's name!\"





Fangzheng didn't manage to hear the first part of the conversation clearly as he was standing there, feeling the grief that traversed across space-time. However, the series of \"hai\" pulled him back to reality. This sound was familiar! Weren't these the voices he had heard after going through the Formless Door? Awesome, it hadn't taken him much effort to find the mission target. These people were knocking on his door.

Furthermore, when he carefully recalled the conversation between these people, a fire arose in him! He had seen beasts, but he had never seen such beasts.

However, an idea came to Fangzheng's mind. He wanted to see what these people were up to. Hence, he immediately cast A Golden Millet Dream and hid himself.

Almost at the same time, four people ran out from the corner.

One of them was slightly plump and not tall. He had a flat head and looked refined.

The other person was thin and shorter than the guy to his side. He looked a little energetic and was the person addressed as Matsushita-kun.

The two people at the back were rather tall. One of them wore glasses and the other was wearing a baseball cap. The bespectacled person wearing glasses was Sakata-kun. The four of them looked no different from ordinary people on the street. However, the moment they opened their mouths, the smell of a beast drifted out.

Matsushita loosened his backpack and seeing no one around, he immediately placed the backpack on the ground and said excitedly, \"Hurry up and get changed. We'll leave after we snap the pictures.\"

Sakata chuckled. \"If we win the battle this time, we'll be able to brag about it in our circle for a year. This is China's biggest lie! In the future, when we go to Japan, the taijin[1] will give us a thumbs up! Yamamoto-kun, please watch out. If someone comes, let us know.\"

The man wearing a baseball cap who was with Sakata replied, \"Hurry up. I need to change my clothes for the photo too. I can't miss out on such a glorious battle.\"

\"Hurry up.\" The middle-aged gentleman waved his hand. As he changed his clothes, he looked at the pamphlet which wrote about the 300,000 victims. He sneered. \"The shinajin[2] were a bunch of backward trash. Too bad only 300,000 died.\"

\"Haha, Tojo-kun, you didn't live in that era, or else you would definitely be one of those people in the eyes of the taijin!\" Matsushita gave a thumbs up to Tojo.

\"That's for sure. If I were to live in that era and see the real hero, Hideki Tojo, I would definitely do my best. Who knows, I might even be able to enter the annals of history.\" Tojo chuckled.

\"Alright, I'm done changing. Hurry up and take two photos of me! I want to take a photo of me spitting at these fake skeletons.\" Sakata changed into a white Japanese military uniform. It was matched with a white hat, shorts, and a shirt. His outfit was the easiest and fastest to change into.

However, Fangzheng realized that although this guy's clothes were simple, he looked like he was wearing sacred combat attire. He carefully smoothed out the wrinkles on the clothes before requesting for the photo to be taken. Clearly, the clothes held a very high status in his heart.

However, when Fangzheng heard his words, his face turned livid. A burning rage burned in his heart as he licked his lips. For the first time, a ferocious glint appeared in his eyes.

The three people who were changing suddenly felt a chill run down their spines.

Feeling a little afraid, Matsushita said, \"It's turned cold all of a sudden. Could there be a ghost?\"

Tojo sneered. \"So what if there's a ghost? Don't forget, we're wearing the clothes of the taijin. A bunch of wimpy ghosts who were killed by people wearing these same clothes when they were alive still dare to make a fuss now? If they really come, I'll make sure none of them can reincarnate!\"

Matsushita and Sakata nodded. \"Yes, there's no need to be afraid of them.\"

When Sakata saw how slowly Matsushita and Tojo were changing, he urged them a few times, but the two of them didn't help him take the picture. In his anxiousness, he held his cell phone and found an angle for him to spit at the pit of ten thousand corpses. He took a deep breath and was about to spit when...

There was a crisp smacking sound!

Feeling as though his mouth had been smacked by the sole of a shoe, his face burned in pain. He didn't manage to spit out the mouthful of thick phlegm, and instead had it plastered all over his face!

\"Who did that!\" Sakata exclaimed. Ignoring how disgusting the phlegm on his face was, he questioned.

In the end, when they looked around, other than Matsushita and Tojo who wore shocked looks on their faces, as well as Yamamoto who had come over due to the commotion, there was no one!

Sakata felt a chill run down his spine as he felt the waft of a cold breeze. His bones began to chatter.

\"Sakata, what are you doing?\" Tojo asked with a frown.

Sakata sobbed and said, \"Someone hit me just now. Didn't you see?\"

\"See, my a**! This is such a big place. Can't you tell there's no one here?\" Tojo looked at his terrified expression and said unhappily.

Matsushita hurriedly eased the tension and said, \"Sakata, are you so agitated and nervous that you began hallucinating?\"

After being doubted by the two, Sakata also wondered if he had been hallucinating. But the thick phlegm on his face couldn't be fake, right? However, seeing the looks of disdain on their faces, he quickly found something to wipe his face. He looked at the pit of ten thousand corpses with lingering fear and swallowed his saliva. Ultimately, he didn't dare approach to take any more photos. Instead, he pointed with his finger with a look of contempt, and prepared for another shot.


Another crisp sound rang. This time, the sound was even louder. Before Sakata could shout, the others looked over.

Sakata was covering his face and crouching there without any reaction.

Tojo frowned. \"Sakata, what the hell are you doing?\"

Sakata raised his hand and said with a sobbing tone, \"Someone really hit me.\"

\"Nonsense! Other than us, there's no one else here. Who could hit you?\" Tojo didn't believe him at all and reprimanded him. \"This is not the time to play pranks!\"

Sakata raised his head slowly and moved his hands away. \"Look at me! Do you think it's a prank?\"

[1] historical term of address for Japanese officials in Japan-occupied regions of China during the Second Sino-Japanese War

[2] A derogatory way to call Chinese people in Japanese.