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1129 Salted Fish Is About to Go Viral

 Salted Fish chuckled and said, \"Punk, don't you know how vast the world is? To put it plainly, science is the conclusion of human understanding of the world. Humans have only existed for so many years. Ignoring the vast sea of stars, you humans haven't even studied Earth thoroughly. What right do you have to shoot your mouth off? You keep saying that everything can be explained by science. So what science can't explain is just superstitions and lies?\"

Chang Yun: \"...\"

Salted Fish continued. \"Also, don't dissect things for no reason! Do you think you can dissect anything you don't understand? Then does it mean that a lifeform that's stronger than you can also dissect you if they do not understand you?\"

With that said, Salted Fish picked up a rock beside him and gently tapped it, shattering it into pieces!

Upon seeing this, Chang Yun hurriedly retreated in fright. His face was pale, as though he was afraid that Salted Fish would push him to the ground and begin dissecting him right then and there.

When Red Boy saw this scene, he whispered to Fangzheng. \"Master, I understand now.\"

\"What do you understand?\" Fangzheng said secretly.

Red Boy said, \"You use me for lying and Salted Fish for schooling others!\"

Fangzheng thought nothing of it. Instead, he chuckled and said, \"This is called making the most of your resources and showcasing your strengths.\"

Red Boy's face was filled with grievance as a string of curses ran through his mind. You darn baldy, when did lying become my strength?

Unfortunately, he only dared think it. The endless grievance transformed into an eye roll that he threw at Fangzheng.

However, Fangzheng pretended not to see it as he stood there in a composed manner, looking at Salted Fish schooling Chang Yun.

Chang Yun's face was nearly plastered with Salted Fish's saliva. Finally, he gritted his teeth and pointed at the stone slab amidst the torrent of saliva. \"Cut the crap. Explain to me what the principle behind this is. You even claim that only the fated can read it, but despite all these people here, no one has been able to read it! How low is the probability of the fated then? Or is it that no one can understand it?\"

When Salted Fish heard that, he smacked his lips and asked with a serious expression, \"Are you sure you want to know the principle behind it?\"

Chang Yun said, \"Yes!\"

Salted Fish found another stone, but he didn't shatter it. Instead, he sat on it and stretched his back.

No one understood what he meant with this, but Fangzheng did. He patted Red Boy on the head and said, \"I'll go back to sleep for a while. If there's an outcome, tell me.\"

After Fangzheng said that, he left.

The others did not understand what Salted Fish meant. All of them craned their necks, waiting for him to explain.

Chang Yun was just about to urge him when Salted Fish spoke up. \"This has to start from the beginning of the world. As the saying goes, the world started with Chaos. There was Yin and Yang in the Chaos, with the Yang Qi rising and the Yin Qi sinking...\"

\"I'm asking you about the words on the stone slab. I didn't ask you to tell me about Pangu splitting Heaven and Earth.\" Chang Yun interrupted Salted Fish.

Salted Fish rolled his eyes. \"If I don't say this, I'm afraid you won't understand.\"

\"I'll understand anything you tell me!\"



\"Alright, I'll tell you directly what this is. This is the Heritage Seal that has been engraved with a bloodline requirement through the fusion of Essence Qi and Fate. The Heritage Seal is fused into calligraphy and paintings, so it prevents the non-fated from reading it!\" After saying that, Salted Fish stood up and patted his butt. \"I'm done explaining. Think about it yourself.\"

\"Wait... Who can understand what you're talking about? That was bullsh*t, right?\" Chang Yun said.

Salted Fish rolled his eyes at him and said, \"Nonsense? I wanted to go through the trouble of telling you in detail, but you didn't want that. Now that I've simplified it, you don't understand it. What exactly do you want?\"

Chang Yun was speechless. After a long while, he said, \"Tell me in detail.\"

Salted Fish chuckled and sat back down. \"Then let's talk about it in detail. Speaking of which, Pangu split Heaven and Earth...\"

In the evening, Fangzheng yawned and stretched before walking out of the meditation room. He looked at the sun that was about to set and asked, \"Has Salted Fish finished?\"

\"No, that guy is still talking. He seems to be addicted to it,\" Red Boy said.

Fangzheng was stunned as he scratched his head. \"That punk is still listening?\"

Red Boy chuckled. \"Master, you have made a mistake this time. Not only is that punk still listening, he even got someone to deliver firewood. A large group of people are roasting a fire and listening to Salted Fish brag. Furthermore, there are more and more people gathering.\"

Fangzheng was speechless. He rubbed his nose and said, \"What did Salted Fish say? He actually attracted that many people?\"

\"He's talking about the foundation needed for cultivation,\" Red Boy said.

Fangzheng was taken aback. \"There are people who enjoy listening to this? Besides, it's useless listening to that, right?\"

Red Boy smiled. \"Master, you've guessed wrongly this time. Look at the news. Those fake masters can gather a large number of people when they talk about improving the body, much less us. Who are we? We are the disciples of the number one divine monk in China, Fangzheng. Furthermore, he's a demon. It's much more exciting to watch a demon talk than watching a blockbuster. In addition, Salted Fish isn't talking about useless stuff. He's teaching about the real foundation for cultivation. If they truly gain any insight from it and continue cultivating, it wouldn't be a problem for them to be healthy, strong, and smart.\"

Fangzheng thought for a moment. It seemed like Red Boy had helped him change a cultivation technique of Qi Refinement a while ago. Back then, it had indeed played a certain role in strengthening his body. He guessed that the stuff Salted Fish was talking about was roughly that.

However, Fangzheng still couldn't figure it out. \"Salted Fish has been talking for so long, but they are still here listening. Aren't they leaving?\"

\"More or less. There aren't many people who have left. Furthermore, more and more people are coming... Master, don't underestimate Salted Fish. This fellow lay in front of Buddha for thirty million years. After so many years of influence, it has greatly enriched his mind. Besides, it's not all taught by Salted Fish alone,\" Red Boy paused when he said that.

Fangzheng was puzzled. \"Is there anyone else?\"

Red Boy nodded and said, \"Yes. At first, that guy named Chang Yun was talking about science to Salted Fish, but in less than half an hour, he was rendered speechless by Salted Fish's complete theoretical system. What a joke. How many years has Earth's science been in development? It hasn't even been a hundred years! And our cultivation theories' history goes in units of hundreds of millions of years. If he's competing with us in theory, we can make him suspect life itself.\"

When Red Boy said that, he raised his head smugly and continued. \"Later, Chang Yun found another helper. He wanted to rebut our argument from a scientific point of view. In the end, all of them were defeated. Apparently, even a few famous people were convinced.

\"Later on, these people stopped arguing with Salted Fish and ignored Chang Yun. All of them began taking notes honestly as they trembled in the cold. I couldn't stand watching it, so I gave them two pots of charcoal fire. Sigh, Master, where are you going?\"

\"I'm going to take a look.\" Fangzheng was really curious what Red Boy was talking about.