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1126 White Clothes

 Yang Hua was also dumbfounded. He could see that there were some things written on the huge stone slab, but they were extremely strange. After looking at the writings for a long time, they seemed to move. They were in a mess, and the more he looked, the more dizzy he felt. He had no choice but to close his eyes and rest for a few minutes.

The first thing he thought of was that Fangzheng must have done something to it. After all, Fangzheng really knew divine powers! The others didn't think so, but there was still a lot of speculation going on.

Although there were many visitors, not many people had actually seen Fangzheng use divine powers. In the modern world, no matter how many rumors they heard, they ultimately held doubt deep down about supposed paranormal matters unless they saw them for themselves.

Therefore, many people often came here not to pay their respects to Buddha, but to try their luck to see if Fangzheng had any divine powers or how it would be like when he used his divine powers.

Therefore, some people were certain that Fangzheng knew divine powers. They said that the stone slabs that Fangzheng had brought here must have been engraved with these strange patterns to spread certain kinds of information.

There were also others who said that they fell from the sky; stone slabs that were bestowed by the heavens. As for the patterns on them, they probably had some unknown purpose.

Regardless, as more and more people gathered, the two stone slabs turned viral.

Quite a number of people took pictures, but they were shocked to discover that the pictures they took were blurry! The patterns on the stone slabs could not be seen.

Even so, everyone still managed to transmit news of two towering stone slabs in One Finger Monastery overnight.

The news spread like wildfire. Soon, Fangzheng's fans began to discuss it on the Internet. However, due to the lack of information and most people not being able to go to the scene, no one was sure what it was after seeing the couple of blurry photos.

As more and more people gathered, more and more people began to talk about it. The voices of debate rose and fell.

At the same time, in a small hotel in Songwu County, there was a person sitting in a room, silently smoking a cigarette. Beside the man was a black canvas bag. It was unknown what was inside.

Suddenly, his cell phone vibrated twice.

The man picked up the phone and said, \"White Clothes, I'm ready.\"

\"Very good. Don't worry. I'll take good care of your family. Your son has already been sent to the best school. We'll arrange for your wife's illness. The fiendlord will protect you, Halar.\" A deep voice sounded from the other side.

\"For Red Fiend's glory, no enemy can afford to pay the price, Halar!\" the man replied.

\"Go. Regardless of whether that monk has any divine powers or not, if he's not afraid of death, then let the people around him pay the price.\" The deep voice sounded once again.

He then hung up.

The man silently took out a photo. On it was a woman from Southeast Asia. She was smiling radiantly. There was also a boy who was about to run away behind a windmill, as though he did not want to have his picture taken.

Looking at the picture, the man's cold face had a hint of a smile as he muttered to himself. \"All of you will be fine with me around. Red Fiend will take good care of you...\"

With that said, the man put away the photograph and carried his backpack. His eyes turned extremely cold as he pushed open the door and walked out.

The man didn't drive, nor did he take a taxi. Instead, he walked. His target was Mt. One Finger!

At the same time, the man mumbled. \"A stone slab fell from the sky? Ok, make a scene, then! The more lively it is, the better. The more people there are, the better!\"

At the same time on Mt. One Finger, two figures walked up the mountain. One was a girl who had her hair tied into a ponytail, looking very refreshing. The other was a male young adult dressed in a blue down jacket. He was more than 1.80 meters tall and had fair skin. However, there was a sneer in his eyes as though everything here was a joke. Only when he saw the beautiful scenery of One Finger Monastery and the Heavenly Dragon Pond did he look slightly surprised.

However, he was soon drowned by a layer of gloominess. He smacked his lips and snorted.

\"Chang Yun, look! There are two big stone slabs over there! I wonder what they are. There are so many people gathered around them. Let's go take a look!\" shouted the girl in the ponytail.

\"Fenghua, what's there to look at? It's just two stone slabs... No matter how pretty this thing is, it can't be as amazing as Stonehenge in England. Does it really look that good?\" Chang Yun said disapprovingly, his eyes filled with contempt. \"Besides, isn't this obviously plagiarism; what's more, it's an especially crude copy.\"

The girl was none other than Fangzheng's old acquaintance, Ouyang Fenghua!

When Ouyang Fenghua heard that, she frowned and said, \"Why do you sound so snide? You haven't said a single compliment the entire way up; don't you have anything nice to say? I brought you here to pray to Buddha out of goodwill, but look at you. You've almost become a professional troublemaker.\"

When Chang Yun saw that Ouyang Fenghua was about to get angry, he lowered his stance and said kindly, \"Fenghua, don't be angry. You know that I've lived overseas since I was young and am scientifically inclined. Now, I'm also working in tech. You want me to worship Buddha? This... Besides, do you really believe what you said? You're too naive. Listen to me. Stay in England with me for some time. I'll show you what science is. When you return and see all of this, you'll discover how many flaws there are in such things. It's all a scam!\"

Ouyang Fenghua frowned as she looked at Chang Yun from head to toe and back up. She said, \"Chang Yun, what do you mean by that? Do you mean that you are doubting Abbot Fangzheng's capabilities? When you're at home, you also keep picking on me. What do you want?\"

Chang Yun looked at the stone slab and then at the monastery. \"I want to help you see this world for what it is and recognize the true nature of the people around you. Don't be blinded by cheats.\"

\"Cheats? Blinded?\" Ouyang Fenghua was displeased. She was intelligent to begin with. At this point, she already knew that Chang Yun was targeting Fangzheng and not just generally claiming that science was above all.

Ouyang Fenghua said, \"Chang Yun, if you have something to say, just say it. Don't beat about the bush. Also, Abbot Fangzheng is someone with true capabilities. Many have witnessed it! If you don't believe me, you can ask someone. See if what I said is true then.\"

Chang Yun shook his head and said, \"The ancients say that what you hear might not be true. What kind of true ability is it when it's all hearsay? Furthermore, from a scientific point of view, as long as certain conditions are met, anyone can create mass hallucinations. You said that he has divine powers and how awesome he is, why can't he fly into the sky? If he's so awesome, why didn't he turn all the poor in the world rich? If he's that awesome, why are there still many people dying of illnesses?\"

Ouyang Fenghua was stunned by Chang Yun's series of questions. After a while, she said, \"Perhaps... Master's powers aren't that strong yet.\"