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1132 Excessive Twisting...

 As for Chang Yun, Fangzheng didn't even look at him. He walked with a light breeze, as though nothing had happened. The relaxed look on his face deeply agitated Chang Yun.

This time, it wasn't jealousy, but a deep sense of fear and shock he felt. It was fear towards Fangzheng's divine powers and the fear of him taking revenge. And it was a shock that there were really divine powers in this world which science couldn't explain!

\"Amitabha. Patrons, my master is about to discuss some matters. Please leave.\" Red Boy pressed his palms together.

Chang Yun opened his mouth to say something, but in the end, he did not have the courage to speak.

When Ouyang Fenghua saw this, she pulled Chang Yun out of the monastery. Chang Yun returned to his senses and said with lingering fear, \"Was that... really...\"

Ouyang Fenghua rolled her eyes at him and said, \"Did you see now?\"

\"This... Maybe... It's a mass hallucination. We've all looked at the stone slabs after all...\" In front of his crush, any man would ultimately insist on his pride. He refused to back down.

At that moment, there was a cry coming from where the stone slabs were. \"It is a heavenly book! This is really a heavenly book! I can understand it! This is medicine, true medical skills!\"

\"So that's how it is! Tumors can actually be treated like this. Hahaha, if this gets out, it will definitely shake the world!\"

\"Lou Gehrig's disease can actually be treated? That's right, the principle is right! I need a clinical trial!\"

\"Hahaha! This is a medical bibe!\"


The two of them subconsciously looked over and saw that there were some people in white coats standing in front of the stone slabs. Their clothes were in a mess, a clear sign that they had rushed over.

Chang Yun didn't know them and subconsciously asked, \"Who are these people?\"

Ouyang Fenghua said, \"The doctors of Black Mountain City, as well as some famous doctors in the country. They have attended Abbot Fangzheng's lectures before, so they can be considered half his students. Chang Yun, you may not believe me, but these are famous doctors. You should believe their words, right? Abbot Fangzheng was speaking the truth. These stone slabs have his medical insights on them. Those who are fated will be able to learn them. Clearly, you aren't fated with the stone slabs.\"

Chang Yun wanted to snap back, but the truth was right in front of him. He felt his face burn.

From beginning to end, Fangzheng had never answered him directly or argued with him. Instead, he had given him a hard slap across the face with the truth! It shattered his world view, and it shattered his arrogant ignorance-things that he had held from a young age!

Chang Yun's originally high spirits dimmed at this moment. He lowered his head and looked at his hands, then sighed. \"I grew up in England and thought that I had received the best education. I'm a full scholarship awardee of Cambridge University. I always believed that this world followed the principles of materialism, and that everything in this world couldn't be separated from science. I believed that China was backward, old-fashioned, and every time I returned to China, I felt like I was better than my fellow men. I disdained mixing with Chinese peers my own age, and even thought nothing of those so-called seniors in China...\"

When Ouyang Fenghua heard this, she sighed. How could she not know about Chang Yun's situation? However, they had known each other since they were young, and their relationship had always been very good. She was also the only person Chang Yun did not look down on, and he even tried to win her favor. Although there was an additional reason for why he was trying to win her favor...

But no matter what, Ouyang Fenghua didn't hate Chang Yun. Instead, she felt pity for him. This was because she always felt that the beliefs that were instilled in him through his living environment had gradually distorted his personality.

This time, she had brought Chang Yun to One Finger Monastery. Firstly, it was because she wanted to come. Secondly, she wanted Fangzheng to help her change Chang Yun's twisted character.

However, from the looks of it, it seemed like the untwisting became too excessive, and his world view had been twisted into smithereens...

Ouyang Fenghua whispered. \"Chang Yun, this isn't your fault. The environment around you created a different worldview for you. In fact, I've always felt that one shouldn't categorize the world in an anthropocentric way, and even if one wants to do so, one should truly understand it before making a comment. At the very least, one wouldn't end up being slapped in the face this way.\"

Chang Yun glanced at Ouyang Fenghua before looking up and saying, \"You're right. I suffered quite a blow this time. Is this why you brought me here?\"

Ouyang Fenghua said, \"No, it's just...\"

\"I'm just teasing you. I understand what you were thinking. If I hadn't come here, I would have always kept living in a cage created by others. Hence, you can be considered my liberator. Thank you,\" Chang Yun said.

Ouyang Fenghua's face turned red from the compliment.

Chang Yun continued. \"After this incident, I realized that I'm not that perfect, nor do I have the right to chase after you. I've decided to return for now. I want to study the entire world, but when I can match up to you, I'll come and find you again.\"

Ouyang Fenghua was once again speechless when she heard that. What the hell was going on?

After Chang Yun said that, he left without looking back like a warrior.

\"He looks like a warrior from the back. But after understanding the truth, he's nothing but a clueless fool.\" At that moment, a voice sounded beside Ouyang Fenghua.

Ouyang Fenghua was taken aback as she looked down to see that it was Salted Fish.

Salted Fish said, \"Master told me to take a look. I wouldn't want the child's world view to shatter and have him end up jumping off a building just because he couldn't come round to it.\"

Ouyang Fenghua said, \"Uh, that won't happen. We aren't children. However, why did you curse him?\"

Salted Fish said matter-of-factly, \"Curse him? Oh... I guess that could be considered a curse. In the future, you will understand what happens when you 'travel the world' or even the entire universe. When he comes here again, that's when his world view will truly be shattered.\"

With that said, Salted Fish shook his fish head and left, leaving the stunned Ouyang Fenghua behind.

At the same time, in One Finger Monastery.

The man sat there, staring straight at Fangzheng as he asked, \"Master, you can do whatever you want. I'll accept anything you do to me!\"

Fangzheng said with a look of amusement, \"Why would This Penniless Monk kill you? This Penniless Monk is just curious. Why did a person from Red Fiend come all the way to This Penniless Monk? Could it be because of Red Shirt?\"

The man said, \"You spoiled Red Fiend's plans and caused Red Fiends God of Fortune's and Red Shirt's deaths. Red Fiend will not let you off easily!\"

If any ordinary person were to hear that, they would definitely be frightened. However, Fangzheng thought nothing of it. He said with a relaxed expression, \"Is that so? Where are Red Fiend's headquarters then? This Penniless Monk feels that there's no hatchet that cannot be buried. This Penniless Monk will personally go over and chat with them. Perhaps, we can talk things through.\"

\"Do you think I'd tell you?\" The man sneered.

\"Oh, first, a self-introduction would be in order. This Penniless Monk's Dharma name is Fangzheng.\"

The man looked at Fangzheng with an inexplicable look, wondering if this fellow had gone mad. If I didn't know that you were Fangzheng, would I have tried to blast you to death? Why would you need a self-introduction now? Are you sick?

Fangzheng continued. \"This is This Penniless Monk's disciple, Jingxin. You might not be familiar with him, but you should have heard of his other name. Guan Yin Bodhisattva's Child of Wealth, Red Boy.\"